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Vengeance - give it to God or it takes your life away

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I want to fight whoever is responsible for this, I want to take it right into THEIR homes and I want them to rue this action for ten generations.
I met this comment here. I felt to reply:

I cannot determine with clarity and accountability exactly WHAT happened, WHO - is involved, or what agendas are operating - be they conscious design or unconsciously driven and of course both.

But I am increasingly aware of the dark or shadow manipulative and coercive nature of consciousness AS IT ASSERTS ITSELF to be.
You can look up proven and documented exported or proxy terrorism such as project Gladeo.

I felt also that Gearoid O Colmain on RT gave a good overview of the global agenda beneath appearances.

I believe that what you share here as your first reaction is fully intended to be triggered and is the way any capacity to discern and respond proportionately is usurped by triggering a reservoir of denied or 'unconscious' hate and fear.

The hatred and denial of fear, guilt and rage feelings, gives them power to operate as if autonomously and without our awareness or consent - exactly like the world reflects as a world of vengeance piled on vengeance - that becomes an insanity of hatred passing to the children of the hated ones - and to their children - and yes - they grow up in being hated and denied any worthiness of Life and hate you for it.

So THAT you feel what you feel is part of healing - but to not accept responsibility for the underlying ownership of your feelings and to give ALL CAUSE away to 'OTHER' is the refusal to look within - or indeed the terrorism of the mind that dictates over rather than shares life through.

The attempt to CONTROL PERCEPTION is inevitably conflicted, dissonant and hateful to everyone but the sense of self righteous blaming and judging that is the 'avatar' of such a deceiver.

What goes around, comes around. If the true nature of cause and effect were understood as an instant - then instead of blaming the past or being victim to anything, we would be truly aware and responsible to our self and all for what we are giving Now - and Now.
The mindset of guilt and blame itself is responsible for the human insanity. It keeps itself employed and spreads throughout the body politic by being given permission to run in our Name. I don't say feelings of guilt and blame are wrong - but that until we own our feelings we cannot access or change the conditioned beliefs and pictures of definition that hold them AS an unconscious reservoir or indeed volcano of dark force that leaks, erupts in our lives AND is deliberately or inadvertently mined or targeted by emotional and psychological manipulators.

EVERY DAY for years upon years has such violence been perpetrated on those who are but seeking to live their life and unfold their ways of doing so - but happen to exist in a place or a world or in the way of loveless domineering and exploitive agenda that is completely blind to them, their lives and loves - and so they are denied Life that a very few can have power over Life. But the illusion of power over Life is revealed in death - for what else works against Life but guilt and death kept under protection of darkness?

Death thinking runs the world as the attempt to deny the feeling being, exploit it without love, and use everything to glorify being 'right'. If it can use the gentler seeming arts of deception and persuasion, it will, but in its own garbled sense of survival it will kill the world rather than yield to the Movement of Being that it believes its should CONTROL.

The mainstream media are captive or corrupt to the power relationships on which they depend. If we only look there - and to the narrative they supply, we give away our own mind to the illusions they peddle in exchange for a sense of protection or belonging that merely milks, farms or predates upon us.

Terrorism is not only acts of violence - it is assault on the mind and the capacities or true functions of the mind. It will feel like assault on Reality Itself - but that demands one has to either succumb to being controlled by deceit or reclaim your own true being - and know and feel and be the reality of who you uncover and know yourself to be - of a wholeness of being - and not via a divide and rule coercive power lust that is actually expressing and embodying (and therefore teaching), fear of powerlessness.

Use anger to align ourself and push out what has no belonging in our own true owning and knowing. Don't give a blank cheque to terror agenda to propagate itself in your own permissions and supports. It does not believe that you have any remaining sense of power to stand in its way. But you have the power to not give it right of way through your thought, word and deed.

Corruption of song, story and society, sickens, inflames and kills.

The call to joy is the context of the willingness to look honestly at the obstructions or denials of joy. There's a lot of deep shit no one wants to look at - but it is all coming up now whether we want to look at it and heal or whether we want to persist in trying to dump it on anywhere and anyone ELSE.

The answer is where the problem is hidden - as a fresh way of seeing and feeling - and not in the forms of trickery and deceit by which it hides from ever being seen or felt again.

I hope this gives thought for food - because true reflection opens true nourishment and vitality to a dying world.

Thinking and language can thus become a tool of deceit

 Constant Gardener replied to something I said with:

What's "guilted fear"? When did "energetic" become a noun and stop being an adjective? Why do people think they sound wise if they write in passive voice?

"For to open to not-knowing is to put down or yield a self asserted 'self' - whose definitional 'past conditioning' fuels the assertion of a circular but negative or dis-integrative self-reinforcement, in the mythic role of control." For crying out loud! What is this gibberish?
My reply to Constant Gardener:

Fear given to a guilt interpretation becomes destructive, divisive, coercive and deceitful. Guilt tells you to hide your fears and to hide from fear. Thus guilt usurps your mind by your own acceptance of it as your own voice... your own purpose - your self!

Thinking and language can thus become a tool of deceit by which to mask and control one's experience of life and induce others to mutually reinforce such 'meanings' and their agenda.

The normal social repartee is part and parcel of all such mutual reinforcement of the persona or mask. So much so that our Soul-knowing in all of Life's innate qualities, is denied by a virtual overlay... given priority.

I have looked at this in myself or my own life and it is not who I am - and nor is it the true of anyone - and so I have in a sense stepped away from the basis that we call the mind so as to firstly reconnect energetically to presence and then to let my persona and its mind serve as a channel of expression, experience and reflection.

An energetic is a term I use for a tangibly felt reading of reality - of any situation or instance of communication. The form of an appearance is not its reality. As mask and scam bear witness. Those who are blocked from their native capacity to feel are easily induced to invest in Foxy Loxy.

I write out of the instant of an intuitional experience that is quite wordless or pre-verbal - but in order to convey meanings I have to clothe what I want to convey in word and phrase.

Re-reading what you you is gibberish - I find its meanings intact. Here's a different way to say:

Pausing reaction to rest the mind
let awareness rise as Itself
as the focus in chatter falls away by neglect
so obvious now to see
A circular futility.
but if grasping insight in form
does the mind of chatter
assert itself
as a trapped attention
as if not to lose
and so is lost...

I simply communicate from a different assumption of reality - that can only be accessed by sharing the foundational purpose.
If you think I write to seem wise - then you think out of the pallet of your self. Wisdom belongs to no man - and to all.
Ask and it shall be given. Knock and you shall be answered.
But barking up the wrong tree will seek so as NOT to find and indeed induce others to validate the search.

Artists express what is moving within them - because that movement is alive - not to exploit markets or remain bound by existing paradigms that no longer serve purpose or indeed life.

Reality by consensus is the denial of the individual excepting it conforms - yet only individuals can experience anything - even if within the belief in a common external reality. I have noticed that true sharing or intimacy is not conformity - but an extension of trust. To act from what one truly feels and believes is an extension of trust and what is met within that act is transformed thereby.

Unless of course one buys into guilt-baiting that says "Who are YOU to pretend to know anything?" and withholds the gift of genuine presence for a more 'correct' version of a form designed to mask the reality.

"Well a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest".
If you tune in enough to warrant giving a partly civil answer - then you at least LOOKED in but were then offended or frustrated. Neither is my intent - but thankyou for your willingness.

To hold a true presence when everyone else has lost their heads

At the Telegraph;
Letters: Britain won’t be any safer from terrorism until it has regained control of its borders

 My Letter:
It may seem as if the world events are orchestrating the frustration of the capacity to control life rather than communicate it - and I mean truly communicate - not dictate or persuade or overwhelm with intellectual 'superiority' or cunning deceit. The more 'control' applied the more out of control everything actually becomes - and this invites opportunistic plunder, pillage and usurpation of residual sovereignty.
It isn't so much we get what we deserve so much as meet the reflection of our true sense of worth... or lack thereof.
If one denies Life to the living forcefully enough, one awakens rage. For such rage is the raw desire to live - but without acceptance and reflection within a true and current living consciousness, it merely consolidates the original error, rather than aligning in safe or contained expression to a shifted perspective.
To find a true presence when everyone else is lost in the head - or have lost their head is not a dollop of cream on top of Maslow's cake - but to attend the Call to live as the primary concern - and though this does mean affordable food, homes and opportunity in life - it has to first find a true foundation - rather than the corrupted template that the moneylenders operate.
If we give unto Caesar what is due to our true being - we but trash our self. And those who hate their self are inevitably hateful regardless the veneer of civilised justifiction that is asserted.
What goes around, comes around. What we align with and attune to is an attractive force or resonance of correspondence. However - most of who we are is denied and unconscious. We don't even know that we know not what we do. Because we focus in the movie of narrative perceptual distortions - as a way of not seeing or being denied vision - of what lies beneath.

Suddenly the blind can see

The Blind Woman Who Switched Personalities And Could Suddenly See

Fragmented or dissociated consciousness is the NORMAL but not the Natural state of Humanity for all of our known or mythically portrayed history.
There are many variants on how this expresses but coping with an overwhelm of conflicting pain is the common elements in every 'mind' that is effectively a psychological defence rather than an open flowing channel of spontaneous and creative expression.

In reports by Dr Fenwick on the dying process recently on ConsciousTV, he reported that it is not unknown for those with severe limitations - such as paralysis or dementia - to briefly be restored to a wholeness of capacity and lucidity that is medically infeasible... immediately before dying.

Likewise there are very many 'spontaneous' remissions or healings and reversals that do not fit the orthodox model of a materially caused, controlled and limited existence.

On the darker side there are examples of the study and practice of mind-control that work by fracturing and splitting consciousness - deliberately - toward being able to make programmable 'fragments' or 'Manchurian Candidates' that can be self erasing after performing a set role or task.

The study of Consciousness for increasing leverage and control over others is where the big money employs psychology - but that is already the fruit of a fragmented and fragmented purpose or mind.

Waking up to a direct relationship as Consciousness in Expression - regardless whatever filtering or distortions are currently in effect - is the stirring or Movement of an integrating wholeness that realigns and heals the patterns of conditionings that have not really grown, evolved or changed over millennia - but persist in changing forms.

This technological and global intent to leverage power now extends into the molecular and genetic level of our biology,along with AI - and with the same warlike intent to force reality to fit our image - only it is not 'our' image but the dominant image asserted and imprinted by those who own and control the world in ways we simply cannot imagine - or intuit but fearfully project from the original imprint that fragmented us.

While the blind seeing again is applicable literally in the above case - the direction I would point toward is using this literality to extend to Soul-awareness - which is what I feel Jesus often means when he talks of raising the 'dead'. For to live without our wholeness of being is to live protected from the pain of such separation. Technology has been used to help cope with the results of lovelessness and powerlessness - hence the search for both and the bitter sense of betrayal when our life in the world denies us or robs us - even of the little we have.

The idea of going upstream in Consciousness or to relax beneath the mind of the personality level is also the 'look Within'. All of our masking persona operates a way of NOT looking within - for beneath our presented self is a morass of psychic and emotional pain and rage and paralysis.

I sense that if we do not actively live in a way that attends the evils in the day thereof, then they pile up and render us prey for those who would for whatever reasons of their own - lead the blind. Perhaps they are guiding and protecting us. Perhaps we are being pharmed. Perhaps we are being fractured over and over so as to use our denials for covert or hidden agenda.

The light and the dark are both choices - but to the need to hide or NOT see, the dark may seem to be the protector or saviour.

Regardless of any rational communication or indeed any extension of communication, one cannot reach to that which actively does NOT want to see or hear. But to whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear - our Lives Already ARE in communication - whether we have conscious awareness of this in such terms of not. Because Life is One in All - and All are in One Indivisible - of which everyone and everything is an individual Expression. This means nothing at the level of an fragmented perception - and Everything at the level of Soul - which contains all levels within it - even the ordinary moment of reading this.

PS I also saw some of
Meir Schneider - 'My Life And Vision' - Interview by Iain McNay
I will come back to this - but has particular relevance to restoring lost or blocked functionality - and in this case vision.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Creating your own reality to counter terrorism

Create Your Own Reality to Counter Terrorism

Reality coercion or indeed manufacture can be called mindcontrol or indeed 'mind'.
Whatever and whoever defines - sets the narrative script meanings that automatically follow.
You accept definitions as true for you or true of you - whether consciously realizing this or not.
These give rise to perspective experience of the Totality - from the differentiated perspective.
Transparency to awareness embraces the Individual expression within the Totality - and this is the feeling experience of intimacy - of being wholly known.
Opacity to awareness is an assertive focus within the idea of a differentiated self - which is then engaged in managing its 'self' experience within a divide and rule sense of  opposition - because a differentiated 'self' is the idea of opposition - where cause is assigned to effect and the focussing identity subjects itself to an unrecognized reflection - that it interprets as enemy rather than feedback that can serve correcting definitional error. Thus is the attempt to invoke and assert power over a mis-identified creation.
There are as many perspectives on this as moments of individual experience but the critical point I feel to off is that the rising of transparency in a convergent global consciousness makes the assertive, coercive and deceitful identity redundant. And this is bringing it back to its beginning - for  it arose to limit a sense of chaotic thought, feeling and experience that was otherwise intolerable to and yet cause by... identifying in self-image or concept.
The fear that set the whole thing off is now reflected back in the very means that was invoked to cover, limit and split off from or protect against it. But the harvest of the Human experience is not set in the narrative terms of the negative or separated identification within its personality structure - but in the direct embrace of a transcendent acceptance and embrace of Totality.
There is a choice here as to whether to 'wake up' ; to reintegrate to an embracing Sanity - or to persist in asserting a sense of power over by the deceit and pretence of denial of what is truly felt, and would be thus uncovered to the willingness to NOT reject the messengers that  'control' believes it must deny to prevail, or 'survive' within terms acceptable to (maintain) such a fixed and rigid sense of self-concept.
Reality is a Totality Presencing Itself AS this Moment - as this Movement of Being - including all that it contains. However definitions, meanings and beliefs that are out of true with who you feel and know yourself to be will effectively obstruct, distort, filter and deny any transparency to What is Being Here - and so these are our individual and collective responsibility to re-evaluate in the light of a true willingness to Wholeness and Sanity - allowing that every form of answer is already being used to deceive at any point of divided or conflicted purpose.
The mind of judgement wove the patterns of dissociation, displacement and defence - and is no guide to its undoing - but only to its persistence in the guise of 'seeking answer'.
Recognizing that the mind - in the sense of our thinking - is completely untrustworthy and delusory - is the instant of shift to a perspective in which to discern the Living and indeed awake from the dead. It may not seem like that to the mind that re-asserts itself a moment or more hence - but it is the practice in which feeling the true operates more and more transparently - with thinking being an expression - not a controller. In simple terms the heart opens and the mind automatically aligns to its true function. But saying or thinking this sort of thing is just the form associated with an intimacy of recognition.
Form follows function and a hollowness of form follows a usurping or denial of true function.
As the world about us becomes more intensely intrusive to hollow meanings that can no longer be supported or indeed believed - we each make choices as to what we accept true of us - and it is this choice that everything else follows.
The obstructions to simply feeling what is true are the backlog dump of trauma-conditioning that cannot clear out of the way until there is acceptance to its movement. Do we go crazy or do we pass though craziness in willingness for restored Sanity? Its a moment by moment choice determined by what we invest in or accept as true worth or desirable value.
Blame and guilt, fear and hate feelings are not wrong to uncover - and so to bring to a deeper honesty - even if they feel like shit. But if these are simply left on a default hookup to attack and denial of one's true feeling being, of others and of Life itself - then death in vengeance is the accepted choice regardless the candy coverings.
EVERYTHING serves the purpose you (or anyone) has set for it. To be on purpose is to be awake, whole, unconflicted and transparent - and this is very difficult experience to discern and navigate. But willingness can work with proxy experience and not have to manifest all fears in outer reality in order to reopen relationship where they asserted loveless denial.
The 'deceiver works all sides of every conflict to preserve the 'dynamic' of conflict and blank the creative channel of discernment. Others may enact and hold this role for you until you recognize its correspondence. Nothing comes to you without a welcome at some level of you but that calls for an embrace of the denied unconscious to a greater integration - not the you of self presentation or inward reflection.
There are many ways to slice and finding what perspectives align with your current sense of resonance and relevance is the focus - not being right or better or special as a result - unless of course that is your heart's desire and then of course go for it - and discover more than you bargained for.
I see the Creator as the Creative and feel not to use terms like create my reality - excepting with qualifying statements. Our definitional structure generates experience of Reality that is Itself un experience able excepting through the Word or Vibrational Signature that both calls forth and defines. To be the Receptive as directed prompted or guided, allows the pristine quality of Creation to rise of Itself. As this ordinary moment of existence - but Embraced within an Intimacy that simply has no counterpart in the world of separation - though all its seeks is some 'form' of restoration or reconnection to tangibly felt Meaning, power, worth, joy and a true peace in which all Life's innate qualities are recognisably Life.
Nothing is clear to read or understand that there is not willingness and acceptance for. But the discerning of coercive deceits reveals what is not worthy of giving worth to - excepting as one's reactions reveal more about one's own hidden 'malware'.

But yes bring forth from true presence and if that means nothing yet - then don't make any significant acts or decisions until you have located where you are by releasing what you are not.

The DB suggest mobility is part of the answer - and it may be - but beneath that is fluidity replacing rigidity. For to not act or not run or not hide - may in fact be aligning with who you are and thus unfold your optimal path - just as action, avoidance or being unavailable may also serve. The key point is that discernment of self-honouring is a Living quality and not a method or a trend or a technique.
Teach a man to trust his smell of something fishy and he doesn't need to be constantly protected with rules and defences.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Our True Source and Being - in Cinema

Cinema chains refuse to show advert featuring Lord's Prayer

Church of England says it is bewildered by leading chains’ stance on advert that was intended to play before new Star Wars film

What is it to honour our Source that IS Life, for our little minds cannot but filter, distort and usurp with their own little kingdom in hunger for power if we use them to trespass and to identify in grievance with the reflection or 'comeback' of such judgement.
What is it to be Mindful of our Existence, our sustenance and our true (not deceitful) guidance and direction in Life?
Of course the WOLF can HIDE in sheep's clothing and NOTHING is as it seems to anyone who is not wary of such 'phishing' attacks and hacking into our minds.
And a fearfully guilt-adulterated dilution of a true honesty or integrity of conscious being can be more obstructive than the open 'opposition' of proxy militant 'atheists'.
Banning Christianity might do more to help it regain true foundations than using it for making a war and greed society 'respectable'. But really it is up to You - each and all - as to what you accept as your Source, Life and guidance and therefore how you interpret and experience any event - including the 'fear of causing offence' that may attract vilification of negative publicity and adverse conditions for business.
Personally I feel persuasive advertising is the attempt to CHANGE or COERCE others and is therefore part of the art of deceit. However - if information is simply communicated in sharing witness - it will not be coming from a sense of powerlessness seeking power - but will feel Life. Of course that will offend some who hate their Life and seek to sacrifice Life to a mentality of joyless control. Persecution is part of the learning to more deeply accept oneself - because what we hate in ourself is the reflections we 'love' to hate in the world.
Beliefs literally make experience. But the surface presentation 'beliefs' make a mask.
Does one go to the Cinema to be entranced by illusion? Yes - but dreams can serve Life or they can usurp appreciation of Life. Ultimately, prayer is our true desire. Look therefore at what we ARE asking for - and then recognize our will is done. But it is much deeper and more complex than the good v bad narrative that is used to mask and hide inner distress.