Monday, 4 November 2019

Ecocidal Apocalypse

This worthy article only skims the direct human consequences of degradation and death while the indirect ills to our lives are implicit in degradation of most all life on Earth.

I watched the documentary 'Banking Nature' on youtube last night - in which environmental scarcities (toxic debts) brought on by  rapacious Corporate industrial development are repackaged under capture of the legal system and a hired weaponised 'science' -  to set up a system of investments and speculations for money-sucking coercive control structure that also transfers The Natural World  to Corporate private ownership - (Which may ostensively be pension funds and investment spreads etc - but via a financially regulatory 'Canopy' of top-down control). 

The same system of agenda that wars, pollutes and destroys for money and power, work the environmental mindset and movement - and set it in motion many decades ago as the means of ITS sustainability at ANY cost. Their expertise is to get YOU to buy their toxic consequence as if to gain thereby.

As for the 'legality' of a capture or coercion of the politicians who regulated their protection FROM any real accountability under the law - this is the boot of Big Brother (tyranny by terrorism) on the necks of all who conform and comply for fear of pain of loss or favour of personal advancement or profit. We meet the same thing in seeking accountability from the the Federal Reserve and the same thing behind regulatory capture of  'medical' or 'climate' guidelines that crept into mandates by manufacturing the science and pushing its fake news as standard mainstream mind-capture.

It nurtures and uses greed of personal self-specialness, in profit or privilege, to leverage such 'assets' - but is set on power under any and every means of deceit - but for why? To what end? What does it want power FOR?

Insiders may believe various narratives that are fed them by their handlers and believe the end will justify the means - but the nature of an alien or non-human hate being welcomed and supported and protected as Law, Government, Power and Protection - is malevolence and death.

Our imminent 'extinction' is nothing at all to do with a cynical cover story of carbon dioxide as a forcing agent for computer modelling billions of deaths - excepting as a means to induce people to pre-emptively shoehorning themselves INTO EXACTLY such an IoT control system of globally enforced population control  - that has nothing to do with qualitatively intelligent shifts to better ways of living together and everything to do with systemic energy and behaviour controls as an enslavement of those who survive by delivering their fellow beings unto evil.  For such is the nature of The Choice... to save yourself, you must deliver others to evil. Now guilt and fear of loss says you have no way back. But truth is not set IN the past but in releasing the past of what you no longer consciously choose to carry forward. This is your power of decision.

The truly positive I can share of coming to such an impossible situation, is that in awareness OF such a Choice is the opportunity to know the true nature of such a 'self' as nothing BUT deceit - and no longer accept it as you or let it be as god and life to you - regardless how deep the learned habit of its persistence as a symptom.

The meaning of 'Apocalypse' is NOT the associations of catastrophe and destruction that is inherent to all invested illusions brought to truth - but the revealing of ourselves to ourselves. Hate will reveal you hateful and a 'self-hating humanity' is charging up the wherewithal to empower its own destruction. But an evil HUMANITY is not the cause of destructive intent and effects - but rather the systemic usurpation and subjugation of our humanity to a false sense of power and protection by which we choose slavery under illusion of freedom - but as one who knows not what they do. Hiding fears, gives them power in the dark while seeming to have temporarily escaped or mitigated them. Lather rinse and repeat...

Revealing you unto your self shall also reveal the nature of what hate is and does and why.  But you CANNOT kill what you did not create. But you can 'kill' your ability to recognise your true creation over and over, over and over, again and again - under the belief it 'saves' you from a Total Loss. Winston Smith is Big Brother. All characters are cast of the mind that makes them. A loveless predicate makes a loveless world - even if Infinity is through and through and All about. 

No amount of reasoned argument can reach those who have - under whatever pretext - chosen not to listen because they believe they already know. While this fact can be used to embrace a 'post truth' manipulation of the psyche instead of engaging in human relationships, such a choice is only seemingly meaningful or plausible for those whose goals are such as to justify denial of life and of others to make THEIR dream come true by coercion and deceit. 'They have their reward' - or the fruits of their current choosing.

You do not need Jesus to remind you that the seeds and roots determine the nature of the fruits. Nothing worthy of love can come from hate excepting the recognition of an overriding need to relinquish it. Refusing this is makes the overriding fear of a mind invoked to defend against truth - regardless insanity! The energy of such, shines on the just and unjust alike but our relational alignment within it can be a true or false witness.

Our overriding need is not coercive upon us because it is our true nature Calling and the nature of truth to be itself. For love has no need BUT to share itself because that is the law of its nature. The tempting habit is to believe that coercion and deceit  must be demonised, got rid of, killed, eradicated, excommunicated, denied and walled out or denied voice. For that is how an attraction to guilt 'works' deceit as investment in FORMS of correctness.

When the 'Law' is become a reign of destruction, look to the law that is written on our hearts - and shares there. Give truth its due and you will re-cognise yours as a basis from which to live. A mind of lies is a tricky way to not listen within the heart - and so to hold the heart 'weak and captive' to an evil imagination given power. Nothing given power by You is weak, but it may present itself as victim, grievance or loss in appeal for sympathy and support - and rage in exposure.

Murder and genocide are not lawful under systemic corruption of formulation, interpretation and application of law by expertise in Corporate deceit.

Such 'protection' is a racket for powerlessness under fear and guilt, 'made real'. That is - it is manufactured and fed  in exchange for awareness and sharing in truth of love and life no longer believed possible Nor deserved. Self-hate calls for self release - but into life, not in death. Insanity is a collective or mutual attunement to a dissonance or blocking signal. Illusions must be 'shared' to seem real. But only love Can share. And sharing cannot be forced on others or on our self and be anything but an imposter. True Goodness is a resonance of recognition in act that shares life - and not a fig-leaved credit set or stored up against guilt-debits.

We do not create (our) being - but we DO make or accept the predicates or definitions of our relationship to being and to each other invisible - by acting as if they are true and then reacting to a world we make and take as reality itself.

Fascination with conflict and horror becomes obsessive, negatively polarising and destructive.How can we serve the release of others when we share the same 'habit'?  Self love takes time to centre and renew perspective in the heart of wholeness or currently connected relationship. Without simple but profound fundamental responsibility - nothing can grow or be built that doesn't fall apart or deliver unto the same sense of failure. To persist in what doesn't work and cannot work is a refusal to learn or change or grow. This is a failure of approach that guarantees a failed outcome under plausible deniability.