Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Global Warning and waking up

I wrote this from a realisation that, of course I am a crank relative to scientific thinking - for denying false premises consciously surrenders the mind and opens the heart to Listen.

Scientific vision is a Dalek's eye view of the world, no matter how many Daleks corroborate results. I don't accept it's basis as applicable to anything other than mechanism - which it secretly seeks to manipulate in the same old wish to have power to 'create' its own life and world that Adam and Eve got lost in.

I see mechanism as the servant of desire. In other words, I see the experience of the world as serving the active seed desire that brings forth its experience. Such a notion is utterly preposterous to a mind that believes the world is real and out there - apart from and unrelated in kind to the awareness in which it is experienced.

Where does your awareness arise? Do you rest in it as the very Source and Nature of Life or do you live imaginatively via the experience of your own 'mind'?

A mind that believes it already knows is in negative or self validating loop until it questions the very basis by which it thinks. And its creative function is hidden while it 'lives' within its own programming. I guess I have to seem like someone who thinks he knows (smile). But I am simply seeking to articulate meanings that are available to discern regardless of the forms they are clothed in. I feel desire to share what we truly are in common and calm the fearful storms that we feed unknowingly.

 That makes me a crank whose willingness opens relational space where others assert mechanism. I participate inherently with you in Living unified being where others see only a world of things to exploit for private and selfish ends, as a programmed sense of self that is rarely truly observed, enquired of or transcended in true responsibility - in a true love of Life.

This would be the domain of religion, but doesn't the same program tend to run there too? - and be sanctified by fearfully interpreted guidances? - so as to cultivate a special sense of oneself, one's group, one's rightness or superiority.

Truth is the first casualty of war in that a mind can war itself unknowing only when it elects to give preferences to its own definitions over the actuality of this intimate and innocent experience. 

Global Warning is both a crisis of opportunity and of danger. Alarm can induce panic reaction or can call awake. Watching the mind (within or 'without') and praying (resting in the natural communioned trust of the heart). Is of the innate integrity of our being and is not belief based or mixed up in magical associations of a personal salve. It is the willingness to truly Listen - instead of thinking, opinionating, self validating or reacting to what is arising in awareness.

This is where Inspiration and guidance will be felt. And the Movement by which it is felt will clearly be of a wholeness of being that encourages, inspires and grows a presence of practical application to the whole of what is going on and not a Dalek's eye view. The old mind will scream - but this step is breaking bounds with an ancient taboo - so no surprise there!

It is never to late to begin anew. Cast your nets here and see what you will find.