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Mitochondrial Health - Reflections

Mitochondrial Health (ANH)

I note the effect of near infra red on the (water in the) capilliary blood and intra celluar voltage – is this a significant facet?

Perhaps there already is a website already – but an educative mind-mapping wiki of information bubbles could lend itself a graphical interface by which to visually learn relationships and biochemical pathways of our biology (that also interfaces with environmental factors and psychic-emotional environmental factors). A more relational approach than linear definitional construct.

Psychic-emotional factors are only psychological when studied – and then always through the psychic emotional filters of the ‘student’ or scientist that in turn bring forth psychic-emotional responses in the ‘studied’. So this is much more pervasive and fluctuating than any psychological model would suggest.

We live in consciousness with the notion that we ‘have one’ or are the controller – (or our ‘brain’ is), yet amidst conditions of perceived threat and limitation, that become associated with external conditions rather than the definitional models of our learned reactions – that generate the re-enactment of coded ‘reality’ conditioning.

But I digress – and allow the digression because one of the most powerful healing modalities my be ‘awaiting discovery’ beneath what we think/believe we are. Note that ‘fear-of-other’ defences do the thing they purport to defend against. (Pharma sickness being an obvious example for most reading at ANH). Our attitude to life – and our development of subjective and inventive consciousness has been fear-assertive over an unrecognized dependence on a residual fertility and vitality of love’s being or functional wholeness of being.

In considering health in parts rather than as a wholeness in all its parts, our model of parts, agencies and interactions is already an expression of our own ‘narrative identity’ – ie – a control model. We have no language for wholeness excepting to live it to each other, and have ‘forgotten’ the true of who we integrally are. And yet are not completely lost from the stirring of the desire and willingness to remember. This stirring embodies its awakening through whatever structure or culture of abilities USED TO serve a fear-driven ‘war on symptoms’. And so operates within our world as a broad spectrum Emergence of integration within a deeper honesty of self-responsibility – that ‘narrative control’ interprets as ‘EMERGENCY!’

The ‘Herod syndrome’ is not merely ‘a’ wicked ruler killing innocents – but the fear of loss of control relative to the believed/perceived chaos of loss of control – which is its original birthing as a ‘survival complex’ under extreme threat and conflict.

Humpty Dumpty is an apt symbol of a fragmented chaos over which the ‘king’ is invoked as the enforcer of a narrative continuity – that we identify in thought, as personal or private survival.

But apart from these considerations of the energetic underpinning of our own seemingly split mind/world – I wanted to say that when it comes to health related information, we have little sense of the proportionate dangers or gains even if there is some truth in the information. And as such ‘health’ releated information can in fact be ‘too much inflammation!’, and operate an undermining of health in fear of and obsession with sickness as if pursueing health.

Mainstream propaganda/PR for capturing mindshare does this by design – but other agencies of communication can also succumb to a fear-narrative under wishful or hopeful guise and believing – add credible witness to a deceit. ‘Alt health news’ may bring more sense of positive synergies of thought, behaviour and environment – but with the risk of polarising in a ‘better’ version of the old wine-bottle paradigm.

Navigating the ‘chaotic’ diversity of a seemingly conflicting and competing information explosion is challenging on a number of levels and so most of us give our power and trust to accepted ‘experts’ or perhaps to that which reinforces our wish that something be true. We may then join in bias or succumb to the same errors as are presented true.

Self honesty is something ‘little Herods’ also feel unable to afford or allow – excepting when it fits our filters and support our sense of identity assertion. But we are each and all containing all of the archetypes of story in different mixes and forms – and so the embrace of and reintegration of rejected self, within wholeness of being – is the awakening within a truly unifying purpose.

No part imposing upon the rest can unify. Nor the “1%” under ‘new world order’. Only the awakening of the radiance and presence of love unifies – by recognizing and extending true – rather than seeking and finding what is ‘wrong’ with everyone/everything so as to gain the role of judge or ‘corrector’ or indeed physician/healer.

When our faculties and abilities align within the ‘extension’ or natural radiance of wholeness, the ‘evils of the day thereof’ are brought to light – rather than sacrificing the light to the attempt to fix, overcome or heal them in the form and framing of their presentation.

I associate our gut bionome with the 'Mother' - I also associate their biodiverse 'cooperative with a reflection or embodiment of our psychic-emotional balance and alignment in life. A false sense of neutrality loses the vital charge of life in defending a static or fixed sense of self, in fear of transformation

The lie and the father of the lie - are a misidentification running as a (false) foundation. The lies are symptoms of the nature of their genesis; born in attempt to deny and overlay a mask (or fig leaves) over a feared and shamed 'nakedness'.

All facets of health shine upon all others.

But the 'health' of the masking personae is only supported while its serves the need of the developing consciousness. In this sense the breakdown of the 'ego structure' is not for another or 'better' ego to stamp its order - but as a rebirth in which to feel out and choose to accept what truly resonates and stand in or align in it. This is a 'meekness to Spirit' or purpose that inherits the Living Earth - not as a prodigal runaway 'inheritance to use and use up' but as on ongoing recognition and appreciation for being.

The 'persecution' (or resistance and opposition) to the emergence of a renewed alignment in well-being (personal and cultural) is the condition in which the necessary focus and receptivity is acquired. Or to put in in reverse - is the release of the conditioned mind (or beliefs of automatic and habitual reaction) for a conscious discernment.

Whereas judgement tends to separative and rejecting segregation - discernment is a receptivity to the movement of being - and to the movement within being that is the arising of awareness to its object of affection. Instead of to its objection to affliction. And so when the latter seems to be obstructive to joy in living - pause - and attend to the former so as to re-member the meaning you give and receive.

PS: Do I write into a limited or even lack of attention?

Or do I write into the unified willingness that truly moves me!

Does communication have to be packeted and set off down 'pathways' (internet infrastructure) in search of attention?

Or is the basis of telempathy, the synchronicity of a 'wave' of opening insight, understanding, and the energy of practical support finding practical embodiment?

As a movement grows clearer in its focus, it attracts and aligns a clearer embodiment or reflection. A clarity in which residual dissonance now 'shouts' or stands revealed as 'out of true' to the fulfilment of the shared focus. As I edit this last sentence - I realize this is the mirror reflection to the perceived dissonance of any truth within the frame of narrative control - as the closing quote illustrates:

“No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”

~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

# 2

I realize that the intent to sketch out felt or intuited qualities of relationship can seem crystal clear to me in the act – and then need re-reading to make its more coherent and readable to anyone else.

In some sense I risk ‘unintelligibility’ in ‘painting’ or giving form to insight – which is firstly a qualitative recognition and not a personal act. Listening BEFORE the mind reacts is a quality of inner undefended trust that I feel as ‘original nature’. But letting the mind serve to give form of expression to a felt life, is in itself a ‘reconfiguring’ of the mind as an instrument rather than in ‘define, predict and control’ of its narrative reality – that we tend to suffer as if true by our own investment in it.

So I apologize for my own liability in engaging this endeavour without fully re-reading and checking the whole before posting. But I also trust that establishing the pathways within myself is by practice, or living it – and that the nature of this grows, expands and becomes more integrated in its expression – in its own timing.

Most everything I write into the attention of a shared willingness is seeking to give articulation to foundation in wholeness of being – as an illumination and freeing from core definitions and beliefs that – in a sense – operate blindly because our own thinking is predicated upon them.

A key recognition is waking or shifting from a conceptually framed ‘identity construct’ to a present appreciation. If any such moment stirs us – then an energetic communication IS shared. The form it takes is not its meaning – but will serve the reintegration of the our sense of self and life to a truly meaningful appreciation.

I have re-edited the post above and will repost it. While you may not ‘understand’, You are the recognizer of how you limit or filter or deny your own help-met, and thus you are the freedom to release what does not now serve who you recognize yourself to be.

If I spoke in terms of what you ‘already know’ (presume), it would serve no other result than you already have. Specific questions attune a response in like kind.

‘Mere mortality’ can be used as a framework to hide in – but what could it hide, or what could it hide from? Is the human condition – as generally accepted – the human conditioning?

Questioning our predicate beliefs is different than living from them as the ‘self-evident reality’ that we have adapted to operating under. I feel such ‘reality’ is in any case ‘disintegrating’ as a narrative identity, and this uncovers a true need to know – a deeper self-honesty and an awakening self-responsibility, as idols or indeed conceptual models, fall.

So what seems philosophical/psychological/spiritual is a framing of information that can pigeon-hole and segregate. Whereas tuning into (noticing and appreciating) what is resonant to your current need to know, or love of true – is in a sense irrespective of its packaging or delivery system.

Systems of assigned meanings are like a shorthand that becomes used without reference to the original and become a basis for further disconnected meanings to likewise cover over in ‘new’ developments of greater dissociation from true relation. Redeeming the currency of our thought, word and therefore deed, is parallel to regaining a currency in true worth.

Taking a sense of worth ‘against’ a perceived or believed evil, enemy or bogeyman is the ‘action-reaction’ of unfaced and un-owned feelings of self lack, that blocks life-energy by attempts to survive under a sense of deprivation, denial, lack and attack. The ‘defence budget’ of our psychic physic and microbiological ‘economy’ is killing us.

The reverse-reading of deceit

The reverse-reading of deceit

Ka Wai Awa Awa said:
Do they not know that their accusations against others tells us exactly what they are doing?

Indeed, but the mirror does not blame - it merely reflects.

So what 'they' believe 'they' are doing is revealed in who 'they' think 'they' are - which is 'supported' by polarized diversionary tactic. Who or what is the actual 'doer' or cause? Political intrigue may go down the rabbit holes of shadow powers, but regardless who hides behind deceits, is not the baiting of the mind, its 'capture' as an asset or proxy to work another agenda even while believing it is fulfilling some sense of self-specialness or divine calling - that may degrade and fragment to holding the line against 'feared or hated outcome'?

When you say 'they' do you mean the captured mind that knows not what it does, the terrorized mind that does what it is told, the denied mind that does anything to not know, and etc?

Weaponizing information is deceit - such as to infer an 'us and them' in narrative conflict. Deceits can be illuminated, as deceits or without substance or foundation in truth. I like your comment - and the question in it is perhaps answered 'no, they cannot or dare not see or look within'. Exactly how the mind is structured to fixate in dissociated displacement of its own fear is different in form for each. But by such a world is our 'Soul' awareness covered over.

To a deceit-thief, a world of treachery insinuates beneath appearances - a world which is feared to rise and take back the 'power' it presumes to itself in vengeance and exposure to self-lack or nakedness.

What happens when we stop using the 'evil' or blame of such 'others' to assert and validate our own presumption to judge and attack or deny them?

'Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do' is the release of the thoughts supporting a false sense of power - within whose frame, is mind used for attack in place of communication. And so a world of attack seems 'honest' and a world of love seems weak and open to predation over - as a protection racket.

The alignment under such power gives itself away by its manipulative presentation as puppets of a scripted narrative control. Or to put it another way of scripted and manipulated identities. Within one's bubble, it may seem one is making choices'. But all is filtered through the script of a shadow power - because, brought to light of true awareness, its claim to power would be undone.
Fear not the shadow, but be vigilant to the baiting of a baiting of reactive blindness. And use the recognition of the ruse to reclaim conscious alignment in a quality of communication and not a presentation attempting to make up for the lack of such quality.

World events can be read as divine illuminations of how we have chosen to use our mind or what we have chosen to give allegiance to and for what. The revealing of choice at the level of creative reconnection is freedom to choose again, rather than persist in what may be called a 'miscreative' use of the mind; of intention, attention, desire and fulfilment. Negative fulfilments are scientifically valid feedback to the basis of the 'question' asked and the 'answers' found.

The power of a wish is of capturing the willingness to persist in focusing there. An untruth, to persist must be protected at truth's expense. Perhaps it begins with a private sense of exclusion against interference, a mapping out and filtering by which to bring an image to 'life' or assign fantasy associations and make them stick. But what then goes forth to multiply itself is division, conflict and loss - (Humpty Dumpty) under the tyranny of narrative control (... and all the king's men) that would - if it could - abide in darkness, or operate under plausible deniability.

Deceits are protected from light be the 'personae' of blame redistribution. But in light - the demand for sacrifice of true and blame-assignment and 'justification' is released of whatever sense or necessity it seemed to hold in the shadow. But, the very means by which 'power' operates in the world of the sleeping, is the double edged sword above their own head.

Protection rackets can also 'protect' from exposure, any publicity that would end a career or indeed confer a worse penalty. Those who influence the decisions of any import want to back people they can trust to be compliant in key matters of scripting outcomes that consolidate 'power' as the replacement of life. The wish usurps the true will. Or does it?

In similar vein:

SOTT Comment: So is it actually 'shaking off' dependence on the psychopathic warmongers in the US or is it just another US proxy army this time in Europe??

Is not the "USA" a proxy to the 'United' State of a global agenda?

Is the 'globalist agenda' the driving power or the uprising powerlessness?

Is the global possession and control of wealth, bankruptcy?

Is narrative control the desperate shoring up or tyrannous assertion of 'necessary' illusions?

When the tares are so grown in with the roots of the crop, are they 'Too big (in terms of feared outcome) to be allowed to fail? Or is a parasitic usurping of our true being generating the conditions of its own demise, partly through the destruction of its host - but actually through the termination of the hosting service by aligning in true - despite the feared outcome?

Monday, 13 November 2017

Control of urges

Australian imam says women need to wear the hijab because men can't control their sexual urges

Originally and article in the Daily Mail I met it on SOTT and commented also into the emotional reactivity of commenting there. I don't recommend the article - but this theme is a key area of awakening responsibility on whatever level.

Control of urges.

When anyone or anything 'presses my buttons' is it their act or choice (intended or otherwise) that causes my reaction?
Or is my experience my co-creative responsibility and power?
If blame appeals as the way to disempower or block 'denied, hated, or feared communications or exposures - then the wish to take offence hides in the mask of the righteously wronged.

The social construct for the censoring, filtering and suppression of urges is our upbringing - both conditioning of direct learning experience - and inducted and imposed family and social mores and rules.

The blaming of women for triggering desire in men is the giving away of power by men.
The 'self-confessed weakness' of men is passed off as if a fact - albeit assigned to 'other' weaker men than the one who acts the apologist for giving way to fantasy thoughts.
Not that triggers cannot be activated by design as manipulative deceit. For manipulating deceit is the nature of corrupted human thinking and society. But that given acceptance as true, any deceit spreads and propagates to rob a wholeness of being - and relations. Because of such insight - the attempt to punish special forms of deceit - as evil - if to protect - and be The Protector - of the Sanctity of Life - teaches fear of 'evil' and delivers us unto 'evil' - while under the belief or mask of attempting self-righteousness - or correctness - relative to our personal and social setting.

Yet there is one thing that aligns us true - that no amount of 'self-control' can ever achieve - and that is the honouring of Another as our Self. Those who are convicted in self-unworthiness cannot or will not see a true worth in Another - excepting a conditional acceptance within accepted forms of conduct or appearance. The breaking of such 'rules' or demands meeting withdrawal of 'love' and triggering of hate.

No amount of blaming and targeting will ever put wholeness together again. Regardless how intensely the wish to deny, exclude and reject the hated or feared or shaming. But we are created in wholeness as the urge of the desire and willingness to live. And while this holds the 'survival' urge within itself - it is not merely the urge to survive, mate and compete for survival and mating.

The suppression of our true desire to know and be known operates the false or masked sense of getting from - and of course 'getting away from'. The 'Paradise' symbol for many men is the woman - whose archetype is deeper than the thinking personality level. But Paradise is the feint memory of lost wholeness in a world of false and fought over substitutions. Resisting the temptation to act out fantasy scripts on others - even in thought - is the cultivation of mindfulness or free awareness in which to discern true relation in place of triggered dissociation.

The fragmentation of the personality construct is socially enforced as narrative control but generally experienced as an incoherent and conflicted world. Narrative identity is the 'tyranny' of unchallenged thinking that runs human beings as conditioned reaction without free awareness in which to discern love's recognition. While the narrative identity is fed and supported in a role of self-specialness - it runs as a blind-spot to its own thought, act and deed - because it is acting out fantasy gratification for a sense of self-lack being vindicated and compensated for.

Psychology has tended to follow the dissociations of the 'scientific' analysis - with its own blind-spot from which fantasy treatment subjects those in need to further reinforcements of self-lack and sickness. Psychic-emotional relationship is awake within as free attention and awareness - in a shared appreciation of reality. For we always co-create our interaction and experience - whether that is an aligned and shared appreciation or a conflicted and conflicted sense of negative appreciation of hate, blame, fear and defence.

Thank You for your attention.

Healthcare means sickness care

David Healy's newsletter prompted a look at a talk on the cocktail of drugs becoming normal diet and of course with no real account of the co-factoring synergy of unwanted, collateral or sidelined effects on life and health.

I am glad that some within the 'system' of accepted narrative beliefs are challenging what I see as a blind and blinding narrative - but I stand with that from a different predicate.

My comment:

It's all backwards. Even the term 'Healthcare' is Orwellian doublethink for 'sickness care' - and it is the sickness that is managed and being passed off as health.

People (that is us) are being pharmed for sickness - and conditioned to want it, seek it out or demand it - while believing we are getting something we need.

This system is not in need of tweaking - but of radically free questioning - so as to break the spell of what has become a 'protection racket', where the guardians became guards and the masking (of symptom or true feedback), became an entanglement in lies.
The intent to help became a Trojan horse. The operation of 'disease' we seek to eradicate is framing (and in a sense thus directing) the search for cure - and its outcome.
Our defences are doing - what they are purported to defend against.
'Healthcare is serving the reinforcement of weakness, fragility and inadequacy - while such beliefs and definitions are accepted true by acting from them.

Everything embodies its predicate foundation. Unified purpose aligns unified or integrated and coherent outcomes. Conflicted or masked purpose generates conflicting and deceptive outcomes. Both are 'lawful' in the sense of physics of cause and effect - but the latter renders an experience of chaos or lawlessness - which triggers the 'conflict' pattern that feeds a negative loop of depletion that tightens to crisis, in which a poor outcome reveals itself as a faulty choice or alignment in what no longer serves.

The Creative does not interfere with any choice we have made - but is implicit in our capacity to choose. Dissonance and pain have limits of tolerance, from which our willingness to question re-opens receptivity and perspective in place of fixed or asserted definition.

I use the term Creative as an Inherency for true or direct awareness of existence - that is experienced through the idea extension, reflection, resonance, recognition and relation. All of which are spontaneous and native to being. The inhibition of such nature also became its demonisation as fear of loss of self-control, that asserts or 'extends and projects and meets' the idea of self-invalidation and substitution or replacement of the direct intuition of being for a learned or conditioned 'second nature', that imagines itself outside or set over a sense of dominion that is then felt violated, rejected, abandoned or left unsupported and isolated. Control and chaos are two sides of the same idea.

Here is the basis for the development of 'independent abilities' for the externalisation of mind as technology - that becomes both a language and a model of our 'world'. As our sole protection (sic) - such abilities require compliance and allegiance to its dictate. Who would regain their whole-Souled perspective must release their investment in the interpretive filtering they take to be their world. But we cannot see it because we 'see' the world.

The lie is known to need another to protect it and another for that one until the mind is lost from its own recognition of feedback or choice-outcomes - and seeks outside to generate 'authority' by which to hold 'order'.

"Too big to fail" is "too blind to see". Following the blind brings blindness and insanity.
You couldn't make it up - except - in a very real sense - we have - and are focusing in and following such ideas - by a blind acceptance and allegiance within a dishonesty of being over the simple recognition that we don't know.

"Dont know' is not a failure - but an honesty from which to pause from the illusion of definition-control to open in and to ask real questions, and then wholly embrace the unfolding answer - which may not arrive in framing expectation of our 'problem' but as insight that expands and realigns to a shifted perspective or embrace of life in which the problem either does not exist or cannot persist in the framework of meaning that was embodied before.

But as you may notice - this recognition or healing may occur regardless a cacophony of dissonance that shouts to block, divert or deny the recognition of true. Such is the 'territory' of the willingness to 'come out' from a false sense of self-protection to embody willingness for health and wholeness.

I hold that the felt need for 'protection' from our psychic-emotional conflict is not merely 'mental' - but fundamentally set as the basis for what we generally call consciousness - but it is a split (and split off) consciousness. A fragmentation masked by assertive narrative identity or indeed narrative control as a surface over hidden (ignored) or unconscious (denied) relation, communication, conception.

The generation and development' of such a self-separate sense of limitation and lack is hard to raise to observation and consideration under an unquestioned acceptance of such a sense as the 'creation' of millions of years of evolutionary chemistry. But these are not mutually exclusive ideas unless current conscious choice is sacrificed to (any) rigid or fixed image or concept.

The distantiations in time, space, cause and effect - are symptomatic of a denial/evasion of - and neutered substitution for - the Creative. Such is the evasion of an implicit self-responsibility or indeed self-honesty - in a substitute 'reality' self-definition. Our residual connection to (or channel of) the Creative is our acceptance of true or free will - also known as our capacity of choice but substituted for by private fantasy gratifications of a sense of lack in search of fulfilment - absent the acceptance of the Creative.

Because The Creative has - in a sense been masked out or masked over and distorted or filtered through a lens of conflicted and denied fear - that operates as a hidden template to a surface 'reality' perception. Within its framing, multiple 'choices' all embody, support and propagate the same core agenda in seemingly different facets.

The basis for the 'model' that results in such 'negatively polarised creation is the development of a subjective consciousness set against an objective or external threat. This fundamental pattern is revealed in the denial of conflict, that dissociates 'escape' into an externalize displacement of conflict. The displacement model (the world as defined) is serving a 'denial' agenda as a defence against exposure in fear of total loss of self. To this sense, the covering over with miasma of limitations and blocks to consciousness, is a compelled sacrifice of life, driven by unconscious fear in denial.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Being subject and suppressed or being moved?

Further comment into the same page as yesterday but to the sense of antipathy to globalisation:

In a teaching that I rest at one with is the saying "The ego always speaks first" but that the Holy Spirit (of a true discernment) corrects or translates through willingness for wholeness.

The Movement of being is our felt existence - whether we are aligned in appreciation or so reactively engaged in our own thinking as to be entirely 'plot-driven' in terms of the pattern of reactive identity.
Global consciousness as an expression of technological extension and interconnectedness is part of the movement or gestalt of our times - with transnational cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives, but, the driver of expansion - for all its face of surface beliefs in a 'better' or extended humanity- holds the marketisation and weaponisation of the movement and this operates the 'broad spectrum dominance' of a technocracy where human beings and human cultural freedoms are sacrificed to a 'greater good' as defined by the very few who by sacrifice of their own humanity, find selection and protection under the idea of 'power over life'.

As the capture, framing and engineering of our thought, the intent of globalism as  is blind and pernicious, but within its own framing it operates a protection racket or indeed an identity theft via phishing ruse. Few can see the wood for being lost among the trees - and many who do, become polarised in hate and fear against... such hate and fear that works often with a benign face or well intentioned believers who will protect their own slavery in belief it is freedom.

The key in all this is the foundational nature of our own thought. False currency - extending to 'complex financial instruments' package toxic debt as wealth, leverage and power. But it is nothing pretending to be something and defended against exposure.
Here we see the emporer's clothes - or indeed the fig-leaves over the guilted mind of those who believe they are powerless in their nakedness or self-lack - and turn their mind to deceit rather than receipt. For 'who told you you were naked?' is the enquiry that uncovers the device of deceit - that can no longer pass off as true.

The subtlety of deceit is one ahead of what we call thinking. It operates 'insider' knowledge. Currently globalism in it outer forms of technocratic 'trade deals' and 'protection' of the 'Economy' is contrasted with 'populism' framed in bigotry, zeonphobia and backwardness. Such is the nature of framing the narrative and the 'debate'. For mainstream  is not only 'consensual reality' but conforming and complying to its dictates, or else... Part of this is that language and its usage have been set in ways that make an articulation of any other narrative seem meaningless, ridiculous or discordant and dangerous.

Impotence is the checkmate of one's own mind against itself. False power operates upon the basis of establishing or outsourcing such conflict to the 'other' and setting it up for attack. Such as defining sickness as lack of and dealing dependency to supply a sense of protection that feeds sickness.

The phrase Holy Spirit may find few takers here - and archaic filtered meaning in those who do not recoil, but a true discernment is not a manufactured outcome - but the restoration and reintegration to unified purpose resulting from the innocent curiosity of seeing rather than thinking one sees, while seeing one's thinking.

Regardless the direction of my 'pointing out' may seem irrelevant to winning or defending against the evils of our day's thereof - I believe that when addiction to the narcissism of one's own thinking - and its resultant prodigal wasteland - bottoms out, some willingness will be awaken from a truly connected movement within wholeness of being. Anything-ism is identity 'politic'. Assertive identity is blind in pursuit of its private gratification. The movement that recognizes itself love moves through you and comes to you in recognition of the worth of its resonant reflection.

Can we see wholeness when everything is not only fragmented but revealed as running backwards? Not through the lens of the thinking that makes its so.

There is a monkey trap that has a gourd (presumably fixed down) with a hole large enough for the monkey's hand but not large enough for the hand to withdraw while grasping the baiting fruit.

What we want, rules. It rules out what we discard... while we want it.
If we substitute the true of our desire with a baiting illusion, we will successfully discard or ignore and forget and lose the way to even feel... our true desire - while bringing ever more 'control' to the attempt to make life work.

A global deceit masks as power - and we all play our part of the play. But the uncovering of deceit to the freedom to feel and move as we are truly moved, is a homecoming to our true inherence.

"How? how? how?" Might the reaction be. But life is not a system of control - but one can sacrifice life unto such gods for the illusion of it. Or join a music that of itself finds the balance points and harmonic relation within a wholeness. Health is wholeness in expression.
Healthy self has a sort of pun - 'heal thy self'. "How? how? how?" Might the reaction be. And here is the difficulty; it is insulting to the ego that fulfilment extends through you to an 'object of your affection' and so it 'interjects' to overlay the movement as its own power, serving its own capacity to sell and reinforce itself.

But what you accept true is - finally and always - your willingness in act - regardless how the masking personality experiences subjection. Weaning from the believed and thus compelling needs of external manipulations is the restoring of the embodiment of an inner fulfilment to our relations - each other and our world.

Where we are 'coming from' is where we are going. Our predicates define our outcomes. Being framed by an identity theft is a curriculum in an awakening of curiosity of the true movement of desire. But WHEN you choose to take this course is your own willingness. Finding willingness under the experience of fear, conflict and coercion is challenging because it calls for the pausing or resting of allegiance to reaction within it.