Tuesday, 2 August 2011

US debt crisis - Bill passed to raise debt ceiling

Who actually knows or understands what this is really about? Who actually wants to go deeper than the polarised issues on the surface?

The insanity of the debt based so-called free market economy is a scam. Deception is part of the arsenal that owners of global corporate interest use to effectively control governments and their citizens, like sheep. It is also part of the currency of thought of all who live out as if they are orphaned from the very Life that Lives them.

For none has ever successfully coercively controlled Life or others but that they have undermined their own awareness of life in the process. Here is a true accounting: Who releases the desire to gain the world of a private self interest must remember his/her Soul.

Sure there is housekeeping to attend to - but unless the distortions of mean-spirited, fearful, conflicting and deceptive self interest are unmasked - in our own mind - how can we begin to have a true or sane basis from which to act?

There is absolutely nothing new in what is going on - excepting the scale and forms in which the same old story is acted out. To me it feels ripe for a global awakening from a grass rootsshift in perspective.

Maybe there isn't a desire to wake up yet? Maybe there's a desire to keep watching the movie unfold as if it could deliver a meaningful outcome in terms of a private self interest?

It isn't just compromise that works - but the actual uncovering of communication and trust where before was a believed and feared enmity.

One cannot deal with deception without becoming lost. One can listen for and be guided to take a step at a time in becoming free from deception.

Part of the secret is that the deception we see in our brother is the key to releasing our own.

Individuals can practice this. In doing so can raise the light of truth as an environment in which deception has no foothold. But we cannot use truth for our own ends and expect to remain in touch with our own sanity.

When everything is changed - it is futile to deny what is. The bubble that pops is not only financial - it is an illusion that seemed real enough to live and believe at the time. The desire for illusion, as a masked vanity and arrogance of mind, would reinstate itself in another host. But the opportunity to wake to truth that we do not ourselves make or judge or define is here - and is the restoration to a sanity and innocence of being unimaginable and unacceptable to the mentality of guilt and fear - of command and control. This is not a battle in the world - but is the split in our mind of trying to serve two (oppositional) masters. But can the false actually be an opposition to truth but that something true WANTS it true for them?

A True Accounting is in order. The "Prodigal wastrel" is not what he seems. Willingness to serve love has love rushing to meet you. Don't let problems define the love that you are out of existence! "There is always another way of looking at this" - which arises in the instant we stop demanding on our own defined terms. Total surrender to God is - after all - only acknowledging that our self-power is not actually an Independent authoritative power in its own right - and never can be. But it is our responsibility to listen and to discern and to recognise and appreciate all that is True.

Let all those who are in positions of trust, awaken to that trust and rise to the call to serve. And if they cannot hear - let the example serve as a wake up to all of us who in one way or another are part of the unwillingness to love.

Thankyou for your attention!

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