Monday, 5 September 2011

Before considering capitalism or any ism

BBC Comment 1:
Any mind of a false basis gives rise to effects which undermine its own basis; a self undermining process of seeming 'creativity', 'innovation' or 'becoming'. But at a cost kept hidden, minimised or simply accepted/lived as 'reality'.
A mind that becomes enamoured of its own thought seems to 'leave' the heart - or Wholeness. But self-will is not God-Being you-with-everything. Be still, feel-know.

The above was the BBC character limit for a comment. But within that limit is enough information to undo the virtual identity of a 'thinking personna' and rewaken the feeling awareness of your true being.
That is, in the event that attention is free enough of a compulsive and addictive distractedness, which effectively blocks any real communication from interfering with the actively lived-out-from identification.

Experience of a self-in-the-world is interpretation - and it is also definition and evaluation, giving rise to attractions and aversion. The mind is divinely ingenious at remapping itself so as to maintain its experience as the validation of its idea of its self - but has to make adjustments that sacrifice or exclude large areas of fantasy and diminish its scope and range. But at every period of unsettling or adjustment, there is opportunity for awareness to rise from its true root - NOT via theinterpretive layers or filters of past experience and the bias of imaginative self-will. Such is the seed of true culture and renewal because such is the direct communication of wholeness to Itself.
The mind will interject itself and 'assimilate' or subvert the forms of the new cultural expression to its own self-will - unless and until enough free awareness allows the uncovering of such a mind-act to ourselves.
In a greater willingness to look, listen, and discern - more intimately and directly than a thinking, judging, strategic mentality would allow - do we begin to expose the roots of the 'mind' by which we are deceived in our own experience.
But the awakening experience is of a different order, of a different Root. It is not a self assertive strategy and its nature cannot be communicated to a self-seeking strategist. For its Nature is communication itself - as a communion of unified-Mind or being - at a 'level' beneath and beyond the capacity of the definition-limited sense to know.
Yet the awakening or stirring of this Consciousness, is felt at the Heart.

The mind will try to use the influx of insight, healing, love-recognition or heightened functional capacities to bolster its self-in-the-world. But this will deny the Heart.

The denial of the Heart will be reenacted - with all the suffering that that brings forth - until responsibility for feeling is accepted.

You are (one with) the love, and are called to live out from the true Heart. Not as a self-strategic getter of experiences - but as the true presence that is Gifted you to share - by your willingness to discern/recognize Truth over and above the meanings and definitions you have given everything before.

Silence, is anathemna to the thought addicted mind. Yet how can mind make itself be what it is not excepting via imagination and desire. The Silence of Being is no absence of being - but is the direct appreciation of the Isness, the Presence of Being.

Only from a True Root will true fruits come forth. Religion tries to define and map and codify this into a system, but all such attempts stand outside the intimacy and directness of your true being. What God is Joined One - no man ever can come between.

The most immediate, intimate and direct source of help, guidance, perspective, sanity and peace of wholeness of being - is right where you are - in place - closer to you than your thought or even your breath. The mind seems to look out at the meanings it made - as if they are external to it. Therefore it is said "Look within". But really it is simply a call to behold anew.

Our human lives can express false of true values. Deception, coercion, manipulation and exploitation are not the way of  Life. Therefore they are the way of death - of the hiding and denying of the light of Life to our appreciation.

The only real basis for a change in the world we share, is the release of the struggle to change the world and each other - or even of our experience of the world and each other. For all such action breeds reaction, opposition, conflict, depletion and loss.

The Movement of Unified Life is already Moving as One but we do not see it. To rest the thinking mind of its role as guide and protector, and to be the willingness to listen and feel - is to know again the Movement of True Desire. It is associated clearly with peace, acceptance, love and joy - whatever layers of thinking habit remain.

No-one nor teaching can substitute for your own free relationship within the Light of your own heart.
But in your willingness and desire to know again what the mind seems to make forgotten, will teachings and helpful encounters come to you.

Desire is the leader in all things. But the mind can profess a different currency than truth. Therefore test the active desire by being still enough to feel and know that it is one with your Heart's trust.

Trust is the foundation of our sanity, of our commonwealth and of our joy. But to Be trust, requires a presence of recognition extended and shared. There is no system that can rule in place of the Heart. Our involvement in our life cannot be escaped. But the meanings we give everything can be undone to a greater appreciation - from a fresh basis - always available.

Behold! - I make All Things New!

BBC Comment 2:
It is impossible to get through to tweedledee & dum unless one is a monstrous crow. Self interest is inherently self evident as a basis for all else. But a falsely separated sense of self is a false basis for all that comes after. Hence the adjunct to build on rock not sand. The foundation of our very self and culture is now held to question. This is not achieved by thinking on its old premises.

BBC Comment 3:
There is an inevitability bringing the dissonant mind to account - and there is a desire to delay the accounting. Delay tactics may be ingenious, but do not actually resolve the dissonance of an out of true basis of operating. If anything, they compound it. In thought, we tend to fear the truth - and assert our own. This choice brings war - to all levels of our experience. Managed war is still war

BBC Comment 4:
The mind that believes it has, seeks not to lose. The more it has to lose, the more power is exerted in resisting real change. When we are humbled of our vain imaginings, we are free to choose where to invest our heart's loyalty. The mind that believes it has not, seeks outside itself.
The mind sleeps easily in its own spin and proceeds to run on a programmed basis until rudely awakened. Pop !!!

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