Friday, 6 January 2017

Big Food Sickness

Big Food is a bigger problem than sugar for kids
It's not just the sugar in our food causing problems, it's the way it's processed

My comment into the theme of sick society:

Is there a direct relationship between our state of consciousness and our diet?
And then a feedback loop of dietary effects as reinforcement of that consciousness?
Is this not addiction to guilt - albeit in socially accepted or normalised forms?
Do those who feel crap about themselves bring on their own self-abuse - albeit often in ways that are plausibly deniable and blame-able on others?
Is there not a role to the narrative mind of self-justification, that works to justify a sense of withholding of engaged presence, attention and desire, and a withdrawal from relationship and communication to a sense of lack, inadequacy, deprivation, and denial?

In short is there not a spiritual depression or sense of loss of spirit underneath all else that is grown or adapted to operate as a substitute for the real thing?

I see that this is so - and yet also that the false - or fearfully defined and guilted or shamed sense of self-inadequacy - attracts all the power and protection of defence and allegiance due unto the true. Just as when a parasite or disease co-opts the body's defences to serve its agenda at expense of true function.

Note that the deceits of false witness - as propaganda or advertising persuasion techniques - work to nurture and exploit a tried and tested psychology of manipulative intent. The TV - and other 'communication' devices operate a trojan horse into the homes and minds of the many - not unlike vaccinations - for there is no barrier to their payload of coercive deceit.

Our primary diet is the ideas or thought by which we defined and believe ourself and world to be - and act or react from, automatically. False currency of a falsely framed thinking is mirrored in the so called 'Economy' which is coercive deceit masking behind the presentation of a financial system.

If a passively unwary, acquiescent, domesticated and managed humanity consents to be farmed for sickness and servitude, the flipside is that 'The Economy' aka 'too big to fail' Corporate Cartels, simply cannot afford the truth about pharmaceutical and many other evils to come to light - regardless the cost in pain and misery.

When truth of being thus deceived reveals itself as one's personal experience or recognition - there is a great sense of betrayal of trust which itself can trigger hate and anger - and lead to breakdown of communication rather than awakening health - which is synonymous with restored communication.

When we dropped grain and cereal breakfast - it was within a willingness to open our mind - and our pallet of experiencing - to a wider range of textures and flavours. Breaking sub-consciously conditioned habits by making new discoveries in new willingness. So much 'health' consciousness is guilt and fear driven. That is key to seeing how a negatively defined consciousness masks as a positive sense of self and society. It's not so much an evil as mis-identification. But outcomes of evil or anti-life come from persisting such identity - particularly once the dissonance of falsity is being ignored and overridden.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Broken Reality?

This article is of the shocked and disturbed writer and activist whose sense of identity was in some sense shaken or changed by Trump's election.

It Can Happen Here. (In Fact, It Did.)
By Tom Engelhardt

My Comment into the theme:

Elected or selected?
Considering that big financial crashes take MOST by surprise doesn't mean they are not in some way orchestrated by insider insiders.
IF a higher but malign intelligence was devoted to the manipulation and deceit of others into succumbing to an agenda of domestication and powerlessness relative to the controlling force - then it would operate through the self-specialness of a false sense of freedom, power and protection - because these are the blind-spots of an inner conflictedness of which most are unaware of being subject to - because the whole point of a mind-in-deceit is to render such negatives unconscious by denial, by projection onto others, re re-normalising or redefining learned conditioning as concrete conditions.

The good news... is that anyone or anything that hacks into your own thought to subvert you from a core honesty to a narrative control - is also providing the illumination of your own 'back-door' correspondences or resonances via which hate and guilt thinking mask as righteousness and hide one's own (often unconscious) participation.

So if our 'reality' or indeed 'identity' is broken - there is a real CHOICE as to whether to identify with victim and persist in the same underlying demand to CHANGE others or external conditions so as to 'restore' what has been 'taken' from or denied you. OR to abandon what clearly did not and does not really work and look within - which is not 'more of the same thinking', but the void or opening to a receptive willingness for a true foundation that is NOT a mind of deceit.

The temptation to self-righteousness is judging others for our own un-owned 'sins - that speak of hurt and hate that we all know, regardless our different experiences and strategies of survival.

The personae level is diversionary and dissociating distraction - that the 'judge' believes themselves apart from and above - as an 'exception' to the faults and failures of 'others'.

We each and all act out from the ideas, beliefs and definitions that we are in some sense conditioned to react thus - and any real 'progress' has to pause from going forward, to NOTICE the 'choices' that are operating by reaction - and discerning if and to what degree any of that programming is true of me now - in this situation - and in this situation... because each situation is unique and needs attention to its full communication - or else we operate blind in reaction to what we don't want - as if that is doing what we truly want - which it CANNOT be. As long as we are in effect defined by 'evils' we are displaced from recognizing and sharing in the 'Good' - of a quality of wholeness of being - rather than defining 'good' in terms of falsely framed 'powers, protections or self-specialness'.

The alt media focuses on the 'THEM' who are presumed powerful and expert at deceiving and controlling 'US' or at least the other 'THEM' called sheep or stupid,
IF one can release personal investment in guilt - curiosity can be applied to HOW it is that I perceive, experience and act as I do (and thus gain insight on what operates in us all).

The intent to define, predict and control others is only looking for psychological ammunition or masking techniques because it is a 'war-mind'. An awakened desire for sanity, peace and healing operates a different purpose - looking for ways to undo or become free of fear driven dictates and distortions - so as to participate in a genuinely felt quality of being - that gives true witness because that is its own desire to see truly.

I sense an opportunity for the 'shocked' and 'disturbed' to look within - as a self-honesty of acknowledging and owning where we are at - rather than believing our own spin and presentation. Not for better ammo and armour - but for the movement of being in which we know our being - rather than a 'thinking' that overlays and usurps true function - which is aptly pointed to by the phrase 'know thyself' - with a substitution of masked persona in fragmented conflict - defended and protected against awakening to the reality that it operates upon the denial of.

In fact the LAST thing one will do is look within - when every other 'choice' has been revealed fruitless - and no one can do this FOR another - but we can honour another as our self from a point of accepted worth within ourself - and this can communicate conditions in which to draw a different response - but not as a strategy of changing others. That kind of bullshit can always be discerned at some level. But is anyone listening within?


The Alliance for Natural Health; ANH - works internationally to promote and educate people and institutions regarding health issues - particularly within a regulatory capture and media capture to an almost exclusively pharmaceutical intervensionism and overriding of and even wilful ignorance of natural relationships.
Anyway their periodic newsletter arrived with an article on detoxification - which is being targeted with negative association in the mainstream media - who are increasingly evident as corporate lackeys.
I wrote into the comments:

Discern and nurture the natural desire of Life - rather than be-guiled by the unnatural invalidation of guilt.

In short watch out for the belief that YOU are toxic, unfit and unworthy of Life - for a negatively defined sense of self can only result in negative outcomes.

The 'mind' of a self-judging guilt SEEMS to be the power to motivate as an overriding of resistance - driven by carrot and stick incentives that reinforce and condition the 'mind' as the overriding definer and controller of you - and of your Life.

Honesty of being is a different foundation than 'narrative control'. But the 'mind' of such control is a conditioning that runs a blind default unless there is a re-integration and reconnection of pre sense - or awakening prior to the mind of reaction as the capacity to feel and know within a wholeness of being - rather than within the dictates of our - mostly unconscious - conditioned beliefs.

Health is ALSO your current consciousness experience - as a wholeness of being within which we know our selves in reflection and shared communication - yet can also lose sight of our peace in a sense of conflicted self that triggers 'mind' as the attempt to escape the conflict without resolving it. This covering over of symptom is the 'mind' of diversion and indeed denial via all kinds of psychological device including to dumping of psychic-emotional guilt onto Body and indeed anywhere AWAY from a sense of self-survival that then seeks its 'salvation' or fulfilment in external terms - which never really arrives because one has to BE the quality that the outer situation symbolizes - or else the form of success simply serves the game of carrot and stick.

Toxic thinking is guilt-based thinking - for fear can be brought to awareness and transformed or undone - but guilt undermines and invalidates and forbids healing.

A true sense of worthy extends automatically to others - so relating to this in others is a way to KEEP it and keep toxic invalidations from taking hold in - and substituting for our true mind. Because the capacity to think and fell and know and choose is our Life - as we accept and share it - by being ourselves - rather than be-guiled into trying to be what we are not and then feeling invalidated by a falsely framed expectation of self, life and each other.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Enemy Within?

As a result of listening to Chris Hedges on youtube interviews I followed to this page below – and  commented into its theme – and that of the commenting community there.

The Real Enemy Is Within
By Chris Hedges

My Contribution:
Fighting effect-symptoms can only persist the hidden cause – or to put it another way – they can only persist in hiding the cause.
Assigning ‘Cause’ to symptoms denies true Cause and is therefore persisting a false foundation that replicates and reinforces itself by symptom-interpretations accepted as meaning – or true currency.
“The lie and the father of the lie” operate a sense of self by deceit – as wishful or magical thinking given power of acceptance as true.
Awakening from a mind or reaction is noticing the mind in act – and this alignment of presence is already a shift to a perspective of creative or free choice, in place of a fearfully defined or conditioned dictate.
One of the core deceits by which deceit itself is kept hidden is that of focussing exclusively ‘without’ and substitution of ‘within’ by emotion-backed thinking that is recognizably ‘narrative control’ – even if couching itself in self-righteous’ justifications.
Stories operate the mind of the ‘ego’ – and manipulators of others no less become suckers for their own story spin. Identity is invested such that conflict, sickness, isolation, insanity and death may be chosen and accepted rather than yield up one’s story to a deeper honesty of being.
Taking an ‘Image’ of reality as self in symbol and concept is a specific FOCUS through which Wholeness is effectively dissociated from – and instead experienced as fragmentation and the seeking of restoration from within a sense of love and power lost. Separation trauma accesses extreme polarisations of ‘survival urge’ in association with asserted partiality and self-rejection.
I reach here to articulate something PRIOR to the world as we mostly, accept and believe, suffer and participate in. At that prior noticing – there are not words, concepts, images and symbols – but rather a direct communication or relationship of being that can recognize within Itself, that which is resonant and relevant to the true movement or desire within being.
The currency of meanings – of our thinking – is no less corrupted that its reflection in ‘money’ or ‘culture’. But this cannot be communicated EXCEPTING from a stirring or resonant reflection within.
The ‘story’ of conquest, domination and possession is writ LARGE upon the screen of our ‘reality experience’. But focusing exclusively upon the fruits will never expose the falsity of the roots – and that is its core protection and why conflict, war and sickness as diversion operate to guilt and terrorize a mind to WANT to ‘see’ its enemy WITHOUT in belief the enemy within is it own damnation or annihilation. This belief is love’s denial – regardless the substitutes or sacrifices brought to mitigate the act. The self born of such denial-belief CANNOT know love – or what it therefore DOES. But the resonance of the intuition of love WITHIN is of your true being – and witnesses love – and therefore to an integrative quality of being that is uncovered in place of segregative identifications that are now seen as not serving you or aligned with or meaningful to accept and act forth from.
Who seeks love or power WITHOUT – hides hatred within. But don’t use that first step as conclusion of guilt. Challenge any thinking that invalidates the movement of curiosity and desire within you. A mind cannot be trapped in its own thinking – but by its own consent. If incoherent reality-experience does not lead to the transformation of ‘your mind’ – then you are living a choice for pain rather than uncover the belief that demands it be true of you.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Old Life New Life

In Response to:
Old life, new life: entrances and exits
by Jon Rappoport

– – –
The ‘past’ works a memory complex as an overlay present that covers over presence. Choices are actions that by repetition become ‘habits’ as IF autonomous. Persisting the choice of habit, sacrifices life of true presence in favour of an oppositional habit of an acquired ‘second nature’.
Presence may be covered over and reaction to ‘past’ conditioning may misperceive Everything – yet what is here is all that is here – while what the mind interprets is a current ‘choice’ running blind as default.
The attempt to escape the past is the act that makes it real in the mind so made, and by setting the past as the frame of meaning for what is now, does the identity of attempt to wield power over life, disempower under illusion of a fearfully defined conflicted self.
Maintaining a presentation masks true intent. Masked off minds agree to differ and make collectively reinforced illusion of a fearfully defined matrix of ‘meanings’.
The old life was who you thought and believed yourself to be, and the unfolding anew is who you release from such framed thinking to un-cover the being of. But one cannot change a choice that one is unaware of making – and kept so by the attempt to effect power over life as a self-segregating ‘mind’.
The power that Is life has a redeeming quality to salvage true blessing from a past made in anger and thus translate and transform the basis for separation of withheld identity, into an recognition of presence – as a direct appreciation.
The power to make meanings for your self alone is different from the power to receive inspiration and reflection to who you uniquely are – and are unfolding the expansion of appreciation as.
Focusing in what you don’t want as if you do want it – is a result of running a past that you can never arrive in or be – so as to never re-experience the fear that split the mind into dissociation. Yet this is the way to keep a denied past forever unhealed and active – over your own experience and communication.
The release of the past is of an unconditional acceptance for that you are – within which presence the past is NOT – unless you choose to bring it with you. This is a choice. This is where you are free to choose NOT to come from what no longer feels aligned with who you know and feel and prefer to be. Into the space made available, the movement of your being registers with you – AS you.
Or persist in self-rejection howsoever ‘creatively’ masked by assertion that freedom lies in opposition and defiance. Yet who can be defined by the hated and know the love that is their own being? Wish-denial, anger and hate are tantrums of perceptual self-specialness that deny the exploration, freedom and sharing of who you uniquely Are. Blame is anathema to true perception. Blame is the curse of a past made real in a mind that ‘loved’ to hate.
If you ‘deal’ in hate-thinking – there’s your choice – and your reality… as requested. If your ‘reality’ is not coherent to who you feel and know yourself to be, then what would you have to be defining yourself and this situation to be  to attract such experience to you?
Watching the mind ‘in act’ is an awakened perspective of desire and curiosity – and the shifting to a more aligned path of choice is the gift of an untrammelled imagination – for imagination under fear and blame is defended against – excepting in ‘justified retaliation’.
I appreciated writing this as a guided morning meditation. There’s presence ‘within’ the carrier of the forms of the communication. Always new and never by rote.