Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sir Jonathan Ive: Interview

There are a lot of important points here that transcend the particulars of Jony or Apple.

To uncover or discern an inspirational movement - no matter how fragile it may seem 'in the world', and to hold faith and focus with it  - is to allow ourselves to be guided from what otherwise could be summarized as a faithlessness or blind template approach to life.

I also had a really strong sense of the makers of the Mac when I first used it - as a tangible relationship. This 'should' be the natural or normal 'sharing' of culture, for we are in what we make and do. But when we make without any real relationship, our making and doing is devoid of 'soul' - even if it still functions on the level of base utility.

What we need is to re awaken to the need to GIVE of ourselves truly in what we make and do. This is the key to an innate happiness and harmony of being because it is in an expression of Value - that we share value - whereas in the attempt to GET something without Giving our all, is the cheapening of ourselves to fall asleep in disconnected appetites.

There is nothing sacrificial about doing what you love and loving what you do - but there is everything sacrificial in following and identifying with an old thinking that effectively disqualifies bringing full attention present now - and living out from a sense of shared worth in shared life.

To uncover true worth is to remember the true basis for culture. Value cannot be defined and then have definitions substitute for the actual passion and presence of living.

A bankruptcy of culture is simply a collective willingness to be stuck in definition. The guidance and inspiration that is Life, has to be discerned and nurtured. We each have individualised paths - but the principle is Universal - and when that is given embodiment, it speaks at a level below the radar of the mind-in-definition. One could say that Life knows itself through embodiment - and we can feel it as qualities of an integrity or harmony of form and function.

Implicate design is uncoverable as an expression of  essence in relational wholeness. The reduction of essence to defined forms of design elements is the blindness of the wish to make all things validate our own image; a prodigal waste.

But what gets covered over or discarded remains un-coverable to an honesty of desire. Apple operates within a market based on manipulation of fear and lust. There is always room for improvement - for going out beyond the definitions that make hidden but inherent contradictions which result in dis-integration of purpose and value-stripping in place of value-sharing.

Thank you for your attention.