Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Manipulative intent exploits a conditioned inattentive mind

Naive Faith in Natural Medicine. A Dangerous Example of The Risk Perception Gap
Have you heard about the Echinacea that was actually ground-up Parthenium hysterophorus, an invasive exotic weed in Asia and Africa which doesn’t do much for a cold but causes serious skin rashes, problems breathing, and makes you fart? Or the St. John’s Wort that was actually a plant called Alexandrian senna, which does nothing for mild depression but works great, as a laxative. (What a drag. You’re still depressed AND you have the runs.)

(DNA tests of many natural remedies uncovered deception as to true ingredients)

Note: My first reading of this article missed its central point and the headline inferred to me that it was in some sense about natural remedies - which it is not. Poor choice of heading except to use provocation as an attractor? Naive faith in my first impression?
I've amended my comment!

The article is only using the example of deceptions that the recent DNA testing of some such remedies brought to light- and noting a lack of alarm or outrage as compared with the distrust and opposition to such hegemaniacs as Monsanto. I think my word-play indicates why I have a different reaction; I buy hardly any natural remedies (or any remedies) but understand Monsanto seeks to 'patent' or control biology in ways that are catastrophic in effect upon our world.

Cheating is cheating and has nothing to do with what one is cheating about to be deception. However, if the deception comes from an institution that is very powerful and pervasive in social or economic activity, then it is much more alarming than if some marginal business cuts their product with cheaper alternatives.

If there is a predisposition to trust or choose certain things then a deceptive intent will market to such prejudice and even use it to sell ideas and therefore products or services that would normally be seen as contra to the view that gave rise to the prejudice, before it was blindly adopted as a conditioned response.

The manipulation of perception is a dominant theme in ways the religious mind couldn't imagine - because it sells the idea of freedom by setting up the hoops that the population will jump through for you - at whatever cost to their wellbeing, their culture and community and their environment or planet. But this cost will awaken and the awakening will lead to the transcendence of the mind - because no one will trust it as a source of their own thinking. It does however make a good servant.

So it is a wake up call to realize that trust is not something to simply give away without discernment. If we give our power away, it will be taken by something or someone else that may not be attuned to our best interests.

Integrity is an honesty of self that knows itself enough to become aware and responsible for its own perceptions and acts. Merely good intentions do not substitute for our true presence and so in such sense we are no less deceptive in our mind than those who meet us in a manipulative 'entente cordial'.

I am of the sense that we allow healing to be - in the way and the manner that represents our particular 'permission slip' - based on our core beliefs and self definitions. The belief that healing is not possible is endemic in modern materialistic Soul-lessness and so mechanical interventions that manage have replaced the belief and experience of healing.

My points all point to Consciousness; of the totality of the being - which is not only the mind of belief and definition and their emotional and physical resonances - but the aspects of consciousness that are lumped as 'unconscious'.

Our reality as generally believed is a highly specific and narrow focus within facets of Consciousness that are reflected from the experience of our physical senses - as if that is the source of all information and therefore definition , of what we actually are.

While naturally growing remedies may be ill-advised or mis-diagnosed, any course of action can be undertaken as an attempt to evade responsibility, block the life force in its movement to heal or correct and prop up a negative self definition that is itself the 'disease'.

It is only a derivative of this to lean into a manipulative farming of such lack of discernment for personal gain without honour.

We need to have faith in our Selves in a truly honest sense and in the life that - one can say - Lives us! This then extends to our freely imaginative engagement in whatever methodologies serve the feeling-sense of that Life in our moment of living - that is - to abide and choose the joyful and be open to new ways of such fulfilment in our uncovering and experiencing and sharing of our life.


Consciousness is what is changing - hence EVERYTHING is changing

An article: Typhoon Haiyan: there is worse to come - led into the idea of Climate change.

Now I cannot say I know whether Climate change is significantly influenced by human behaviour. Nor do I know if the weather is influenced by mass consciousness - for the relationship between Consciousness and Experience has not really been allowed into anything except quantum physics yet, though Seth and many others point to a deeper Cosmology than materialism. Nor can I say I know much about HAARP (look it up) and its effects on weather - whether intended or unintended. It's all secret. Secrets and lies.

What I do know is that human consciousness has a manipulative aspect upon itself such as to seek to attempt to control any aspect of Life it can get a handle on - including perceptions or minds of others - and is riddled with deep guilt for exactly that reason - as the religious archetype shows, and which resurfaces in a climate change guilt-driven agenda.
How to know where to get information from when science is so heavily distorted by its marriage with corporatocracy - the new church and state. The dog that fetches the wrong stick is made into dogmeat! Survival of the fitting in?

I feel to discern the coercive intent - or lack thereof - as a guide to the underlying intent. Truths can be used to deceive after all, and fictions can be used to reveal the truth. Truth is in the heart and mind as one and is uncoercive upon you.

Science without a heart is like a mechanical heartless mind. It can execute 'logical' programs without any actual connection to anyone or anything - including those who at the top of the pyramid, who are abused and hollowed out by such mentality amidst seductions of power. Is it not so, after the 'rush' wears off?

In my heart, I feel that Consciousness is what is changing - hence EVERYTHING is changing. We each choose to unify our consciousness or to be fitted to a machine. But we cannot BE a machine because choice is our most fundamental nature as consciousness of existence.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Rape, rage and protection

Reading comments on a page about anti rape underwear prompted these thoughts.

Coercion, fear, manipulation, loss, guilt, hatred,vengeance, bitterness, isolation, powerlessness, dependency.

These bedfellows belong together, and appear in all kinds of experience.
War on terror in any guise is bankrolled by vengeance and fearful self protection.
Where there is a demand there is a market opportunity to serve a perceived need - but it can reinforce the perception. Some marketeers have been known to cultivate demand - as a study of marketing and PR would reveal, but a compassionate society would hold a proportionate sense of what serves health and healing and what works against it.

Sexualisation is objectifying, but a body is not an object or plaything to be taken out of living context, but is a communication of intimate presence and worthy of honour.
What the mind of humanity can interpose upon our true nature is limited by social mores and laws - but the real law is to uncover our true nature. Sometimes we uncover such hatred, fear and shame in our own mind as a result of events that violate our sense of reality - that they move us to uncover our Integrity at a much deeper level.

There is no real justification for loveless use of another, but there is a real basis for honouring love's presence as the correction of such insanity.
A loveless society normalizes its manipulative gratifications in all sorts of areas of fantasy. The line between fantasy and reality is frequently blurred in media manipulations. The propagation of a negative self definition feeds the dependency on unreal associations. The orientation to and depiction of the feminine in society is a mark of its consciousness of self worth - in my opinion.

I personally do not appeal to guilt to manipulate my consciousness nor that of others. I feel that guilt is the engine of all lovelessness. Self-honesty and self love are deep treasures that no one, NO ONE can take away. I believe that most all of us carry unconscious negative core beliefs that 'sabotage' our lives and that we are all much more interconnected than we consciously realize.