Saturday, 30 May 2015

Opening to Light

Amazing Discovery: Plant Blood Enables Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy

This GreenMedInfo article is of the discovery that mammalian mitochondria directly convert sunlight into energy when sufficient chlorophyll is present in the diet.

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Although the science and conjecture of our planetary biology is an esoteric realm to me -  I am willing to abide with such information and discern resonances that are relevant to my own unfolding discovery.
Coming from what might be called a spiritual perspective - of a willingness for self-honesty, integration of insight and alignment of acceptance, I note that the generally acted-out from model of 'life' is of seeking a personal survival on the basis of a personal 'body-bagged' identity in a world of presumed 'dead or dumb stuff' that is essentially to be used or exploited for the support and reinforcement of the separate self sense. Which operates a self reinforcing loop of fearfully conditioned behaviour and identity.

Light is also a term for awareness itself, as well as that quality of which seeing is. 'Letting the light back in' or letting ourselves be drawn back into the light, is a significant shift from the 'getting' mentality of a scarcity consciousness - towards re-cognizing our nature as receptors and communicators of Life and Light.

Information does not have to be translated into human mental terms to BE the communication of Life - but exclusive identification within self-specialness or fearful errors of our own modelling can work to make us blind and dumb to our true participation within an Infinite Communication.

The idea of food is of connection to Supply, (Mother) and the belief in separation from Source is the idea of coercive control at the cost of manual override of otherwise natural functions and this is the mind of conflicted powers that attempts to usurp anything living communication to its private agenda. But to get back to the food of light - I feel to acknowledge this discovery of what is already true but we had not 'known' it - or included it in our model of understanding - is potent as symbol as well as sustenance, for symbol is an integral template level of our consciousness, which manipulators seek to use as leverage, but which Life can resonate as awakened intimacy of insight, direction, purpose and passion.

That is to say, a blindness falls away that we did not recognize we suffered under and there is now more light available.

I expect etheric or subtler qualities of communication to come into view as a result of  the renewal of a wider science than corporately captured technologism allows. Everything is relationship, but to let back into Life is also to encounter the fear of the loss of control. Truly embraced and embracing instances of health, restored function and consciousness of such reconnection to living relationship, witness to a basis from which to live that renders the fear-driven urge for coercive control obsolete.

'Defiant' replies:

"The science and conjecture of our biology is an esoteric realm to me"

DUH. It would HAVE to be if you're here reading this nonsense.

Ah but I have a highly developed quality of discernment - and can easily discern wheat among the chaff - or indeed the lack of ANY signal in mere noise.
What makes such 'noise' but the defiant denial of true meaning in which to assert its own story at the complete disregard of all else?
A none-sense mind can only perceive a none-sense world, though it can fantasize applause - or the pain of rejection and invalidation of its story.

Thankyou for helping to illuminate how denial feeds off of light to magnify darkness. Of course it does not recognize that that is its act - for in darkness one knows not what one does!