Monday, 11 May 2020

Stepping out from the Covid-19 Mask

The Covid-19 Mask
by CC
You are a symbol of fear
That tries to force itself upon me.
You suffocate me and stifle my words.
You are a lie.
You are a symbol of submission —
Like a bridle on a horse
You break my spirit.
You make it hard to smile.
You hide me and make me lose my individuality,
Perhaps even a little of my humanity.
You are a barrier between me and the rest of my fellow humans.
Will I ever be free to breathe in the fresh air again?

There is another step from here now;
Full ownership and embrace of our masking persona.

I appreciate every step of willingness to connect within the feeling of being.
As the masking of a narrative forcing is revealed false

The inhibition of hate and hurt is the bridle on fight and flight.
But the freeze of trauma is the subjugation of love to a broken spirit.

If you would wake now I invite you to read the poem aloud - with conviction
and notice where your own integrity is sacrificed to a narrative set in lack and loss and powerlessness.
If you are connected at heart you will not choose to give acceptance to your own denial.
Set in the frame of being denied, hard done by and unjustly treated.

This world is a challenging life to live and a changing of parameters in which we find expansion and compression as the breath through All That Is.

That you feel as you feel is your freedom. I share in freedom with you - and choose my own measure of giving and receiving. In shared purpose we are of one mind. Time and space will arrange to serve. But in split mind we will always be out of timing. As time for evasion runs out - the split is brought to awareness.
You cannot war with yourself and win anything but a world of war to die in. And so using the moment of noticing as a call to joy or connected being - is undoing habit of a masking from our 'lie' as a willingness to be found in truth. New choices grow a new consciousness that is not predicated upon the old or set over and against evils, fears, hates and strategies of survival.

I wrote a bit this morning that may serve context - as a result of being baited by the mask and choosing to use the moment to serve a deeper connection:

The underlying dynamic we cannot and need not escape

You are love - but have made of love something to be feared, or masked in shame.
Let it be a mistaken identity.

Be the curiosity you are born with!