Thursday, 5 August 2010

We dont have to get sick as we get older (Guardian article)

I suggest that a rigidity of mind creates a pattern or form of limitation that becomes an identification held against the actual open and universal nature of Mind or awareness Itself.
We get set. We get stuck in the mask of our own personna. We humanly create all too easily, a stubborn lonely secret life behind a veil of unwillingness to love or relate directly. Instead we 'relate' through ritual forms of association. We become driven by externalised demands that we believe and fear we must obey to maintain a sense of validity and acceptability in the eyes of (significant to us) others. We are pervasively insecure and sense life as a fragility amidst hostility.
Death is built into the program at the outset of a separating identity - for how can we live out a private mind but that God (or the Lght of our being) is shut out?
But there is another purpose through a born existance than exploitation and mere survival. To prolong such error is hardly an extension of Life - but is a stretching out the avoidance of the inevitable - and that is not living - but a desperation of a will set against life - "I want it thus!".
We can easily see that there is a journey of self awareness in a human life - but it is cut way short of its fulfilment by being stuck in postures of irresponsibility. In a childish getting for oneself or in getting a sense of independant identity by reacting against the perceived or projected ‘parent’ or authority.
The real Life that you really and truly are - is squelched or obscured by this whole process - by which you starve yourself to death in self depriving patterns that reinforce a false or private sense of self-lack. But life is not 'given to you' alone to keep and direct for your mere private gain - (even if that is to achieve merit for selfless action). Life is a Gift - and that Gift is eternally Given - in other words Life Is. Because we humanly subscribe to a sense of life in terms of our self made definitions - we are locked into form - but to release these definitions is to regain an innocent perception. Forgiveness. From such an awakened perspective we rest in the Identity of Being and discover an innate recognition and oneness with life that is truly Inclusive - even though we also walk and talk and work and play in form based relationship.
Health in its true appreciation, has a radiant and giving sense, of freedom to be all that you truly are - and allow its expression. This is ‘spiritual’ life and has nothing inherently to do with whatever belief system(s) served to awaken and free the spirit from a false life.
So to be willing to question the unquestionable may open the door to a greater discovery than we otherwise allow in. But to perpetuate the same sense of self as if _that_ is life is to invite the suppressed and excluded energies of a locked-down-life to break one’s peace in every kind of nightmarish scenario.
But that in turn causes us to reevaluate all that we thought we knew. A true responsibility for our own mind is inevitable - whether we seem to die once - or over and over and over again in attempts to avoid the Intimacy of Being in which we fear the very judgement or exclusion by which we have ourselves 'lived'.
Our use of the mind is largely spent in ways that do not see and share and appreciate the joy and beauty and wonder of life. This is a threshhold of discovery and not an opportunity to further exploit life.
I include myself in a sense of human liability - just as I include you in a sense of Divinity - of a heart-felt awareness welling up ever anew - regardless of the dramas played out on the surface.
Eternal is not the same as everlasting time - it is before - beyond and yet pervading time. I invite you to eternal life - not as a act of will - but as an act of willingness to step off of the map of control - and serve under the direction of the Heart.
This is not about a presumed destination - but of a truly connected appreciation of 'starting place'. Thought itself has to be reevaluated - for it creates our experience whether we realize it or not. Recognising this comes only of the willingness to receive, in silence, the Movement of Life or Spirit.
All are called; few choose to listen. As yet.