Monday, 18 May 2020

The Alien Agenda?

The above comment linked to 'alien agenda' running beneath the appearances of our world.

Is Alien Disclosure a physicalised expression of a split mind (of self-alienating intent?)
Just as 'reptilian' represents the fight and flight mode of the back-brain.
In seeing this way we may recognise ourselves at a deeper level of intent, rather than enact the fear that invokes an external will or power to  'save our bubble' as if it is our Self and then suffers lockdown, or 'prison planet'.

The 'Fall' can be interpreted on many (all levels) because levels appeared as a result of a breakdown of Communication, or 'separation trauma'. A surface masking is covering a sense of self-lack, coercion and denial.

I am pointing here to an inner intuitive recognition rather than extending a running narrative identity in the body, as the world that the mind (locked down) generates and adapts to under the law of mutuality.

If we ask 'why?' in the head, we find many purposes and receive many conflicting answers, that will compete or time-share into levels and compartments of experience - fitted into or masked out of a currently operating narrative continuity.
But 'why?' asked in the heart, is 'what for?', and the heart is one purpose and that is to know and be that you are.

Wordless knowing at the heart is always a direct appreciation of the qualities of being and the mind extends these as quantified expression of endeavour or embodiment. The inner and the outer are one. That the mind can create mythic and symbolic representations as substitution for the heart, is where invested self-image makes an alien of our own being and we become a masking, socially distanced, defence strategy set in motion by the grasp of possession and control.

There can also be many other facets of 'alien' - from beyond the reflection of our own control agenda, that are quasi-physical - which is to say there are facets to our being that are infinitely more than the current sense of 'waking' or surface identity. Alien means 'other'. Fear and otherness are the basis of a self-differentiation that then plays out within a hidden, unrecognised or denied mutuality.

Lifting the quarantine or expanding our bubble or opening to a greater field of communication, is one of the ideas associated with a greater sense of Universal Connection than the lockdown mind of masking the psychic onto the physical.
Expansion can induce psychotic breakdown or a shift to a new way of being.
In other words, fear can restate itself in further densities of denial and limitation so as to keep its sense of protection in control, or one chooses to look directly upon this and recognise it is not true of you.

There is no time 'process' to the release of who you are not, to any consciously accepted alignment in who you are. But there is a process of growing willingness to look, to ask and to receive - despite the shout or threat of fear - and this is our now of connection - as distinct from narrative projections, rehearsals or re-enactment that fragment and conflict as indecision waiting on Other or Circumstance given power, instead of moving with the living will.

I share life with all that Is - but that doesn't mean homogeneity. Being the true of me, is the resonance to meeting others as they are - rather than as mind projects, expects or demands - and discerning the will of life as a wholeness, a mutuality, an aligned intent and a greater fabric of cause and effect - that express synchronicity where the inner and the outer are one.

But in the law as applying to 'Garbage in; garbage out' - the intent to possess and control meets the experience of being possessed and controlled. To give worth is the receive in like measure. What then do we value and why? (for what purpose?).

Regardless the reiteration of the lockdown to the mask, I am curious attentive and open to receive in the measure of my asking. A fearful imagination, given power has all the power we give it. The imagination is the creative - but set under fear generates only limitation, conflict and depletion to destructive outcomes under masking narratives of possession and control.
The Creative is aligned and resonant as love - but not as fear has made in parody.

'Don't let truth get in the way of a good story!' - has the corollary of 'release invested reaction in your story, to let truth in'. Truth is not coercive upon its own, and so there is a process for shifting the nature of the story such that it serves the capacity to align in new choices that reflect more of who we recognise ourselves to be. This is often the result of truly recognising who we are NOT.

There are those who serve this purpose in our lives, but not while we persist in loving to hate ourselves in them.
The story of Job, Satan, and Creator offers a thumbnail sketch for the waking of a resonant appreciation of the Creative through release of the mind-giving-worship-to-form.
If forms have built-in meanings then we are damned by circumstance set irrevocably. Which is the wages of sin as 'uncorrectable' misidentification, persisted in.

Lockdown is not just a mind-set - but lockstepping in compliance to 'meanings' that rule out a greater or indeed a living communication. 'Temporary security' exacts a cost in living sacrifice that notches to a normality from which more will be demanded to 'protect' the defences of a already invested identity in fear of pain of loss.

However, the body is only a limit or distancing device to the mind that is set in using it as a weapon or a shield. Transparency to life as Meaning is not set in physical terms, but our habits of thought and imagination are automatically conditioned to operate only in such parameters - at least on the surface level of our sense of continuity in our focus or life in the world.

We not only cannot translate new vision into old thinking, we need realise that that is how we trash ourselves and dilute and devalue the messengers of a shared release. But only so as to choose not to do that, so as to discern our timing in a realm of willingness.

Without a willingness - where is the channel of communication? Lost to the war of the attempt to tell or manipulate others into agreement or compliance!