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This or That is not the Question

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Unite or not unite - that is the question

One aspect of divide and rule is the engagement of attention in displaced identification. This is like getting you to look at something distracting or compelling as a way of not noticing what is actually going on. So part of you doesn't have to know while the other part believes it knows. This may be compounded by the manipulations of others - but first you have to be willing to enter the mind-mask of a manipulative deception and we all already are engaged and identified in mask or persona for this is a part of what it is and does. It offers strategy of coping with and surviving the separation trauma that is to one degree or another part of the 'entrance' to the human experience - at least as we are collectively agreeing to experience it.

A sense of seeming threat or promise makes a fragmented identity in opposition and feels right or justified over and against something or someone else that seems wrong. In this way we can be induced to act out and believe outcomes that are completely contra to what we really want.

The key to union is not getting Humpty together again - as a joining of separate and conflicting or competing parts, a natural but aligning in true purpose. The divide and rule purpose is a segregative and separative movement and is perhaps founded on the core imprint belief that you cannot live and share in your joy in this world - that is thus seen and reacted to as unseeing of you and treacherous - not to be trusted. And so we present a mask that partly meets what we believe the world or our society demands - as a shield - while also developing it as a way to manipulate outcomes without truly opening, sharing or communicating with those we are thus 'using' to get from.

In short we operate a withholding of the extension of our presence and a withdrawal from the presence of others as it naturally extends to us and so we operate a hate agenda in all sorts of ways that our front facing mask or surface identity is oblivious of - by design.

Union is already the nature of being - or its denial could have no basis upon which to operate, and the differentiations of perspective within being offer and open rich experience of unfolding expansion and recognition of being. Persistent identification within image and form is necessarily or inherently conflicting with the unfolding movement of That which Identifies us perfectly - and so the 'Fall' or separation experience into a sense of identity running contra to or not at one with the movement of our being - and this dissonance can be used to waken 'upstream' to the already wholeness or used as a basis to explore the idea and experience of ... power over Life. For pushing down and denying inner dissonance is the act of coercion and deceit that is denial - or divide and rule attempt to unify a conflicted sense of self and life and world.

So I write to invite the curiosity and desire for allowing a true foundation - a true movement of wholeness of being - to register within your awareness - as you - because such is the gift of joy and release - and recognize and appreciate the feeling, the connection and the freedom to live and move in your being - in ways that are practical and joyful or meaningful to that quality of worth which naturally extends to others, and your world - excepting your old habit and belief system operate to shut it down or subvert it to protect a fearful or guilted sense of self that you are now in a position to re-evaluate and reintegrate or release - as it rises in living your day.

And so you will see that the mind baits you to identify in thinking that is not aligned with who you are - and regardless where this thinking seems to come from - your responsibility to yourself is not to run with and trade in a false currency of thoughts, definitions and beliefs that demand the sacrifice of your honesty and joy in being.

Nor to presume to be further along in self awareness than you are - and so respecting the beliefs by which you actually do believe you must conform or perform instead of sharing your life in the whole.

Wherever we are coming from - is what we are meeting and yet if we are looking to manipulate specific outcome rather than simply trusting Life to align and reflect as its its nature - our being - then we will 'prove' that fear is right and 'justify' our identity in the segregative and conflicting purpose. And if that is our will or current willingness of acceptance - then our will is done - at least in the local reality experience of identification - but it will seem to be coercive upon us - because that is the reflection of the idea of separating so as to have power over. It is actually the magnification of powerlessness because true power is the balance within all things by which to know what you need to know - when you need to know it - and to do what you need to do when your need to do it. Alignment and synchronicity are qualities of an already unified willingness - and relationships of free association do not guilt and manipulate, coerce or deceive - in order to operate in harmony - whether someone seems to be leading or following or not.

Awakening is to what already is - but with new eyes - always with new eyes - for our true foundation is not a thing moving through time - but an arising or movement of desire and willingness for Life - that embraces the use of time for the revealing of eternal or timeless appreciation - rather than as a fear-based locked in sense of the survival of an unworthiness of Life seeking somehow to validate its best attempts at substitution for Life.

I sketch in words not to be right or to present a pleasing or provocative performance - but to witness in willingness - for whatever we do - embodies where we are coming from - and if our search for union is actually coming from a fear of union - then not only doesn't it work - it works against what is already working for us. Getting out of our own way requires becoming at least momentarily aware of how we accept and run self-beliefs that undermine or deny us - and then project blame onto Them - or whoever.

We can learn to use Them or whoever or whatever seems to operate the 'block' - as the clue and opportunity to notice our own correspondence or participation in purpose - because underneath all appearances, the joining in purpose - and frequency of resonance is what operates. So if you want to unite or relate - look to what you are inviting by who you accept your self to be. Discernment is the key.

When presented with two alternate choices - pause! Because the framing of the mind in duality is the baiting of identity in opposition. Simply embrace who you are and live that as your 'choice' or acceptance of being the true of you in a way to honours all of who you have been - because it is part of who you are. But do not demonize or invalidate the choice you no longer prefer or feel truly represents your now. There is the error of self-hate and division.

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In Reply to Rachel:
Here is the solution. Everyone becomes a critical thinker which leads to the total rejection of easy to manipulate beliefs, IE all faiths and beliefs,ideologies and religious systems. We universality reject the either/or mentality. We overcome mob psychology and the effects of propaganda and indoctrination. A universal fundamental shift in the how people think is required to save ourselves.That said, I don't think it can be done. The masses are stupid. The elites are evil and greedy and nothing short of the above can change that. End result is we all go down together. We are looking right at but not seeing our own extinction. Normalcy biases and cognitive dissidence will not yield. Human nature has run it's course and the rail we are on is now driving us over a cliff. It is unavoidable. "Good by and thanks for all the fish."

All that is needed to fundamentally shift the way people think is for  the false foundations to be exposed as false - that is - they don't work - are deceitful - and are propped up with coercion that demands the sacrifice of Life.

 For sure there are some who find willingness to embrace change - and to embrace Life sooner than others who hide more desperately in a sense of power and protection against their mind breaking. So those who are living in willingness can serve those who are in need of help. However, the Chicken Licken alarmism is NOT itself waking up in willingness but still very much within the framework of the blame and power game. A disturbing world is appropriate to awaken compassion but compassion can only extend from acceptance of the same. The matrix-mind is a hate-mind operating as if it is righteous over and against evil seen exclusively OUT THERE. This is the attraction of guilt by which a separated off sense of power operates in secret. Such a one NEEDS evil, enemy and hate objects - except it is all dressed up to seem socially acceptable and mostly invisible.

 I don't say this to take away human responsibility for communication and correction of error - but a hidden agenda is a hidden self-hatred masking as hatred of the other in one form or another. Releasing the conflicted self is an acceptance of unconditional love - but each believes the condition - ing by which they came to identify in a conflicting competing struggle of living.

If I set conditions that others have to meet before I will actually or genuinely relate to them or open communication - then I can wait on impossible solutions and decry the failure of everyone else to meet my standards. Yet we all have this fantasy world of a fantasy self that wont really embrace Life unless its conditions are met - and compromise in transactional relationships that engage in mutually reinforcing fantasy selves over against the world out there. In that sense our thinking is critical of anything living and has to see what is 'wrong with it' so as to be the judge whose righteousness is awaiting universal validation.

 Human nature has yet to significantly awaken to embrace and transcend the human condition - ing. But there's no time like the present!

- - -
Rachel to me:
the cure is universal critical thinking which will never happen. See my post above
"The cure which will never happen". Well what's that then? = No cure!
I hold that what passes off as thinking is spin - ie: that the first operation of deceit is not Them doing it to us - or to me - but my use of mind to uphold what I want to be true at expense of whole truth. Once currency is adulterated with false thinking - that mind is spun off into its own mis-taken false foundation and it 'sees' everything through a distortion filter and engages in power struggle with its own shadow.

Any solution that requires everyone else to change is giving off the smell of "I want the world to conform to ME - or MY thinking". This - I suggest is the nature of the problem - that we carry this self-specialness in all kinds of exclusive and polarised reaction.

A willingness to question our reality, our experience will never come while we believe it IS reality. One basis from which to challenge a loveless reality is simply " Do you want THIS? The investment in 'the devil we know' usually trumps risking a release of the 'known' in a willingness for change.
I say the cure is available but no one wants it - because the dynamic of conflict is so much more self-reinforcing to an identity founded in it (in conflict) than the release of such identity to an un-conflicted foundation.

While the acceptance of truth may seem to require or demand huge amounts of time - the truth of the matter is willingness and nor waiting on circumstance.

Blame thinking is guilt-directed and fear driven. Being right is not freedom to love (freedom from guilt and fear) - unless everyone is equally right = and if underneath all judgements and narratives, everyone is fundamentally a journey of discovery, then even the mistakes are part of that journey - and in that greater sense - part of a rightness or alignment of purpose that is hidden even though still operating.

Instead of giving up on Humanity - why not give up your thinking about Humanity? Because one's thinking is considered almost as our firstborn? We certainly tend to defend it as if it is our self. So yes - I agree we need to open a perspective in which we can observe and re-evaluate our own thinking. If it floats true - keep it and use it. If it is nothing true of you, let it fall off. But if your hopeless and therefore worthless sense of Humanity is a reflection of your self belief, then I invite you to consider that that thinking is NOT the true of you and in fact is unworthy of you.

Seeing the true from the false is needed to drop the false and align in the true - and no one else can do this for you - though solidarity, companionship and synchronicity operate when we are willing to step forth in true worth - if not in the form or the way we think.
Rachel :
well said, only a few cracks in logic. Some nice philosophical wish thinking. This is true. I have no emotional stake in this, but human nature as it is needs to evolve for us to survive and it hasn't and there is no indication that it will. Looking at past human types ( and our own cultures) that went extinct and seeing we follow the same natural pattern-- that of hitting our intellectual wall-- I don't see how we won't follow though to the logical conclusion. We are not immune to or above our own nature or planetary nature. Humans aren't exceptional, we are of our environment and evolution; a process that doesn't necessarily continue in time with a species' survival needs. That's a hard reality. There is no cure. Humans are not forever, no species is.
Why not engage in what you see as the cracks in logic rather than dismissively brush them aside as if you have no emotional stake?

Evolution has not really occurred in human history in the way our presumption to exceptionalism, self-specialness and control paint it. What has occurred is a process of fragmentation of Consciousness in which the technos of define to command and control has consolidated itself at the cost of whole Souled living.
Of course if looking through a mechanism (accorded power to judge over and assert power over) - one arrives at a mechanical outcome - or a loveless and therefore destructive and degraded outcome.
Evolution is not the coercive imprinting of conformity and subjection to a supposed technocratic new world order in which emergent and technologically extended manipulations degrade humanity to robot serfs or replace with robots - while pharming the living for sickness and war in the name of their protection and power against terrors of whatever nature.
A qualitative shift of perspective to a fresh foundation is an Individual willingness - and cannot be 'organized' or 'collectivised' and so the mind-in-power cannot see it at all - ergo - it has no reality or validity - nice philosophical wish thinking.

Yet I assert that denied and secret hate generates 'nice philosophical wish thinking' as the mask it must present to justify the persistence of its active undermining denial persona.
The exposure of the hate will of course seem to be EVERYONE Else's business - but if I can invite a pause of investment and identity in blame - what is our personal participation.
Your head will not tell you - because you employed it to keep this from you - your heart knows - but the head-control denies it. The denial of the heart is another phrase for being beside yourself or out of your mind - and running in a displacement 'reality'. Letting back into wholeness is not a strategy of power struggle - but a recognition that the identity in power struggle is our part in the cause and effect of human insanity.

Neither vengeance nor terror can listen to this for neither will let go of what they believe is Necessary power and Necessary protection and any attempt to push on them will generate blocks of polarised breakdown of fragmentation. Only willingness for communication can actually communicate. All else is 'power struggle'. True communication includes heart acceptance. Ideas running that have noting real to substantiate them except masked rage and terror operate heart denial - or hate.
If you glimpse that your mind is operating a hate agenda - and don't hide it in a blame agenda - then you have a basis for realigning in a true foundation... or perhaps reinforcing a false with increased 'justifictions'.

This is our living Now - and not some model of linear compulsion by which to present only a face that supports identity in self-image - which inherently rejects anything that does not 'agree' or support its believed necessity.

So I am agreeing with you in significant respects - of being painted into a corner from which no escape can be found - in terms of our current framing of imagination and identity. That's our difference; I live the answer that the problem exposes as the call for correction or healing... in myself. Where the mind-trick of looking first to see what everyone else is doing operates the delay and diversionary tactic to feeling and knowing our heart's call. Denial. Denial. Denial. Not to engage battle with - but to recognize as something essentially meaningless to who I now accept myself to be - for I want to embrace Life on Earth and live that choice from a balanced flow of heart and mind - instead of the controlled narrative mind that baits and triggers emotional reaction to fuel the allegiance to feed and protect the narrative at expense of the truly lived and shared.

Rachel :
We are way too far apart to have a meaningful discussion, your rail and mine will never meet in the middle. I can't dispel your esoteric views with reason and you can't have me not think logically due your perspectives. This is classical apples Vs. oranges debate. We don't speak the same language. I enjoyed reading you, however.

Logic operates from a presumption or assertion. I don't argue your logic but your starting point.
If you are not willing to challenge or engage in a critical perspective relative to your presumptions - then your accusation of humanity's incapacity or failure to question or re-evaluate its thinking is an example OF IT.

I don't say this to win a point - but simply to note the way the mind does what it seems to defend against or differentiate from.

The defending of a limiting perspective hides - or makes esotoric - what otherwise stands obvious. A large part of my communication invites noticing the 'hidden agenda' - and not exclusively in 'others' - who are very convenient containers for what we reject or deny in ourself.

So yes there is an impossibility of communication or meeting between mutually exclusive foundations and therefore it is said one cannot serve two masters. So the fact that communication IS happening - if not in terms of agreement - but of willingness - then something of what I share does find resonance - even if the 'enjoyment of reading'.

Enjoyment is often associated with outer forms and conditions - which are then sought possession of or access to - but that is to put the foundation outside yourself. Humanity does this in large degree and so is not aware of its actual foundation - having given power to external conditions defined by past associations arising originally from a mis-taken identity - or a partiality taken as whole truth.
When communication truly occurs, space and time collapse and the world realigns to reflect a reintegration. Much of what passes as communication is self assertion seeking - and contesting validation - and yet I don't say this in condemnation.

Such a 'mind' CANNOT challenge or question itself - but operates a mesmeric fixation within a greater awareness that by stirring, breaks the grip of the fascination and wakens as fresh perspective - inspiration and healing unto a capacity for communication - by which I mean sharing Life - not words - for the forms of something communicate YOUR meaning - but not in terms of who or what you thought - and limited yourself to be.

In logical terms you presented a proof of self negating condition - and that is itself indicative of the basis of the thinking.

There is no basis from there to a positive loop excepting if you see that logic applies equally to whatever is held. However, a truly positive outcome may not be imaginable to the current mindset, so one has a step by step process of understanding and acceptance. Because - as some advert says "You're worth it!" However I have nothing to sell by association with inner truths and no desire for a Promethean outcome as a result of taking them for vanity.

Freedom from the ground up

Chilcot Report and the delusions of Western democracy
There are no liberal democracies anywhere in the world except in the imaginative geography that calls itself the West.

I appreciate the above article as inviting a willingness for true foundations from which to live, rather than f reaction in revenge - even when the example being set invites the same principle to be enacted in its face.

There are underlying conditionings and imprinting of terror in our human personality structure that may be more or less denied and covered by self-illusion seeking validation and reinforcement and there is thus a 'power struggle' that then uses awareness of such conditionings arising from the trauma of separation as leverage of manipulation. Those who succumb to the lure of such power cannot see the deceit and coercive manipulation of fear - and indeed rage - that works their 'mind' just as they presume to work others.

If the purpose that is running in the name of our thought, our mind or self, or collective identity - is not open to question, observation and revision then a past imprint has set a lack of true vision in which separation trauma re-enact - and an expanding embracing perspective of  truly living and therefore truly human relationship.

To operate under the name but against the nature of what we on surface present must become an alert to uncovering more of what is in fact believed beneath the presentation of 'acceptability', instead of being legislated against and penalized by blame driven hatred - no matter how self-righteous such hatred seems to be. I am suggesting an inner honesty and congruency of being as the founding point of any idea of self, of freedom lost  or threatened and therefore to be regained or defended, or freedom uncovered already present but disregarded amidst the call to war.

Ultimately - or truly - it is our self-definitions relative to each or any relational situation that predetermine the range and nature of our experience of freedom within which to interpret and respond or react. But act and consequence must be linked towards the potential of a healing correction in the re-alignment of our self within a recognized sense of worth - that naturally extends to recognize itself in the other - and in our world. Authoritarian regimes attempt to enforce our 'will' to conformity for our own good - but are they the leading of the blind by the blind? Is success of such a model a machine - whether of traditional or hi-tech extensions of enforcement? And the power to wield such machinery corrupting by nature? Liberal regimes attempted tolerance in diversity but without a grounding sense of worth and the underlying deceits that operate against true worth in attempts to cover over a sense of lack of worth - and so have been corruptible by illusions of power and freedom - as if deceit driven evils are banished by a presumption of 'objective' scientific enlightenment such as has divorced from any guiding relational honesty. As if thinking ran itself and answered to none but itself - and regarded this 'freedom' from transparency and accountability as 'self'.

The world is extremely compelling experience and particularly so when triggered into conflict and defence. But it is never without our participation at some level - even if we are at odds with it on another. Blame and hate operate defensively against uncovering such participation when the outcome of exposure is felt as threat to survival of the current or triggered sense of self.

Indeed the last thing we will do is an honest inner accounting - because we cling to our investments while there is any belief left in a meaningful return. We 'lie' to survive and our mind seeks justifications so as to redefine the means in terms of a justifiable end - and if painting an end so terrible that anything and everything must be sacrificed to 'survive or prevail' then the separation trauma is revealed as the mechanism of sacrifice - of denial and rejection of whatever is associated with threat, and in sacifice of inner honesty is a breakdown of communication in which trust can no longer be extended or recognized. Everyone and everything thus becomes viewed in treacherous distrust - because without inner sight - anything can come back in your face in the same measure you sent it forth - but yet must be kept apart from such recognition by any means available.

But as we reap - so shall we sow. I turn this phrase around to indicate that receiving or experiencing is not a passive receipt - but that there is a freedom to release investment in false or corrupted currency in desire to be truly moved. Of course a lack of integrity uses any form as a part of its own defence - but who can hear - let them hear. For being truly moved is always a recognition of worth that extends and embraces that same freedom to others - rather than using the 'evil of other' as a justification to move without an integral sense of relational support and guidance. Indeed to override and deny any sense of such support and guidance - and 'go it alone' or perhaps to subsume such inner receptivity within a collective identity of oppositional protection to  the 'lone wolf' of a corrupted sense of true individuality. Any form can be used to hide a loveless agenda - and thus like a trojan horse - operate to work against us while we believe we are doing the right thing. Of all the things that corrupt us - it is that which we accept without really checking in because it passes off a genuine but then opens to operate 'identity theft.

Our world is full of reflections by which to notice more of the way our mind works - and so align more truly to who we feel, recognize and prefer to be. Amidst the baiting of manipulative or untrustworthy intent - I prefer to pause and to listen and feel for something prior to manufactured thought. This may not be easy - but it establishes a true willingness for Life - through which pre-sense gifts - instead of presenting a presentation seeking validation. Thank you for your attention.

What is Sovereignty?

What is Sovereignty?

(Written into an article on

What is Sovereignty?

The idea of sovereignty or free will, like any other idea, can be corrupted. Something else is being passed off as if it is freedom - and by that is true freedom lost - or rather covered over from a conscious recognition, appreciation and sharing in.

Identity defined 'in a body' or even equating self with body, and mind with brain, is a defined sense of self arising from conditioning - like a mask or spacesuit or interface by which engage in the human experience of the world as we tend to give 'Reality' to - in forgetfulness of the underlying focus in desire, meaning, image and idea, by which we 'make sense' of existence - of Fact of our Existence - AS a world - from which we then make or infer a self.

The freedom to desire and imagine - focusing within and through the ideas that resonate with recognition of the meaning we both have and are - and being moved as that consciousness of appreciation - rises from a depth of which the consciousness is an extension and vehicle of - and yet one with.

Nothing can limit imagination and desire excepting the meanings accepted and invested in as true of You - that are no longer your true desire or held true service for you in the past but are not serving who you feel and know yourself to be - now.

Self-concept - or a the association of concepts that comprise self-image - is a model. An inner creation drawn and woven out from a Whole Cloth through which to uniquely experience facets of a Totality that can only be experienced through some degree of differentiation within it - but never really apart from it.

Confusion of self, identity and expression, with the framework of self image, then operates as if from an exclusive sense of segregated self and experiences the reflected denials inherent in defending and maintaining its 'self' as experience of being denied, threatened and attacked - and ascribes the sense of disconnection and loss that is inherent to an exclusive identification - with this sense of denying, limiting, threatening or opposing 'otherness'.

In place of freedom to accept and live the truly felt movement of being - is now an imperative for survival in set terms that struggle and further reinforce the terms - so as to solidify a rigidity with all the emotional force of survival need believed - and lived out within a local or exclusive assertion of self and reality - as if this is free will - upon a deeper movement of being of which it is not only unaware of - but redefines as threat or asset to exploit.

The idea of sovereignty is rightly belonging not to power that 'lords it over' - but to the power that holds all things aligned in true balance. And as may be implicitly recognized in this reading by now - the sense and fear of losing balance leads to a coercive attempt to impose it - with sets action and reaction upon a false foundation of control against and over perceived threat - fragmenting under the worship of power unto itself as Meaning.

Nothing in this world can convince you, the truth of which you are unwilling to learn, though pain of meaninglessness may call to re-evaluate what is held true. This is your free will - for only from you comes your own acceptance of the true of you. In articulating this I have to acknowledge two parts - because the belief in the split operates the mind that thinks in discrete linear concept. The parental aspect of you needs to listen to and feelingly accept that which has been denied - for only in revisiting the feeling will a fresh take heal a mis-take. And the child fragment needs to embody, or give movement and expression to the denied feeling and thought - within a willingness FOR acceptance and healing - instead of reacting as the trigger finger to the baiting of heartbreak, rage or terror, of an ongoing oppression that disallows or demonizes and fears, the movement of being that is being pushed down or subverted and neutered within conformed dictate.

Because of the nature of pain, fear, hate and reaction, these can and do simply feed the same that operates the role of coercion - unless there is a deeper recognition and acceptance of the call that is within the behaviour and willingness to genuinely respond. Or - the negative or unacceptable expression has found acceptance and transformation in conditions away from triggering harm - so as to grow the capacity to bring communication of the denied self in a form more open to recognition and less liable to trigger being attacked or denied. Of course both these aspects work together - for you are not split by belief apart from believing it so. But the sketch I invite considering here is necessarily a tiny  facet of a much richer communication of being than our physically conformed mind allows - for the nature of Existence may project or embody through the prism of time and space but is not defined or limited thereby - excepting again through the proviso of the freedom to define and accept core ground-rules by which to explore freedom to experience within structures that enable and bring forth.

Just as with natural environments, there are cycles of change within the underlying matrix of meanings - that meanings can no longer 'survive' in without being renewed from Source so as to embody a current expression of being - freely accepted.

While in principle one is free to persist in the meaningless if one gives it the power of acceptance and belief - such freedom operates against the core purpose of extending and sharing meaning, worth or value recognized - as a freedom to refuse the current and use it as a means to support a static and unyielding concept of self.

Perhaps there is a mixed harvest of those who come to freely yield a false sense of control to an inner recognition of true balance within wholeness - and those whose self sense asserts freedom in defiance, opposition and revenge - righteously but blindly asserting as rage and terror both - for attack without a body cannot be but a relational breakdown of communication - translating and embodying into fixity of form. As conditioning generates conditions that then reinforce and complexify and mask 'mapped out denials'.

The forms of denial are so fragmented and multi-layered and imprinted as part of our identity - that there is no way to mind-map it all out and re-find our way - for the urge to map, define and control is already largely operating from and for self-concept  - particularly when invested in as an identity over and against false.

The quantum idea of collapsing the Infinite to a specific comes to mind. Do we feel out the pathways that truly align a truly felt desire - or allow a layer of subconscious and seemingly 'autonomous' thinking to condition and effectively control our unfolding of perspective?

Allow that any form and any thing can be used for self-deceit - or for the honest and open appreciation of who you are - which of course includes an honesty relative to all kinds of psychological defences that were inherited or needed as part of your personality and character development. Only feeling our way - in the currency of the moment and movement of being - will reveal and discern what we need to know or do in its right timing. The idea of manually living is absurd - no matter how complex the robot or system that rises to substitute for communication and relationship. The true nature of feeling, is richer in living and creative information than any conceptual overlay. Nothing within us need be invalidated or demonised when finding its right place. Priority is not coercive upon us - but when what is first is accepted first - all else finds its place relative to true.

Until an acceptance of unconditional love releases us of self-hatred and self-denial - we cannot but go forth and multiply the hate in the name of love - as self-righteous attempt to survive in our own terms - at cost of out-sourcing un-recognized and un-owned pain and hate onto others - and our world.

The idea of self has to become open to a greater communication - and the idea of group or nation or corporation has to embody such alignment. The history of nations and the modern history of corporations is an extension of the structure of coercive power that operates war beneath a masking narrative for unity, diplomacy and representation.

The true nature of globalisation is global awakening - and not a corporately enacted dominion by an elitism that owns and pulls all the strings whereby to control the narrative and enforce or en-trance conformity to its agenda and image.

At least - such is the willingness of acceptance from which I meet the world and through which I am met. But unlike the measure of power in the world - all power is in shared witness to the true - no matter how seemingly insignificant the form it takes. And of course we cant get our heads around that but that is why it is called Under standing.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Splitting by PR ism

Now Media Celebrates Sanders’ Financial and Historical Illiteracy

    Sanders’ victory: How Bernie ended the Cold War in 2016 … Sanders’ dark horse candidacy stripped socialism of its fringe labels and, culturally speaking, ended the Cold War – Salon
Now that Bernie Sanders is becoming a Hillary backer, the mainstream media is celebrating him.

My contribution:

Exceptionalism operating as corporately faced 'individualism' subverts and bankrolls politicians into overspending so as to capture and gain key influence. It also combines this with a phony collectivism that sacrifices the individuality of the many to limit the effects of artificially induced scarcities and indeed to blame and tax them for it.

However the socialism or indeed anarchism that operation gladeo was targeted to undermine was that of a tangible grass root solidarity that was felt threatening to the ruling establishment of power cartels.

There is a context for the underdogs to unite in finding a voice and some share in decisionmaking - and there is the denial, subversion and corruption of such movements - including that of a technocratically masked corporatism running a socialist face in terms of a controlled economy and society.

The issue is the controlled humanity - and the attempts to counter that come back as more sophisticated masks of social engineering and mind control.
The nice ideas of free market individualism have been used extremely destructively as justification for destructo 'capitalism' or 'soft power' that is no less destructive than hard weaponry.

So whatever the form - I look to the active purpose and contextual meaning.
Identifying in a form of something without its true context is to hold onto a hollow life that trojan intent wastes no time in setting to purpose unlike to its original inspiration.

- - -
In reply to:

I don't identify in 'socialist' but nor do I join in using the same term for these mutating corruptions of the original movement. Psyops would be  more apt. But to fall for the bait of psyops is to hate the and empower and protect a false sense of identity gotten from such self righteous hate.

I don't identify in 'communist' but nor do I pretend that any movement of solidarity a sense of worth lived and shared - is allowed to give birth - but is aborted or co-opted - as was the Western bankrolled Bolshevik 'revolution'.

I could write a paragraph for any other ism that has conceptualized and rigidified as a conformity in place of lived and felt sense of worth reaching for its right place of acceptance and participation.

The nature of the deceit is subtle whereby we often cannot discern or articulate its operation - as part of it operates through our sense of identity.

I feel it interesting to note how 'communist terror threat - and reds under the beds and the enemy within, operated such a mind-gelding job on the US American psyche. For something natural and necessary to persona. family and community life was ripped out to be replaced with a love of the auto - in more ways than one.

Autonomous or automaton? Depends which side of the matrix one sees from. Neither relate to Life lived and shared - though of course a dream of success operates its carrot and stick, and a dream of power finds a network of ...shifting alliances amidst hierarchies of obedience.

I saw a headline on G-news that used the term 'post truth politics' (as if applying to the object of its hate rather than revealing its own mentality.
One can say politics has always been coercion and deceit and the elite power class are simply free of scruple and therefore more honest. But there is a movement in the human heart to find ways that work for both the individual and the family, group, tribe, society, planet - through a process of communication - despite and because of the blind hate and fear driven power struggle - for if one has eyes to recognize self in the other - and world - one simply doesn't embody such hatred or outsource such pain and misery.

Politics - or any other shared endeavour - operating through and as an integrity of communication - remains both impossible and necessary for retaining the capacity to feel and know and communicate... to maintain creative faculty. As long as the chain reaction loops and fragments itself - does a golem align to its programming.

- - -
In reply to:

"The author, John Mackey – associate chair of the Social Sciences
Division in the College of General Studies at Boston University –
believes the Cold War made a discussion of democratic socialism

It was falsely equated with communism, he writes, and thus, as well, with the Gulag."

"He writes." Up in Oregon, a baker was put out of business when they practiced their religious right. In New York City, businesses are threatened with a $250,000 fine if they don't refer to someone as whatever flavor of gender ID they self identify with. Sounds as if the gulag won't be far behind in democratic socialist New York City.

- - -

In reply to:

The people suffer - but can be medicated or manipulated to justify their suffering and even to self-inflict it.

Perhaps those who suffer most are those who step out of line with US.
official narrative associates their suffering with their sins, and
portray rage driven hate of a 'jealous god' as 'regime change' and
reconstruction within a free to develop now that we have lobotomized and
indentured the people of any capacity to develop in any way but US

For a time the US American people were useful - so they
were raised fit for purpose. But things have moved on and they are being
'farmed' for sickness and war. Assets are for sucking out - its a dream
that thrives on other people's suffering - for the few - while they
still have a use...

- - -

In reply to:

if you conform within the technocracy - you don't invite penalty - but have the cost to your true life managed with pharmaceuticals.
If you see only the 'face' of what purports to be socialism - you don't see what is moving behind it.
Technocracy itself is another face of "scientific" credibility masking an active denial of free and felt willingness under the dictate of a masked form of financial and corporate terrorism - though mostly, the mask doesn't have to come off once the self-censoring 'freedoms' and 'rights' are established.

- - -

In reply to:

How would you 'uncapture' the captured regulators that distort the law to operate as protection of cartel monopoly and weapon against freedom to live human lives?
Are there stepping stones in your approach - or is there one perfect solution all at once?
If your vote could keep corporately driven hegemony in check - would it mean more than a vote for a corrupt system that makes no difference.
I'm not saying Sanders or Trump represent such a vote - but they both break the mould of the two party scam as it has been operating.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Intimate Illumination

Life in a Modern-day Debt Colony: The Truth about Greece
by Michael Nevradakis

In May, likely for the first time in the post-war history of the Western world, a national parliament willingly ceded what remained of its country’s sovereignty, essentially voting itself obsolete.  This development, however, did not make headlines in the global news cycle and was also ignored by most of the purportedly “leftist” media.
The country in question is Greece, where a 7,500-page omnibus bill was just passed, without any parliamentary debate, transferring control over all of the country’s public assets to a fund controlled by the European Stability Mechanism, for the next 99 years.  This includes all public infrastructure, harbors, airports, public beaches, and natural resources, all passed to the control of the ESM, a non-democratic, supranational body which answers to no parliamentary or elected body.  Within this same bill, the “Greek” parliament also rendered itself voteless... (full article linked above)

- - -

headrush69 commented:

Wow! Will the elitist guardian readers acknowledge this report I wonder? Will they even get to read it? This is what awaits all the peoples of the EU, maybe not tomorrow but definitely during the first half of this century.

Richard Le Sarcophage responded:

By 2050 the ecological collapse, caused by the same Rightwing psychopaths as are inflicting neo-feudalism on humanity, will have ended all human misery-for good.

My response to Richard's comment:

Curiously this reads as a death wish  which is just another version of psycho-pathy  is it not?
So many humans have been induced to a hatred of humanity instead of addressing the currency of human thinking  much of which is hateful  though framed or presented so as to seem correct right or kind and helpful.
Our forebears had a term deceiver for thinking that operated an anti-life  but the deceiver shuffles everything around when you are not paying attention and so can pass of its thinking as if it were your own.
I dont think left or right has any relevance to psychopathy. A masked hate that believes its self is justified in adopting opportune guises to get what it wants regardless of cost to objects of discardability in callous indifference to their pain.

Richard Le Sarcophage answers:

What I stated is a bitter TRUTH, one that I abhor. And to read it as a wish, is simply incorrect, and possibly just pathopsychological projection. But then again, now you could say that of this comment.

I was not intending blame  but reflection.
The sweet truth is that ideas do not have to be accepted that are not true  even if the mind demands and insists ITS judgement is FINAL!
Heartbreaking experience can set the mind in cynical bitterness, or it can break the grip of mind that was substituting for true feeling while denying conscious access to it. This mind acts as a distortion filter, interpreting exclusively in support of a splitting off or capacity to NOT know what thus becomes rejected or denied and unrecognized self. One might say our world experience is cast in and reflecting such unrecognized denials whilst a surface identity engages in power struggle. beneath the displacement attempt is an inner struggle.

I have a real sense of what life can be,  and is being,  as and when allowed to flower,  and I also have a sense of the patterns of conflict that subvert, suppress and deny and honesty of being. Initially I experience these in terms of guilt or blame and of course fear and anger  but if I let my experience stop there  the blame only reinforces the patterns without revealing them as choices in which I participate  and therefore can change for different choices  embodying a current sense of life in me than the inherited conditioning  that may not serve me now so much as keep me in a re-enactment of a past made in anger.

Within the framework of the human conditioning  I see no real Life being lived and shared and only a struggle that uses up and lays waste  and this is easy to see. The ing on the end of condition is critical to my point  for the conditioned live their trained association-response as if it is their hard wired reality and cannot think or imagine beyond it. But we can pause from reactive blame and righteous hate long enough to allow a greater perspective to rise of itself BECAUSE we are not setting up an exclusion zone by focusing only in a fixed and exclusive sense of self.

Recognizing the prison is part of accepting freedom  so as I say it  we have to be willing to go INTO the territory of self that we spent our life evading as our prime directive  but within a different context than the thinking and purpose of evasion  which of course feels like survival (and prevailing) of a segregative part of ourself over and against a fear of loss of self.

This pattern plays out in Large and we all carry it. If what I say has true resonance and relevance to opening a fresh perspective on a very old and deeply imprinted conditioning, then the Final Judgement of who and what we in fact are  must wait on a more intimate illumination.

The deconstruction of a jealous god

Flat Earth PSYOP: CIA Black Op Designed to Destroy the Truth …  There is an insidious conspiracy at work throughout the entire Internet which seeks to destroy Truth Movements everywhere.  One of its organs of mischief is known as the Flat Earth Society (FES) and its explicit purpose is to take down every single truth-oriented website, blog and/or organization which permits an open comment section at the bottom of their posts and articles.  – The Millennium Report
Something terrible has happened.

The “common wisdom” that people grew up with is fading rapidly.
It’s not comfortable or soothing. It’s upsetting and unsettling.
It makes people unhappy. And it’s causing big arguments in the alternative media as well – as we can see from the above flat earth excerpt.
There are some in the alternative media community that have adopted the idea of a “flat earth” enthusiastically.
But others believe it is a CIA psyop designed to discredit people who don’t believe what government affiliated entities tell them anymore.
This is the result of the Internet. The “dominant social themes” we’ve grown up with are in flux.
And this process will continue....
Full article at The Daily Bell

The 'inheritance of a mind made in the image of 'jealous god' means that what is kept is the Only and Exclusive while anything else is invalidated or demonized and heartlessly denied.

I don't disagree with the points mde by the article so much as expand to include them - but not in alignment with what I might call heartless 'science' - which is not as innocent of hidden agenda as it may like to believe.

Disinformation can be a ploy - or a passing on of false currency - which can also be propagated or set up as a ploy or 'meme'. This of course begins with our persona or masking identity that passes off as our presence when it is obviously a part of a collective agreement to deny or suppress awareness of presence. Some our masking operates 'authority, gravity, seriousness and credibility' in the regard of others.

Discerning communication amidst the 'noise' is a willingness not to focus in the noise that masks the signal - if we so allow. So even though disinfo bombs are being mixed in with
information relevant to awakening from controlled narratives - they will still serve the purpose that the reader holds - regardless the propagator's intent.

Scientism operates a corruption of science - which has its own Trojan Horse blindness, and institutional (and personal) ego. Though a harnessed technologism seems to have replaced enquiry into the already true - so as to gain personal credit and indeed patents - for 'discovery and invention of application, this too is part of the results, and valuable feedback to a true appreciation.

Fear-framed 'choices'

Clinton and Trump, Fear and Fascism
by Richard Moser, via Counterpunch

My Contribution:

All choices have consequences. The adage 'as ye reap so shall ye sow' is - I believe NOT a time concept - though delay and obfuscation can expand to an epoch at the end of which one arrives at one's starting place and knows it for the first time.

The nature of consciousness is what mind 'does' : extension and reflection through thought as the experiencing of existence.

If false thinking is accepted as true then false results generate the reinforcement and validation of the false - as if it is true and truth is false. Look therefore to 'where you are coming from'. A love of self in concept or image can only hate what does not support it and this 'war' is the fruit of identifying in reaction against such a sense of evil or exposure to invalidity.

And the consequence of war operates the 'mind' of divide and rule in which truth or indeed self-honesty is the first and necessary casualty.

I would offer this refinement to the above: Fear can be your friend and ally - because it can illuminate what you are not to reveal who you are. It can reveal false beliefs and associations so as to allow a truly present discernment and navigation of the situation you are participating in.

UN-owned or denied fear is a back-door via which that which is NOT true of you works through you against your own desire and fulfilment - as a kind of thinking that  runs as reaction.

Anyone who is attracted to manipulation and domination as the way to validate their 'self concept' learns how to spot or cultivate the weaknesses in others through the disguise within what they want to be true - or not true - for themself.

If you 'get' this you must realise that you NEED to own your fears - and other denied feelings - so as to wake out of the wishful dream that others feed upon at your expense. But even more than that - you cannot and will not accept such responsibility if your identity is dependent upon manipulating and feeding off of others.

What goes around - comes around. If it comes around - feel honestly into it because what is yours is yours and recycling it as hate and blame sets you up to suffer. Truly owned choice can be changed for a more truly aligned one - and consequently more aligned experience and relationship of being You.
If you sniff this writing - it is not guilting you with moral invalidation nor seducing you with self-specialness.

Before a choice can be made or accepted, one has to be aware of what it is between - and a false framing of unreal choices operates to make sure that you do not choose to recognize and be free of false framing.

In a sense whatever you choose from a true sense of your integrity expresses and embodies that integrity for all - because true presence does not inflate itself upon the invalidation or diminishing of others - even if they are making poor choices; choices by which they impoverish themselves.
Fear and blame cultures operate to deny presence in which communication is natural. Fearing and blaming such impositions is more of the same.

Weapononizing Identity politics

Increasingly, Soros Is Seen Behind the Break-Up of Europe

(George) Soros is associated with using identity politics as a masking device of destabilisation and all politics is some form of identity struggle unless it embodies an integrity of willingness and communication. Power mongers can say "where is the evidence for such integrity?" - and feel not only justified but honest in using power to deal with a dis-honest and irrational sense of being checked by hollow moral scruples or manipulative emotional feelings. "If people want make-believe then give it to them within a matrix of medicated and emasculated serfdom that they sleepwalk in as if it is real life - but only the elect are real while collateral forms operate only with the mind we give them...".

Being able to read the situation with a high degree of success doesn't make one the cause - but investing in the movements that can in a sense then be weaponised to operate other agenda than their members are aware of - is 'normal' for using wealth and influence to promote a power identity's politics. However, Soros has no intention of opening his boundaries but only of undermining anything that checks against or blocks the freedom to make and maintain a world in his image or concept.

The 'self' is obsolete. And yet the counterfeit operates like a placeholder in which a mesmeric alignment with the imprint of a false self-specialness and fear of loss joins a sense of powerlessness, unworthiness and inability to recognize its own predicament. Others can invest in using a false sense of self as a masking for their agenda - but we have to be first already engaged in such identity as if it is our power and protection.

Post Brexit Moments #2

Boris Johnson: Voters were not told 'basic truths' about Brexit

My Contribution:

There are basic truths about EU we are not told. There are basic truths about financial and corporate power cartels we are not told. And there are basic truths about human history and about the nature of existence we are not told.

It is all on a need to know basis. You 'know' the version that pertains to your current focus and participation. 'Project Fear' is not just something rolled out for the Iraq war and then employed again for Brexit. Those who have eyes to see, let them see. However, the un-owned fears and other denied feelings held individually and collectively are a very strong DEMAND that operates a market response of both corporate and government synergy - indeed they are now almost one body of logistical technocracy in which consolidated power in the control and management of 'captured' assets.

The most significant aspect of the Brexit vote to my view is of NOT succumbing to the fear agenda. If our ruling shepherds want to turn around the consolidation of fear-based power becoming a uni-polar global destruction, and degradation of Humanity - then they have to serve awakening self-responsibility instead of feeding fear, guilt, blame, hate-based abnegation and evasion of self-responsibility - that then demands the intervention and imposition of collusion in a fundamentally dishonest 'protective power'.

"But people cannot handle or cope with the truth".
Nor can they handle or cope with a collapsing system that gives more and more power to blind and manipulated 'market forces', operating both sides of every apparent conflict or paralysis.
A true foundation in life is a basis for true union and real relationships.
A false foundation cannot be manipulated or deepened to become true.

Integrity grows through restitution of the currency - of everything in the core template from which we live. Who can hear - let them hear. Truth is not withheld so much as learned to be ignored - or dis-allowed open recognition and expression. Tyranny is revealed by joyless conformity regardless the appearances of hyped up substitution for life. However - the basis of tyranny is within our own consciousness. Freedom is true responsibility - and bondage is the taking on of responsibility or capacity that we simply do not have and cannot 'do'.

In an impossible situation, the mind reaches for ways to save face or save a limited sense of love or power or joy or Life. But the way out of an impossible situation is to pause enough to recognize you are not in it!
Mind-spin is not politics of communicated outcomes - but of manipulations necessitating coercive intervention and suppression of feared outcomes.
If you've spent your life collecting taxes for Rome - now is the time to see the light!

My responses to comments to the main article:


Power beneath appearances reveals itself by what no one is publicly or openly able to talk about - or even think about. And so everyone becomes 'expert' in admiring the Emperor's fine clothes - or in maintaining cognitive dissonance - as survival within the construct or dictate that confers validity.
When is politics playing for a longer deeper positive outcome through appearances of alignment with this or that - and when is it playing for private self interest? How much are you motivated by the one to the exclusion and subversion of the other? Note the word private. Self-interest is natural and good - but operating secretly at the expense of others and the whole is un-natural or de-natured. You could call it a second nature. But it is still a choice - albeit operating within denial or 'unconsciously'.
- - -
platform 3: (to another commenter)

But not as big a moron as Cameron and Osborne showed themselves to be with their Project Fear. The FT hasnt crash dived, and the pound will recover, oh and by the way, war hasnt broken out in Europe.

Is it not all a theatre?
Soft war operates financial and economic destabilisation - ie Greece is now privately or corporately owned - while nominally an EU member state.
Italian banks are exposed in extreme and absurd liquidity crisis - as is Deutchebank asking for  150 billion bailout NOW.
The Financial system for EU and beyond is crashing... by design?
Consolidation of power doesn't have to get involved in the mess of the powerless - it feeds on it. But is it power? Or is it the abnegation and denial of power reflecting back at us?
- - -

I can remember what the  was worth before we went into the EU, a lot more than when we were in.
Robert F Beaver to Dingo

The Pound was an All Time High of 2.86 (US Dollars) in 1957 and an All Time Low of 1.05 (US Dollars) in 1985.
Today it is worth 1.33 US Dollars.
Make your own conclusions.

Currencies relative to each other are one facet within the whole. But what are they worth when they operate the breaking down of order and the sucking up of 'assets' - and I am referring to human culture and the living environment - not the evaporations moving around on computer networks. At least Midas had gold to survey at the end of all things - we have but debt as the basis for the distribution of power to not suffer inflicted miser-y.

Post Brexit moments #1

Sterling’s down, sales are falling, shoppers anxious: gloom gathers over the UK economy 
the low pound means foreign companies will look more favourably at investing in the UK and if Osborne follows through on his proposed reduction in Corporation Tax, this country will become a very attractive place for foreign companies to set up shop.

My Comment to the above:

The scaremongering stick and the fake carrot were not just brought out for Brexit - but they have been significantly disregarded by many. If you start to see the narrative control that mainstream media operate - you will read them with a different set of eyes... if you read them at all.

It remains that very many ARE conditioned to react as triggered and so the hyping of the psychological operation into a actual outcome favoured by this or that corporate cartel interest is almost stage managed theatre. Follow Foxy Loxy if you want - but the real Owlsy Wowsy is not on the other side of the river - but is your inner discernment - and you don't need a phd in mind manipulation techniques to smell a rat and withhold allegiance and support - while remaining open for more clarity.
ANY direction taken is only as positive as our wholly embracing it for its positive opportunities. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy - but denied fears no less - so owning the fears is part of finding greater and truer resolve.
Bankers and corporate cartels manipulate us all and have done for a very long time. It is the Law that needs restitution. And I mean restoring to a servant of the Whole and not a technocratic instrument of manipulation and deceit posing as benign collectivism.
And why we are at it lets restore a truly free Press - by our support for true witness wherever we find it.

But alas whoring ourselves to transnational corporates invites a slave economy where workers pay all the tax burden and companies get special inducements to come and then suck wealth and assets out of the country in the trickle up evaporation of absolutely insane debt - for the richer the company - the more debt they 'manage' as a low of leverage and influence.

Biodiversity is  a key to health. The microbiome is foundational to our human health. The soil is killed with toxins and starved of nutrients while monocultured crops are artificially fed. Transfer this recognition to society - and reground yourself in a participance of endeavour and relationship rather than a managed and pharmed set of conditioned reactions. One cant think sanely from an insane foundation. So look to free your thinking - or free yourself of conditioned reaction that passes as thinking. What does the drip drip poison media feed us but the undermining of worth - and then sells its narrative as the framework to think in. No thanks.

uNclear armageddon and waking up

What will it take to awaken us to the “impending danger”?

My contribution to the ideas in the above article:

Whatever 'faces' are masking and framing the situation of Life on Earth - it is a blind hatred of Life on Earth that runs the minds of those who align within its framing. It is always framed against and justifies itself upon war with the hated.
It is hate - masking in self righteous persona.
Recognizing the hatred in your own heart is the only opportunity I can see for a reversal or turning around of what is already laid down through millennia as the great reversal in Consciousness by which a false foundation usurps and denies the true.
Regardless what seems to be going on - each has the innate capacity to notice the purpose they are aligning in and getting identity from. Free will is the fundamental nature of Life - and meeting its denial is the ability to recognize and choose to align rather than being a blind mechanism. Or indeed to accept the un-consciousness of blind mechanism so as to deny and eradicate the hatefulness of what Life is to the self-specialness of a static fantasy. Life is an expansion of perspective through a transformational recognition of self in 'other' and in 'world'- and it doesn't have much of a communication channel through the thinking that arose from the hatred and denial of the Life that hides its outsourcing of hate upon the other and upon its world - in order to then play Good Cop.

There is one key element within all these issues of degradation and misery to Life on Earth and that is - for me - my responsibility of self-honesty and trust as to where I truly am coming from - because in modern terms - the mind is hacked and you cannot operate from it as if its currency is gold-based. Lies shift and change to seem at least less evil than what the mind frames as the alternative.

It is my conviction and experience that being uncovered or exposed of a hate foundation - spontaneously awakens recognition of it from a true foundation - which is the spontaneous uncovering of true or integrative purpose.
Maybe you don't have to forsake your treasured self-specialness yet - perhaps death offers a reset to un-consciousness as the hiding place of a refusal to live on any terms but your own? Just because acceptance opens true joy and a false sense of choice brings pain - doesn't mean pain cannot be masked in rage as power and directed so as not to feel anything but victory in vengeance.

The disturbing nature of the underpinnings of the human personality construct are naturally protected from the developing consciousness - but in the breaking out of those same disturbances in consciousness of our world - they are part of our responsibility as to how to relate to, balance and re-integrate. That we are deeply disturbed is an honesty. What we use that for or do with it - may be a reinforcement of the thing we say we don't want. We may want to do anything to make it go away and that is an honesty of noticing an urge we don't have to react from.

When the unfeeling psychopath opens terror in a sense of personal power and validation, the feeling being is dumped with it - fragmented and denied existence by it. But somewhere in hate is the sense of having been denied and rejected that then compulsively does as it was done by with some core sense of wanting the pain to be felt by the perpetrator - who can project onto and be 'seen' in anything or indeed everything

The unseen role of denial in our mind and our world is key to our misdirected efforts at controlling the symptoms. That we feel hate needs acceptance and a way of working through without triggering violence and harm. The denying that we feel hate gives it power to operate in secret - in the dark. We know not what we do while we believe the mind of denial is our whole mind. And we are each and together participating in our definitions, experience and reactions or responses - within a larger creation that such a focus in self - neglects to truly apprehend.

If you love Life on Earth - act like it in all you do in whatever ways your imagination and enlivening joy unfold as the living of life. If you are actually in love with a reflected sense of self-image - check out - and see what it costs. A true accounting has to take Everything into account and assess correct priority. Despite the drama - the real call I feel is the call to re-establish a core sanity that reaction does not allow. Are you conditioned reaction running someone else's agenda?

The operating identity and the role of evil?

Life in a Modern-day Debt Colony: The Truth about Greece

The above article and many comments into it, are illumination what the official 'narrative' hides.

I write towards illuminating what I see as the 'operating identity' at work beneath such events - beneath the personalities or corporate facades.

 Identifying in fear, hatred and the denial or hiding of it – is being negatively identified. Our denied ‘unconscious’ and ‘subconscious’ is active as a kind of fear and rage based shadow power while a surface mentality believes it is – or seeks to be – in ‘control’ and obliged to maintain order against all kinds of violations and encroachments upon its sense of self and world – without any recognition of its own participation in its own experience.

This article on psychology of refusal to look threats to the model of reality or identity, offers a similar view but written in perhaps more accessible terms to analysis – although still feeding the idea of evil others and the seed of self-righteous blindness – and it is this reaction that operates the way the hate propagates itself.

A surface identity or persona is already grown as a strategy of survival amidst overwhelming pain or conflicted experience. It divides off from what it hates or fears and seeks a sense of control and order amidst a sense of threat that must be mitigated, allayed by ‘psychological defences’. Within the ‘matrix’ of such artificial redefining and filtering of our focus within self-limitation, is an ‘externalized’ world of displacement that seems to put the cause of pained conflict outside to ‘save’ a fragment or partial consciousness within the persistence of the idea of denying and evading – or overcoming and eradicating a core trauma that is so upstream to all else we think or experience that it seems the god or the self or the reality to which we align with or manipulate so as to survive in terms of pervasive threat or indeed terror. And we all have different exposure to this and generally escape it by the fastest possible route because it feels unbearable or opens the unthinkable. One way of ‘escape’ is to hate anything that is associated with bringing on such a sense of violation – and direct the energy of such fear and hate as an armoured weapon against the scapegoat – so as to allow no other communication or perspective to weaken one’s power or defence against the ‘hateful’. Such hate driven identity may be called psychopathic – but it may also be temporarily active within many of us by specific conditions that trigger such denied conditioning to move without inhibition as rage driven violence.

The breaking of the matrix-reality by its exposure is no less an identity crisis or rather the exposure of the device by which self-illusion is invested with belief as exclusively true. No one still identifying in self-illusion willingly opens to their underlying patterns of denial but life experience reflects opportunity for such insight over and over because the reintegrative movement of being operates automatically to restore balance within wholeness subject to willingness to recognize and align.

Denial operated in its time as a way to hold a focus within conflicted self-experience so as to survive within the framework of such experience. But it also operates a fear-fulfilling prophecy where all that is denied ‘comes home to roost’ – because we don’t actually get rid of sin or dissonance by hating and killing the ‘Other’. It is a magic or illusion-belief that defines self against and therefore separate from the ‘Other’. The fact is that hatred is not truly escaped for it now operates outside – as if trying to get in and from beneath – attempting to come up.

The mind (as we generally conceive it) is unable to operate the ‘control’ or discernment of true from false and this recognition allows the pause of the mind in willingness of the heart. Not the broken heart of a secret or fragmented sense of self. A quality of being that recognizes itself where all the thinking had attempted to manufacture itself.

Opening a felt relationship with denied or feared and hated ‘self’ (rather than being defined against it) is the awakening and growing of compassion. Opening to an ‘Encompassing Perspective’ that supports or guides a balance point within awareness whereby a quality of true relationship is operating within the unfolding moment as the right relational focus and appreciation to that unique event – rather than subconscious routines of a conditioned programming that once served a need but no longer represents the true of who you are feeling, knowing or simply preferring yourself to be.

What belongs to us can only come home – but what has no belonging in us can fall off unused. The old identification operates a reversal. The shift of perception and perspective that inner willingness and honesty opens is very quickly ‘lost’ or covered by the resumption of the old habit. But the sense of true worth and joy in being that even a glimpse affords, is a basis on which to reset purpose and direction anew – and anew – no matter what the form of the loss of focus – so as to grow a new habit of consciousness that lives a sense of connectedness within rather than as evasion of conflict in mutual reinforcements of diversion and distraction.

Few want truth of being – although the desire may be latent within them. Many want protection from their fears and power to make such symptoms go away. It is no accident that we co-create society as we have – but it has largely been blind outcomes of ancient conditionings – operating in our Name.

Power operating within the world addresses symptoms – often to multiply them in more subtle disguise – and rarely looks for cause – because honesty reveals a natural and necessary transformation that seems loss of power and loss of self. But if you feel into this paragraph it may dawn on you that what we accept as power, costs us true power and locks us in a static concept of self that cannot flow with or evolve through its own experience. In modern terms; an evolutionary dead end. Perhaps disguising its utter defeat in pyrrhic victory.

Our existence can be felt hateful, meaningless, worthless and endurable only within secret dreams of vengeance, power and self specialness. I sense that our collective dreaming powers the things we say we hate and want to change for a better world. But I don’t say that to a propensity to pile on more blame – but to a willingness of self-responsibility.
I cannot live anyone else’s life – being already full-on as my own. But what I meet has resonance within me and this I accept as my own ‘garden’ to tend. meanwhile I confess my actual garden runs rather wild because writing in willingness for a greater perspective out from which to make more conscious choices is where I meet ‘the world’ in a sense of shared worth.

Do even the blindly hateful among us serve a role in a greater awakening than our current thinking can imagine? I believe so – and yet I appreciate that feelings have to find ways of evolving that do not simply propagate hate in ‘socially acceptable forms’ to thus feed and seed a blind arrogance in self-righteous compulsion.