Friday, 2 December 2011

I thought the term 'Islamist' was coined to discriminate from Muslims - an 'Islamist' being a militant reaction against western corruption and subjugation.
To see the term adopted as a replacement for Muslim indicates the pervasive nature of a polarized and fearful counter reaction in the minds of the media. (Are there minds in the media or are they effectively controlled, manipulated or silenced to such an extent as to purvey mindless acceptance of propaganda?).
Old Religion is full of liabilities - but so is modern secularism.
Church and state seem wedded in the West - only it is hidden in a Corporate consumerism that uses freedom and democracy and NEEDS to create evils that make it at least seem a lesser evil.
It is easy to see what is 'wrong' with other cultures and focus on it but that is also to fail to communicate from a place of honour .
If the 'West' sees only a world of managed war in which to prevail by any and all means and allow bits of truth to come in where expedient - then it is sick and needs to be sicked up and thrown off.
Not by external or internal aggression - in a deceptive self righteousness born of a lack of humanity and compassion for oneself and therefore others - but by all of us recognizing that we are sick - and need to be restored to the basis of sanity - which is trusting truth. This really must be from the ground up - there is no way it can be imposed upon or coerced into existence.
Whatever the appearances of Egypt's election results, I feel there is a Movement that is not politically usurped or manipulated - and if those serving as leaders do not tune into and become a part of its Expression, they will not continue to serve as leaders.
The old powers cling on by any and every means they can. This applies universally, but in the Middle East, the apparatus that maintained suppression is disintegrating. In the 'West' we are bought off with consumer distractions and medications and have no way of articulating our sickness from a standpoint of health - yet. But our own society is increasing moving toward subjugation and control amidst an asset stripped scarcity. Indeed the expectation of unrest is anticipated with the immediate implementation of state power - which increasingly expresses or is subject to, corporate interests. (selfishness writ large without responsibility or accountability).
A saner world is always a possible next step from an insane world. Man's vanity and arrogance are self-blindness. You don't need an external God to see that thought can utterly deceive, but we do need some basis beyond our thinking, if we are to challenge our own thinking - and the experiences that our thinking generates.
The heart's discernment is not a luxury - but is the very wisdom we shut out with our own self certainties.
Thanks for reading. It isn't that I want to assert yet more ideas - but rather to open a wider perspective. The helpfulness of a generous spirit, and a willingness to grow trust with others is a currency that works - regardless of the personal or cultural basis used to inspire it. One starts from wherever one is with whoever one is with.
Someone else is not going to do it. The way we see the world is our innate responsibility even if we try to give it to our past thinking, our media or our governments.
War is not the answer to a breakdown of communication, but it is often used as such, and we will be invited to participate by thinking that triggers our fear, manipulates through guilt, and sets off reaction. Nothing new here.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is the global warming scare the greatest delusion in history?

Various points here... the  revealing of a collective chicken licken hysteria in the name of science, undermining science as a trusted or credible source of information. There is a baby in the bathwater...

The collusion of corporate interests in the role of foxy loxy. That senses ways to exploit a shift in values or power and plays along for private advantage.

That regardless of theories as to why - fundamental Global, economic, social and cultural change is occurring - and also in our climate.

The opportunity I see is perhaps our necessity - and that is to recognize the pervasive mind at work, in its guilt and blame driven fears, in corporately controlled society that subordinates all to a shallow asset stripping private advantage, and in an attempt to use anything and everything to mere profit with no sense of true wealth or value of anyone or anything.
The problem is never what it seems or where it presents itself. Yet to uncover it where it is will also uncover the answer.

To communicate the answer is not recognisable to the mind that thinks it knows the problem. A false self certainty must be released if a more graceful shift in cultural awareness is to be embraced.

The old way will choose war, because the old way IS war.