Friday, 19 March 2010

drug and law dangers

Brief comment posted on BBC site regarding drug dangers and laws

The sense of life that is currently 'shared' in our culture is of an appalling hypocrisy and shallow mediocrity. It is increasingly 'normal' to accept a meaningless and unhappy life with no real sense of a true intimacy of self or with others or the world.

A joyless life is an emptiness demanding to be filled. Chemical drugs offer a bio tech substitute - but dependance on external substitutes for life is an underlying mentality that has to be addressed experientially - and in one way or another we all have to discover for ourselves where our true life is.
But when the pervasive culture perpetually reinforces sick illusion and hypocrisy - it is hardly surprising that the liability for folly is magnified.

Everybody Hurts

- comment to BBC article on the song used for Haiti aid.

This was very likely the last track my daughter listened to before throwing her hand.
Suffering is universal. Sure, ego can make its game out of comparisons and judgements - but under all the crap is directly felt dissonant and isolated sense of life that most have to hide from - by playing a mask.
I like the song in the universal sense of - we are all the same - beneath appearances. The capacity to feel is also the capacity of Soul.
Music can bridge from the isolated sense of self to a sense of communion with life - but only if that is allowed. To lose Soul is to gain a meaningless world - because it is essentially loveless.