Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Being offended and taking offence

The law is not a tool to make reality - even the law of the sword. But if we use it for such then we will suffer the law of the sword.

In my own terms - my human identity is a personal and cultural structure through which I have experience. Such experience is 'created' or rather interpreted through the filters and distortions of my identity. If this identity is running as if it were in fact true - then I will war or compete with others in order to prevail, get even or protect my 'self'. This brings suffering - even if the call to war is seductively right or hopeful.

But there is a greater, deeper or more direct appreciation of identity than any derivative form of self image or self concept.
One way to access this is to notice when I take offence, pause from legitimizing reaction of my own thinking - and enquire directly and honestly into my own part in the disturbance. Why am I not at peace?
What is in my mind that agitates me? A willingness to learn of what are the triggers to war in my own mind will reveal a mind of judgement and blame. In the past this has been called the devil - for it is a deception wherein one's own shadow is denied and put upon the 'other' - where it can be hated, denied or used for selfish ends and yet be seen as if one were righteous or protective or helpful.

Whatever the human culture, there are fundamental laws and responsibilities of mind that cannot be escaped. The attempt to escape them brings suffering because it becomes an attempt to fight or defend against Life, The Nature or Reality, God, Truth, or the Way Things Work.

Freedom to express is active within relationship - not in a vacuum in which some right is enshrined to any individual. That we can think and act as if we are independent from our relational being is an unconsciousness or ignorance. Stumbling in the dark, following the blind, brings suffering.

Our shadow, is those aspects or our own self judgement - that we have denied and become fearful of. To reclaim a true wholeness of being we must become more honest than our minds or society are perhaps accustomed. In the west, we tend to worship our conceptual constructs as if they were Fact rather than story or interpretation. Our minds are thus not only closed in judgement - but deny us the sensitivity of a direct participation in Creation - in the relational field of Being.

Conflicts serve a purpose of bringing attention to what needs to be brought into awareness. If we allow the denied mind to be known and released of the need of hiding and defence - then the conflict is no longer serving purpose and will not find soil in which to grow.

In all situations, there is a way of communicating without judgement - because there is a way of expressing one's own true feeling being - TO another in a relational honesty. Learning such ways of communicating are part and parcel of learning more deeply and directly of one's own heart and mind.

The temptation to conflict is as deceptive as is the temptation to avoid or deny it. The 'self' acting outside a true relational awareness brings suffering. It can also justify and 'legitimise' suffering and declare it natural, inevitable or 'the human condition' or God's Will. But suffering has our participation although we are generally culturally fitted to agree to hide this active element.

Trouble abroad serves to distract from trouble at home. See how the mind works and become free of a self illusion that brought suffering.

If we find how we become deceived by our own certainties - then we have a basis for a compassionate approach to others who are just like us.

Trying to make a mind of rules cannot substitute for a real relationship.

Life doesn't abide by our rules and if anything our rules deprive us of life. But law in its true sense is not wishful - but demonstrable. All of us will in time come to teach and learn so as to align with law because we will lose our capacity to 'enjoy' or abide in suffering. Perhaps this will be on our deathbed - but perhaps such a 'now' is whenever we are willing to truly listen or discern in place of 'expressing a freedom of thought against the grain of the guidance of our heart'.

Of course we do not enjoy being intimidated or inhibited by force or threat of violence, but are we already active as such to others?

The Golden Rule is not wishful thinking - but speaks of an innate law of action and reaction at the most fundamental level of our mind.
The desire to hate, kill or deny those who do what you hate in yourself is a perversion of the Golden Rule. But seeing this IS the opportunity of salvation or awakening from a hidden, fearful deceptive identity.

Thankyou for your attention

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