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The attempt to impose order upon perceived 'Other'

Obama Builds a New Country One Immigrant at a Time?

White House Plans to Develop a "Country Within a Country" of 15 Million "New Americans" ... The White House has plans to legalize 13 to 15 million illegal immigrants who will then establish a "country within a country." – Independent Sentinel

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This article is one of many that attempts to read the 'power game' that unfolds in human affairs. My comment is no less to some of the comments of others to the issues of power, and liberty.

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The attempt to impose order upon perceived 'Other'

Anything can be used as a weapon - and deceit and disguise operate to disable or circumvent defences. Thus grow ever more sophisticated ways of embodying hate or loveless intent. However, complex the forms in which it is presented, hate still operates a false currency of joylessness, easily discernible by the joyous, but traded in as real by those who sacrifice joy in order to get something special for themselves alone - who operated in masked or private agenda amidst ever shifting powers and deceits as if THAT is life, and joy is in winning it at another's expense.

The idea of rationality based upon ideals of individual  and collective freedom is itself a trojan horse via which the feudal system was broken open and replaced. Beliefs that can be incepted or propagated and established as currency of exchange, operate as a falsely framed "reality" in which freedom is substituted for by struggle within and upon a conflicted experience of self and world.
Materialism, is the idea of external 'creator' imposing meaning upon a subjective and split off self-sense - necessarily at war with everything. The belief in objective 'Reality' arises from making a 'god' out of the agreement to a private 'creatorhood' self-experience. The immediate reflection of operating coercive will upon Life is of being victim to coercion, and believing it, because one establishes its reality in oneself by WANTING coercive will to be true. But blinded by its own attack, it does not recognize it is its OWN, but makes identity of victimhood and subjection in loss and disconnection from Life - which is denied and substituted for by self-assigned and asserted meanings in the name of 'self-protection' and 'self'-advantage, which grows reinforcement from mutual agreement or usage.

Premises are EVERYTHING, for a false premise can only result in a conflicted outcome, regardless its initial promise of answer or escape. What then is a true foundation?
Surely, this is best answered by waking up to, and owning the false. For while the false is operating through the mind, unawares, one is operating from a premise of subjection; of being externally defined. It is true that the experience OF the world and its scripts is initially dependent upon acquiring and internalizing core definitions in which fear plays a part, but it is not true that thoughts leave the mind of the thinker - although they do extend to other minds because that is the nature OF mind.

The 'private possessor' mentality is as the tenant farmers in Jesus' parable who when the Master was absent, killed his messengers, for they would 'inherit' for themselves alone. This prodigal error effect an attack upon communication itself. Thus would truth be the first casualty but that division would invoke coercive rule in place of unified perspective - excepting truth cannot be attacked but only covered over with false witness. The belief that truth can be attacked is the belief that makes materialism.  But it is an image or idea, definition or idol of truth that is attacked.

Within the idea of materialism is the war-mind of conflicted self, and the fear mind of freezing and limiting consciousness from further pain. Attempting to change 'other' coercively and fearfully resisting change in fear of loss. For power (in its worldly sense) to seek to impose itself upon the 'other' of the powerless so as to persist and prevail, is simply a job description. That's what it does.
True power is shared - not from a premise of separate competing interests but from a true willingness. Of course the power-monger does not choose to dissociate from his power-defined identity. But true power is not about coercing someone ELSE or manipulating outcomes. It is the expression of the freedom to be who and what you are, in the living moment, and As the living moment. This communicates witness to Life free of coercion or persuasion, as the condition in which to know and be known truly - without need or call of a masked agenda.

The practicality arises from the recognition of the impracticality or dysfunction of the false premise and its ownership and release for true. Whatever goes on, we make choices from who we accept ourselves to be and how we perceive our situation. To be defined fearfully is to be already a victim, already under tyranny, and thus is hardly a surprise to see such mindset pictured in our world in all kinds of guises.

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Consciousness Engineering

The Folly and Presumption of the Social Engineers
By Richard Ebeling - at the Daily Bell
One of the social mythologies of our time is that it is in the power and ability of governments to remake society in any image or shape that those with political authority consider "good," "right" and "just" for mankind. No other idea has caused more horror and hardship in modern times. - more

Social Engineering can take many forms and serve different purposes. Parenting has its place and at times the role is quite apart from the appearance - i.e.: there are times when a child is to be listened to an recognised for wisdom and the 'parent' be in the 'role' of learner.
But guidance and education are one thing - whereas coercion is another.

'Consciousness engineering' sets up the foundation from which and as which a coercive mindset operates. This is not really addressed by personal-political agendas - all of which are tied by reaction TO achieving or coercing an outcome - even if it is simply a negative goal of identifying AGAINST other.

We all share a Universal motivation - towards the good, the pleasurable and the positive and away from the bad, painful and negative AS WE EACH DEFINE ourselves in any situation to be. Then it can be seen that definition is operating as the 'shadow' power that limits perspective and determines perception - AND THEREFORE EXPERIENCE.

The framing of perception in ideas is the magic of redefining experience as an asserted expression of a personal sense of power - felt to be DIFFERENT from the innate or natural 'Life Purpose'. This act constitutes the sense of 'individual' consciousness that seems to be disconnected from the whole and threatened by the reintegration of Wholeness.
True individuality is a unique indivisibility, but an engineered consciousness has been subjected to 'divide and rule' - that is - it is a split off mentality operating parasitically upon the whole in SUBSTITUTION for true presence, relation or communication.

Ultimately - indeed actually - this operates as a 'self-attack' - not unlike a black op false flag, or psy-op - by which to use 'evil' to justify acting in likewise loveless and blind exploitation of 'Other' - for a seeming self-interest which works against one's Good and one's true Presence.

The 'world' is reflecting back the CONSCIOUSNESS that we are engaging, identifying and validating by acting from it. To dissociate from the error is not to fight it, but to uncover it where it is... in our own consciousness participation.

Any attempt to engineer the world - the Outside - the Otherness of our living relationships... is part of the automatic attempt to protect and maintain the separate-self-sense of personal power that operates by grievance, scarcity and conflict.

Of course 'engineering' can mean the considering of all forces in play, and the balancing them within wholeness to alignment of whole purpose. It has been said that a divided house cannot stand. A mind at war with itself cannot BUT undermine and sabotage itself in all its endeavours. Wholeness of purpose may be attempted via the negative or segregative will, but the 'elite' will never be a unified expression of Living Will - for fear is incapable of truly integrated purpose. It can only force or coerce, trick and deceive in order to SEEM almost all powerful and then only be limiting and controlling all expression. But to such an appetite, there is never 'enough' control - because control cannot bring the fruits that the fearful deceit promised.

Insanity multiplies in the mind of the lie. Truth does not need to be asserted, to be true, but it can be rested in, wholly. If you truly enjoy something, it is not a struggle - even if it contains challenge. The sacrifice of joy led to the pain of its loss and subsequent redefinition within socially engineered frameworks. Struggling with frameworks simply evolves a cat and mouse complexity of more sophisticated beguilement and entanglement. Embracing the true joy of being MUST bring to the surface and HEAL all that would 'engineer' you out of your own existence - your own presence in communication and relationship... in Life. There is a different order of control within Life that is NOT a SEEMING separateness acting upon the flow of Life - but the discernment of the part/whole relationship as a totality WITHIN Life.

Truth shall show you you ARE free. In truth your word is the self-DEFINITION you accept and thereby share - albeit unknowingly or 'unconsciously'. All the clamour of the world that agitates the mind is serving the purpose of distracting and diverting attention AWAY from a false self-definition that would NOT STAND in the light of simple awareness - and so its survival depends on YOUR allegiance to it as YOUR mind. But notice the mind that limits filters and distorts the ONLY THING GOING ON - 'Life' - can just as well align with and serve Life. All things in the world serve double purpose - that is they can serve the purpose YOU accept as a result of correctly identifying what is NOT you and releasing it as a foundation from which to live. Of course this calls for self-honesty and of course the allegiance to a war-mind cannot afford honesty for truth is its first casualty. Self attack is insanity of denying one's true presence. Nothing that follows on from it can grow true fruit. The insane project their fear and hate onto other personalities and fail to recognize it is their own - but fight the love that would restore them TO THEIR OWN - because that is the ONLY freedom. One cannot change what one first does not own, and nor can one meet or become what one is not the vibration of.

Let the 'bad guys' show up residually un-owned false definitions and beliefs so as to undo them, that otherwise would operate 'in the dark' in your name forever. Let them serve the truing purpose YOU set. Ultimately - that means actually - we are not free to escape what is our own. We cannot un-know or not become 'other' to what we truly are - though of course one is free to deny freedom in asserting such futility over and over, and over again.

There are many channels to choose from and perspectives to view from - but is the basis of choice fear-driven or joy driven? It is Life-driven but fear or joy are a matter of your self-definition. Each can masquerade as the other in a mind that sought to hide in confusion. To define one's joy in terms of being protected from one's fears is to give power away.
The Folly and Presumption of the Social Engineers
One of the social mythologies of our time is that it is in the power and ability of governments to remake society in any image or shape that those with political authority consider "good," "right" and "just" for mankind. No other idea has caused more horror and hardship in modern times. - See more at:
One of the social mythologies of our time is that it is in the power and ability of governments to remake society in any image or shape that those with political authority consider "good," "right" and "just" for mankind. No other idea has caused more horror and hardship in modern times. - See more at:
One of the social mythologies of our time is that it is in the power and ability of governments to remake society in any image or shape that those with political authority consider "good," "right" and "just" for mankind. No other idea has caused more horror and hardship in modern times. - See more at:

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Faith in Life!

Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science

Following on from the last entry, because someone addressed my comment thus:

Praetor commented:

You, speak of Soul and the Physical Biological World, that be the reason we are all here, how to live in solid physical world, while having a soul (spirit) and making it work, can it be done, that is the question? The answer to that question, TIME will tell. The two are separate and are now one, can the two be one or should they remain separate. I surmise, that is the great experiment, can they be one? The soul requires only peace and love, the physical requires everything nature can provide (food, water, air, sleep, rest and everything else to stay alive), so the higher mind has set in motion, where we are, and the out come is up to us, to make it work, will we make it work???

I speak of Consciousness. Consciousness OF physicality is part and parcel of BELIEVING and experiencing ourselves as a separated "mind" within a body within a physical universe of bodies. That one CAN experience and identify as this separated persona is evident. But no one is IN such a world any more than a wish can replace truth.

The notion of 'separateness' operates the lens darkly by which to experience a reversal of consciousness. However, there are limits to the ability or capacity of believing and identifying in the untrue. Pain and meaninglessness being chief among them.

Thinking without true relationship is a disconnected thought-mind - but mind is not, can not, will never, exist as an actually independent entity. While such thinking asserts its 'self', there are no ears to hear.

Whatever Life Is, already is, and is working perfectly. Each of us and all of us together are our own 'experiment' or theme of experience and exploration.

The nature of consciousness itself is integral to my experiential relationship and discovery. It is of course my joy or natural calling - along with the embodiment of an integrated consciousness. It is all a matter of perspective.

When ideas run - or are accepted into your mind, they are experienced as perception. Regarded as reality and then reacted to and acted upon as if true. By the power of your acceptance do ideas run in your mind. Fear usurps the mind but only while you give it the power to do so.

Will you - regardless of what anyone else chooses - choose to align with what you resonate most honestly as true of you in relevance to your current experience? I suggest that although this could be seen as a matter of time, it is truly a matter of willingness.

Holding onto a mistaken investment is like supporting a lie, for it costs the joy of a true movement of being, in which Soul reveals itself evident as Living Context rather than being demanded in sacrifice to a 'blind god'. Identity is investment. But to release all things to Source is to BE identified perfectly. One cannot bring love into fear but as sacrifice to fear's 'reality', but fears can be brought to love in willingness FOR Perspective.

It is all a matter of perspective - and that the choice to assert and coerce is the limiting and losing of perspective. Of course there is another way. But until there is a willingness, it does not appear. To find willingness, one may have to first honestly acknowledge and own one's wilfulness or unwillingness. There is fear, pain and anger in guilt that invalidates Life. There is a messenger here to be received. One never meets 'the world' but through one's own psycho-emotional-physical construct.

The opposite of blind (private agenda) coercive manipulation of Life is yielding (private agenda) into Life.

One cannot serve two masters of opposite and exclusive directions.

Faith in Life is implicit, the instant one recognizes the false as false, for the true stands evident and in that knowing is it simply obvious one IS Life and not somehow 'outside and apart and acting upon it'.

You cannot experiment UPON yourself who Are One Self. But you can engage in conception and perceive idea in which fear seems to split or fragment such a consciousness. Isolate and alone. But how could such a game of powers be played without rival, adversary, ally and enemy?

"It's Life, but not as we know it Captain".

Perhaps the 'third eye' is our true front ear. And 'space' is not 'out there after all, but reflecting an embracing awareness of All That Is. Time serves the unfolding script. But time is running out for the script to remain hidden. Does mon santo mean 'my holy'? Is that not the error in identification in a nuts-hell? For what you give (idea) is what then gives you. 'Thy holy' is a willingness to honour and acknowledge the presence of Life in Creation - that appears perhaps to be a world outside you. Do this 'just because' and not in order to 'get', and you will simply align with the true of you - and have the reflection.

Integrity is true relation.

Faith in illusion?

Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science

The Daily Bell comments on the memes - on the current ideas - being propagated or incepted in the body politic. I recommend reading the article and some of the comments.

The term 'faith in science' is an interesting term to choose.
Conscious faith is accorded what is accepted true of oneself, but blind faith gives power to ideas as ideals and indeed as idols.
That which is accepted true is given protection and investment, and the wish that distorts perception to serve the purpose of the perceiver is the ego-centric identification within attempt to 'control' reality; to exercise power over Consciousness, Life, Self and Other. This is not at all obvious to a mind that is designed to hide its power behind a sense of limitation, deprivation and lack. And it is impossible to convince such a mind that it is suffering delusion excepting by waking as the perspective upon illusion. This occurs spontaneously when the illusion disintegrates as a believable reality. When one's experience increasingly calls it into question and reveals lack of foundation where once seemed solid.

Clarifying our definition reveals a greater perspective. I use the term 'scientism' as distinct from the discipline of Science, I also see technologism as the inevitable effect of materialism - the materialism which operates as the active denial of Consciousness whereby to assert personal power upon a 'dead' universe in which death is the only natural outcome and where a kind of living death substitutes for real relationship. Materialism in this sense gets or sucks energy from relationships that it actually does not recognize AS relationship - because materialism ONLY sees relationships as a means to GET from.

The search for truth or the willingness to receive its illumination, can operate on many levels - all of which converge in a genuine willingness and capacity FOR relationship - because truth is a relationship and not an 'object' to be possessed, or used as a means of gaining control or power OVER Life.

The worship of coercive power is the religion of materialism. Everything derives its meaning from the god its serves for such is the nature of Source - or for what is accepted as a true foundation from which to live. And so 'science' as a tool of power is not concerned with true - but only with the power to make or subvert truths to its agenda. And to obfuscate its actions within complex layers of defence and diversion.

I look forward to rediscovering Reason and Science in cultural renewal, as a result of the deconstruction and exposure of the mind that would manipulate private or blind agenda at expense of the whole - including its own true interests. This exposure is not 'in the world' though our minds are reflected there. Deceit projects the unwanted and the rejected out from self onto world - where it may battle it or study it or engage in any form of apparent relationship with it, as long as it is kept apart and away.

A human world that poisons and destroys itself while engaging delusions of grandiosity and abject powerlessness is an expression of faithlessness - of giving faith to that which undermines integrity - which dis-integrates, segregates and struggles for power to 'survive'.
This 'self' is insane or operating from a 'disconnect'. Once one SEES it, withdrawal of investment is inevitable. Therefore it operates deceit by which to seem to provide power and protection. Divisions of conflict, fear and doubt trigger existential fears that call upon the re-enactment of the separation or split consciousness. This technique is so over used now that it too is wearing thin.
The mind - in the sense I am referring to the split-minded consciousness, is a trickster; an evasion, an attempt at denial or refusal of Life as Relationship, Communication and Creation of such extension and embodiment of presence. Refusing division is being of one mind by abandoning the drama of self - that is by pausing to listen or receive. The term 'higher mind' points to inspiration, intuition and discernment. Use it or lose it. But one cannot actually disconnect from the Consciousness of which one exists. One can only generate the experience of disconnection in subjectivity to power now seeming outside of and generally hostile to oneself; materialism.