Friday, 23 August 2019

Defending identity against life changing expansion

in response to the above linked article

Abiotic oil is widely held true in arenas I focus in. One often finds that a technologism of self interest (which is usually extending possession and control) USES new knowledge while narrative identity in model or worldview protects its investment. This makes for 'insider or inner track science' that is essentially privatised - leaving a mainstream face of narrative continuity and control. (I see electrical discharge events where mainstream presumes meteor impacts) Telluric currents  underlie earthquakes and vulcanism - along with electrostatic to kinetic pressures in crystalline rock. And are of charge flow and capacitances within  and above the Earth, that is all within a Solar plasmasphere or capacitance (and beyond). In a sense the element of fire is revealed as matter in plasma state - as self-oganising electromagnetic structure within and underpinning much that we took to be self-existing 'stuff' of things and forces in mechanical expression. (in our own image).

Part of your theme of resistance to change is the mind's role as reinforcement for ANY idea given acceptance by acting from it.

Everything will be perceived in support of 'who and what you have accepted yourself to be' while that idea is active. This gives us the richness of the experience of what we are accepting/aligning with - regardless its empirical truth. Our experience is a result of giving reality to, that we then become defined or conditioned by - as a feedback loop that can be integrative or segregative. The sense of separation and the need for control can run a negative self-reinforcement set over and against fear of pain of loss.

Dissonant experience may lead to the questioning of belief given status of fact - or to further investment in the belief by extending the model to account for the anomalies. The greater the investment the less awareness and attention is free to re-evaluate.

The mind that cannot choose is to busily engaged in a complex of already active choices that seem to be a world of necessity or survival - but which is framed by core beliefs protected as 'non-negotiable' or 'too big to fail'.

The bacterial underpinnings that are only now being recognised as almost a 'Mothering' to what we took to be independent organisms (ie: in our own image) are a biological matrix of communication and exchange without which Life on Earth would not be. The line between organic and inorganic energetic informational exchange and organisation is not as Cartesian as "I think to be".

Bechamps - by the way - discovered living biota from Jurassic rocks and if his meticulous observations had been followed in place of Pasteur's courting of power and fame, we may have collectively woke from its corruption sooner. But rather than wish our life away, accept that revision is part of correcting the record. The foundation of germ theory is questionable - and yet also recognisable as a persistence of the invested belief in a separate and independent 'self' within a defence set against violation, dispossession or indeed 'repossession'.

Such that self-doubt, division and fear (lack of immunity to perceived/believed threat), invokes defences against forms of  'otherness' assigned and associated with un-owned, un-faced and unhealed inner conflict. So our 'defences' restate and reinforce the thing they are generated to escape or overcome. Unless an expansion of perspective re-evalutes what IS present instead of reacting within the frame of the problem. No need to fear your cholesterol!

But key in this, is to differentiate beliefs we like to present, or be seen in, and beliefs that are invisible because they are internalised structures of conditioned learning, accepted as self-evident fact and providing social and cultural (and corporate) support, to a model of existence and therefore survival - we have learned to perceive as self-evident. (As with the Emperor's new clothes)

I am always seeking to point towards the underlying patterns of belief that run as psychic-emotional underpinnings to what we think and how we see and act. Not as attack on what currently works for you - but as the invitation to release what doesn't truly serve and so align consciously in what does.

Generally, only those whose 'worldview' or invested identity has broken or lost support are open to look with new eyes. But nonetheless a collective dissociation rising to awareness sets the context for profound revision. 'The times they have a changed!'

The great news of an uncovered deceit is that truth is now free to reveal itself to the willingness to receive and align in it. Instead of seeking only for the 'truths' that self-reinforce our private sense of possession and control that isolates and disconnects from life even when collectivised under systemic 'care' provision that effectively monopolises and regulates 'Care' to serve ITS possession and survival.

Recognising the hallmark signature of the mind that knows not what it does - (because blind to its predicate is the blind allegiance to a falsely framed sense of self and world BE-LIVED) - is the key to uncovering our own correspondences instead of running on habits of thought and response that seem to be us. Here's the crux - when we are called to a true account - are we curious in desire for the coherency of being that only truth gives? Or are we already distracted, turning a blind eye and already running a cover story?

To be trapped (invested) in a lie is to cover the truth by pointing the finger of cause away - with a curse of accusation for others to join in a 'War on Symptoms' so as to keep cause hidden. For these ones, 'war is peace' - for while conflict is outsourced AWAY from self, it doesn't have to be owned and addressed - but plausibly denied and publicly decried while privately mitigated.

Conflict; as attack, violation, denial, rejection, exclusion, offence, and etc - are all reflected to an interpretive framework of meanings acquired or inherited from a largely unconscious past. The meanings we give, set the measure of the meaning we receive. But we experience as if effects have escaped their cause and are attacking us or 'done to us' or just happening as our subjection - with no sense that we may have set ourselves up for a fall. GIGO or garbage in; garbage out - is a recognition that logic is not itself creative or causative - but rather a lawful extension of premises. While garbage can be assigned to dysfunction - it first applies to the underlying errors of commands that inevitably result in dysfunction downstream - as sympton.
Because the heart is the seat of command the capacity to change the program is the result of bringing the error to light such that it no longer runs. But the heart's despair is subjection to the mind's control. Awakened response-ability is an expression of health and wholeness as a true premise that all else will align to as a result of living from and as who we now recognise and accept to be. Certainty is no longer sought in the mind - but extended and shared as the heart's recognition to each situation as a unique expression. The time and timing of this shift from mind-control to freedom of acceptance and decision is all down to willingness. The attempt to force Life is the resulting 'attack' or polarised and divided fragmentation in conflict. A true listening is not setting conditions on the form of the answer, nor shouting as if to make an impact, but is moved WITHIN a movement of being as a quality of connectedness in active willingness for life.
The strain of (defending) constant judgement is an intolerable burden. The physically defined and structured mind was never designed or intended to 'control' reality but only to serve the focus within our reality experience. Because a resonant match is a oneness or 'not two-ness' that manipulation or arrangement of forms cannot more than mimic in rituals of symbolic re-enactment that become derivative currencies of conflicted meanings or doublethink of the attempt to unify a true good within a false substitution and so sacrifice ourself to a temporary illusion of security, over and over again.
The model is the conceptual expression of the idol or symbolic substitution of imaged form for living relational freedom of being. Many here are recognising that blinding belief of assertive and defended dogma works no less through the scientific cultural paradigm - and perhaps in more insidious ways. But if we stop with seeing this only in special or selective others - we are not recognising the underlying psychic-emotional framework of which cultural expressions are symptoms. In other words we personify in narrative terms that are always of a good and evil assertion - each in the other. Rather than release all of that to a desire for truth - as an unmanufactured and direct recognition and appreciation. The scientist recognises the need to 'get out of their own way' but in the process threw the baby out with the bathwater. Creative endeavour is a consciously accepted unfolding of desire to fulfilment.
I desire to live in a world that aligns and reflects truly - regardless what others currently want or seem to want. How can accepting this bring an untrue result? Only by interpreting results as failure rather than reading the data in the light of the guiding and aligning purpose.

If the underlying goal is how to sustain an illusion at cost of (awareness of) truth - then failure is built in - but the game is on. When the game is not worth the candle, walk out of the frame to open a fresh take without damning the mis-take that is integrally part of who we now recognise and accept ourself to be (the unfolding of).

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Uncovering a mythic past with plasma physics

Look into Perrat's (once top secret high energy) plasma physics and his collection of ancient petraglyphs that match.

That we see patterns and make faces is one of our first learnings as babies - (and incidentally of computerised cameras).
A plasmoid is a toroidal field whole energetic or physical expression is mediated by its intensity, and the terrain in terms of the medium of expression. The doughnut or circular ring can appear as two eyes perhaps joined by fainter arms. This can also give the owl motif.

The 'stick-man' in its essence is a vertical streaming pattern with 'legs' or splayed feet or tendrils (not unlike red sprites)and plumed 'feathers' or hair or the shapes seen in Egyptian Pharos's 'hats'.

Cosmic awe - also terror or overwhelm - induces both an activating and spliting of consciousness. Consciousness is a focusing of awareness that seeks an integrated outcome. In simple, we seek to find relational recognition within the thought, feeling and experience of existence. 

That which is seen as overwhelmingly powerful is that to which we seek protection from and protection IN - such as in appeasements, ritual reenactments, offerings, sacrifice and covenants of allegiance.

The belief in power of personal and tribal or group protection - given power in response to trauma, becomes the forgetting or hiding of the trauma in the 'consciousness' and culture of a ritually ruled narrative definitional structure. 

Hence such a 'consciousness' is a true or loving awareness operating under a thought reversal that is conscious of threat as a subconscious survival default and as a diversionary and evasive survival within all kinds of symbolic substitution for wholeness - which is known and shared as the qualities peace and joy that are one with an innocence of self-aware being and embracing of the mind of division as a higher perspective in which new ways of seeing and being can grow new pathways of a truly aligned consciousness, in place of the conditioning of a binary survival reflex.

The change of conditions such as to no longer being witness to or re-triggered by catastrophic cosmic events rendered the past account as mythic imaginations and in a sense this is not wrong because 'story' is the sense of unfolded Meaning in time and space - even if Meaning Itself is innate or prior to the scripting of themes, characters, action and motives.

However having derivative cultural developments of early experiential signatures serves to make restoring a clear sense of what actually unfolded very difficult to discern or very easy to misinterpret. But such as we are accepting, does provide the underlying structural definitions or reality beliefs that all else is thematically embodying as life on Earth or the Human condition.
Some understanding of how the past can be used to control the future (Orwell et al) opens the realisation that the past is continually re-created as part of our back-story. Some take this to mean they can manipulate the future by manipulating the past, but this is the original error and not a true premise - and so works a false promise. Undoing the past in the present releases the future to extend the present. In this sense, sufficient be the evils unto the day thereof, because where unconsciously destructive or joy denying patterns come into a day lived well - is exactly what is timely to address - not as a sense of a witchhunt or battle but in simply willingness to SEE or be shown what is true from what is false - under a recognition that the mind we have developed and think to use for possession and control (and defence thereof), cannot tell the difference and is as apt to see slavery in freedom and take pleasure in pain. Of course IT does not think this - but if you look at your thinking rather than let it run your mind - and responses - you will see for yourself that the mind can deceive and be deceived - with painful and destructive results.

That everything is 'coming up' to awareness must seem disintegrative to the sense of possession and control given to blind structural allegiance. Insofar as life is energetic expression of love it gives form to qualities through the relational experience of quantities, scales and dimensions.This is a transmutation or translation of higher energies into forms of lower intensity of density that provide the waves of metaphor for the waking of intuitive recognition as a participant within a wave. Identity in thingness or thing-king is a forgetting of the 'field' of resonant relation that is all embracing - even of the ability to forget or deny existence under 'thinking'. Awakened relational responsibility is the heart's decision or acceptance. That we seek comfort in forms we can accept is not wrong except we make idol of the comfort instead of a stepping stone of growing through experience. And this is only 'wrong' in terms of generating 'wrongness' as some kind of violator or offence to a peace of exclusion and isolation - that must attract crisis towards restoring life.
Crisis is both danger and opportunity - but as with what I wrote above, in and of our reactive thinking we are apt to reverse these and  act against our Good under a sense of saving a falsely framed self-sense.

Every kind of story can be played out in image - but the point of that is to arrive at a coherency of story in ACT.
Only what we live from is ours to share in.