Saturday, 11 August 2012

One in four deaths not properly recorded (Lack of relational awareness or care)

Our thinking and therefore our culture has succumbed to a market based model. Not a market where shared value is exchanged in a just and trustworthy relationship - but where a corporate template mentality is applied. Soul-less.

One can find this almost everywhere and it has the same hollowness, the same lack of real communication, or relational service in which care and attention is given rather than a conveyor belt of logistical check boxes.

The mindset of divide and rule is part and parcel of the scientific mind - for it does not live as a true participant in relationship excepting as can be measured and quantified as data. Though there clearly is a place for it as a tool - it is not the basis upon which we should live because it lacks the essential human qualities that are tangible and innate to being a human being or a human family.

The Heart in its spiritual sense of wholeness, needs articulating in a way that calls the babel-like parts into a unified purpose, rather than seeking to impose a unifying corporate monoculture.

Cultural renewal is called for when it becomes apparent that our culture is bankrupt, not just in financial terms, but in vision for living, sharing and working together in shared purpose.

To light a candle rather than curse the darkness is to bring witness and true communication into play with all the force and compassion and patience of genuinely caring and not as grievance or blame based reaction. Education is something we can all share in, IF we are willing and actively committed to finding a better way.

We relied on rational systems based on our own thinking - but far from being rational, they have strayed from Reason as anyone can readily observe. The qualities of the heart are discernment, trust, willingness, patience, compassion, integrity and so forth. None of these are 'added' by head learning and the conditions in which they are learned or uncovered in our being, are those that honour (there's another one) and nurture the Heart in the way in which everything is done. For it isn't a datum thing so much as a qualitative context. Call it a pervading field such as the Higgs field - in which what matters is naturally discerned and given appropriate priority. Anyone can demonstrate the power of love - but in an airless place it is very hard to shine a candle - for the whole culture is stacked against spontaneity, intuition, and true involvement.

The brainwashed cannot feel directly and cannot operate outside the machine without a process of education in building trust. Our way of thinking blinds us to the most obvious of truths - and yet the distancing from each other has been a choice that reflects a distancing from ourselves. There will be no renewal without opening an intimacy of being both within and with each other.
Intimacy is not sex, but is known and shared in all these qualities above. The Heart needs witness, and the thinking has to give priority to and express the purpose of the Heart - to a Unified purpose that rises as our innate guidance, intuitive sense, wisdom, and desire - when the manipulative consciousness is stilled.

Any attempt to force against our will will work against us, we have to uncover a greater perspective than personal reactive 'protection' and make commitment to giving as we would ourselves receive.
And learn to discern what in we receive so as to not keep passing the sh*t around as blame, hatred, grievance and vengeance. Its a wake up call.

Thanks for your attention.