Monday, 18 November 2013

Biocentrism opens a door in the mind?

Is there an afterlife? The science of biocentrism can prove there is, claims Professor Robert Lanza

(on insistence humans are unimportant)
If you are not important to your self - then you will extend that to others and to your world. Albeit with the insistence that it is important you are RIGHT about your assertion of unimportance!
You have proof in your own pudding! Every moment of your life. If you prefer to predicate your existence on externals, then you accept its definition of your being as you. Yet everything 'external' is already a cultural and personal construct of definitions in human consciousness. That is a self-conditioned loop.
The comfort that a self-dissonant mind seeks in the world may be pursued in science as much as in any other activity.
If coming back into your wholeness is realized to be easy, then anyone can be easily pleased. Words don't come into it unless they serve as a reminder to what one already knew but had not fully allowed in until now.
Science once sought to uncover truth. Have you given up? Or are you only seeking 'truths' that reinforce and confirm your consciousness definitions?
(on scorn and ridicule)
A similar sentiment can be found in those religiosity types who imagine Heaven to be the self-righteous 'joy' of looking down on the suffering of those they NEED to be wrong, in order to feel a heavenly 'justifiction.'
I suggest that whatever you believe will be given full rein and full support when you die - including experiencing nothing happening at all.
Whatever YOUR mind creates will last as long as you choose to persist in it, but as soon as it becomes clearly irrelevant or meaningless to YOU, you 'move beyond it.
The body falls away - I'm still here. Mind active in a much greater freedom!
Mind falls away - I'm still here. Soul active.
If your Soul exploration is complete - Soul falls away - I'm still here. Oneness. That doesn't mean stasis, it means Infinite Renewal.
Everything is very much more complex than that. Stories cant do more than stir latent perspectives.
What you choose to believe is your will on Earth. But there is more to you than the surface, whether you believe it or not.

(On being asked what consciousness was doing for billions of years before it appeared)

Human consciousness experiences time as if it is a product of the past. This is a peculiarity of the consciousness construct. 'Always' is not in time. Time is one potential experience of 'Always'.
Put it another way - that Infinity can experience itself in and through finite distortions of itself. Eternity can experience itself in time - indeed in any moment.
If you are serious in your interest as to how such a VASTNESS could possibly support YOUR existence, even as you read these words, then you are opening to that you are in fact Consciousness - rather than merely a programmed mental object 'suffering' imposition of forces VASTLY beyond its capacity to recognize let alone control. And yet the drive TO control is the very thing that disconnects the synchronicity of Consciousness. Thus the existential 'anxiety' is a deeper aspect of the human consciousness construct that is beneath the religious OR scientific superstructure.


Does consciousness exist in a body in a physical universe? Allegedly so, but there is no direct evidence for it. All experience is not only experienced within consciousness, but is the result of definition and perception that creates perspectives within which to identify partially. The idea of separated existence, demands an external 'otherness' Universe. The existence of which is scrutinized by scientists to uncover no actual 'stuff', but an energetic which responds to being 'seen'.
Everything is Consciousness - nothing is separately existing. Instead of the clever thinking of all the King's horses and all the King's men, one may simply yield to Consciousness so as to uncover a prior communication/communion. But as this does not embody nor reflect the coercive will of control and survival of the separate self sense - Consciousness is discarded and usurped in order to persist in terms of the current identifications of belief and desire.
But of course, one has not actually wrested control from Life Itself. One is simply exploring the nature and freedom of consciousness in expression. How anyone chooses to see/interpret Ultimate Reality is entirely a matter of choice, always. Home with God by NDW has some sentimental interferences - but is otherwise an excellent summary - if one is open to consider life and death in terms of Consciousness.

(on 'I am an evolved organism...')

Well if that is not a mental definition of a living consciousness - what is?
These definitions function like an eggshell. The sense of 'I' that is reflected from the shell is a conditioned mind - the conditioning is not the mind, but it is the 'reality experience that is being chosen. The belief that IT seems to be creating you (IE the evolutionary adaptation of life to its environment, is the basis of the physical sense, which is magnified and reinforced as the 'shell'.
I only mentioned anxiety - because you projected it on others. It takes one to know one. If you feel comforted by 'truth' but feel smug relative to comfort others find in what you call falsehood - then I suggest there is an opportunity to identify and integrate at a more unified perspective than is currently active - if you want it.
Scientific perspectives are useful but it is always wise to see what purposes they are being employed to serve. For egotism is 'legitimized' or 'sanctified' by crass Darwinian interpretations!

(on mistaking consciousness for 'your brain).

The brain is a receiver - not unlike a tv set.The self-special or egocentic sense believes it is the 'controller' and that it 'has' or 'is' a brain'. Science has shown this is nonsense. The processes of consciousness can be observed before ANY sense of personal volition rises as a thought of 'control'. So in many ways the ego-controller is in its virtual reality in which it dramatizes itself and oblivious for the most part of anything that is actually going on.

I don't use the term supernatural, but simply expand the term 'natural'.

The virtual reality of egocentric drama is a significant aspect of our human experience, but it is only a surface. Insisting that only surface definitions which confirm such an existence are real is simply 'playing the game of the personal sense' amidst physical reality. But physical reality itself is not at all what it seems - as science uncovers. While science limits itself to empirically verified current theory, it plays into the mindset that seeks to use it as leverage in the game of war and manipulation of the world and of others.

You biology - for example - will soon be the property of Corporate interests, as well as your use of the mind and the body.

The trick of the 'ego' is in possessing or enslaving its subjects by seducing them into believing they are free.

The old fashioned thinking is 'self-deception' and our modern idiom is of of unparalleled technological capacities to manipulate mind, biological processes and energy systems within the material realm.

My core message would be that we are consciousness itself - and as such ALWAYS have choice as to the perspectives within which we see. Only by recognizing what we ARE choosing can we choose in alignment with what we truly love. The refusal to love is the insistence that one has no choice and is compelled by victimhood to operate within a darkness of mind under a coercive will to 'survive and prevail'... only to be used and delivered to death by one means or another. One CAN choose this. But if for a moment one realized what one is actually choosing beneath the deceits of the mind - then one would NOT choose it, because it is a meaningless futility, set within justifictions of evasion.
By all means embrace scientific endeavour with a whole heart and enjoy your life! Because what you love is open to your involvement. If 'love' is not your word, use your word. Love of life is not a coercive clinging - but an expansive generosity!
I welcome more of such happiness in the world.

(on not being willing to consider life and death in terms of consciousness).

You are not conscious? If you don't care then the Universe reflects that. It is a reflection of a Non-Physical (Consciousness) that you are integral to or you would not (could not) exist.
There isn't REALLY an afterlife or before-life. Only an ALWAYS or Now-Life. Our notions are temporal perspectives to a consciousness that persists as identification within its own forms of limited focus.
You exist, The One is being all that you are and you are uniquely part of the One.
WhatEVER you give out, you get back - and so are free to think and focus and believe WHATEVER - without penalty, excepting that if you define yourself negatively, you create a negative hostile interpretation-experience of All That Is.
Everything changes apart from the above three facts. You will find the attempt to 'hold onto the changing' and exercise control over it, is more of a death than a life - in the sense of Conscious Recognition and Appreciation.
There is no escape from the 'Equation', nor is the idea of escape itself a meaningful proposition.The physical sense is in some ways like a virtual reality experience in which Consciousness seems subordinate to unconsciously defined parameters.
You have almost defined yourself out of your own existence, but the word almost, in this case means have not. You exist. As you define yourself, so you are experiencing. This may seem coercive upon you from your past, from the acts of others, from your 'genes', but it is chosen. There are other aspects to Consciousness than what we call 'conscious waking life'.

(On derision, and ridicule in place of discussion)

Thankyou for offering such clarification of your consciousness into this discussion.
Human consciousness is not necessarily conscious of its nature AS consciousness. It could be considered a sort of sleepwalking.
Life and death can be considered merely as functioning carbon units and non functioning units. You can choose to see life purely in terms of bio-robotics - and if it pleases you - why not?
That is only to demonstrate that your choices are creating the experience that you prefer of whatever is actually present TO experience.
This is no different before the event called birth nor after the event called death.
It is the nature of consciousness in action, because everything happens THROUGH you and not to you.
Because our choices can define and limit our options, we can in a sense give our power away to others, to institutions, governments, families, ideologies, belief systems. That which serves survival and prevailing over has its place - as does that which serves the joy of exploration and discovery. The first is part of anchoring and maintaining consciousness in the physical focus, and the second is of uncovering the more of what IS from the unique perspective that is you now. That is you now. The 'now' is an indicator of you as conscious - now and not merely reacting from a database of learned responses - or 'sleepwalking'.
Thankyou for sharing a blessing. I'll keep it. The attacks on the person are not deliverable to this address and so remain with you.

(On being accused of flowery language)

Not flowery at all!
Existence IS. What you make of it is YOUR choice. By your choices YOU create YOUR experience. You are the centre of YOUR Universe but not as you are currently choosing to identify in concept, image and symbol. That aspect is essentially unimportant because essence is beyond mental construct.
Anxiety is the energy of LIFE experienced through a filter of negative self-definition. Because energy is neutral to your CHOICE.
'It' does not create meaning - that is YOUR gift to share - which It supports. This is 'hard' fact because it strips to a stark existence. The 'mind' is a lens of conditioned definitions, the body is a magnifying device for such definitions as intend a 'physical existence'. One may choose to enjoy and explore such experience in whatever way we choose - including every kind of struggle and limitation. We can close 'our mind' but Consciousness remains Wide Open.

(on considering belief in God as an afterlife insurance)

If there is Divinity to what your life truly is - why wait until you see what you've missed so as to recognize you had it all along?
Believing in God is a very limiting category - to live the life that is alive in you to be lived is what will serve more than superstructural assertions upon variable definitions.
There is the believing that presents one's persona - and the believing that one acts out from in full confidence. Not many choose to release their personal identity and channel the life that then flows more clearly - but our lives often involve some degree of this process.
The consciousness we try to enact or assert in our life is often one that distorts, limits and blocks the clear and full communication and appreciation of life. Not least because of an exclusive and fearful identification with a physically derived and defined sense of self.
Bio-centrism may serve a reopening from the dark ages of psych-emotional tabboos as to the true nature of Consciousness - of which our own tiny version, is an expression.
So called sanity has demanded NOT to look at the foundations of our own self-definitions.
I suggest that the various strands of our planetary insanity are insoluble UNLESS we shift to a perspective that CAN and DOES observe our basic beliefs and definition from WITHIN Consciousness rather than as if it can only be dealt with empirically. This is transformational and this is part of what the taboo protects - because it fears the transformation to be invalidating of its investments.
If you were an 'oil magnate' would you welcome free energy? It applies no less on a personal level.
The investment in scarcity and control consciousness reflects as society, politics and industry.
(on being interpreted as equating consciousness in purely personal terms)
The term 'me' or 'you' is interchangeable to what Consciousness is. The implication I feel in your comment - of self specialness - is simply egocentricity. This is a vapid delusion whether expressing in 'scientific' or 'religious' clothes.
When one releases their involvement in egocenticity, they will see no war in such apparent divisions, nor seek to assert self righteousness.
The key is a shift in perspective from thinking, to knowing. You could call it a 'eureka moment.
Any apparent dilemma has a transcendent perspective from which new directions emerge.
The mentality that persists in dilemma as if to 'win', is simply an expression of a desire to remain in the devil it knows, rather than open to the unknown. Yet this futility actually serves to awaken a desire to grow beyond current limitations.
(on matter)
Perhaps what matters is the Mater or Matrix of one's consciousness.
I don't sense it minds what we think - but such focus is a selection and a rejection both.
Energetic relations of interpenetrating communications may appear material as a specific act of focus - and continuous to a persistent focus. But what actually is the substance of energetic relation?
And what is the activity of focus upon such relation that the relation occurs within - or else it could not be known?
Oh you could dig deeper than that if you were bothered.

Do you really believe that humankind has been stupid until you came along?

If you would understand other cultural expressions, you have to be humble enough to listen and learn.

But when you believe you are right and the natives are stupid savages, you attempt to stamp your own ideas upon everyone.

I quite agree with you that 'God' by whatever name or no name - is beyond definition, and so any concept we entertain will say more about our self than 'God'.

The god that we make in our own image is made in a coercive image. Be it Mosaic, or gene machine. But the God that embodies the actuality of existence - at whatever level of consciousness we perceive it - is not coercive upon us, in any degree, way, shape or form.

The mentality of the image of our self-definition FORBIDS or disallows God. It is literally as if a coercive intent can only 'live' from the 'death' of God. But coercive intent is not the true nature of our being  though it has been a dominant feature in our consciousness.

One does not have to wait to observe the nature of consciousness - and in any case the future never actually arrives - why? Because it is always your 'now' passing through time.

The mind can set up expectations and find them unmet - dis-appointed. But that is simply something else one can observe. One does not have to BE disappointed - one can simply notice the feeling reveals that an expectation-appointment was set up.

If what does unfold as experience is infinitely more than anything imaginable - then no one will tarry long in a mentality that has been rendered redundant.

A human consciousness at a surface level can flit amidst innumerable distractions and never know, simply because what it believes to know is always something past or something yet to come. Its mind is set to make a 'continuity' of whatever can be used to support its justifiction - and downplay or ignore whatever does not.

Consensus reality is a broad mutually agreed set of definitions, in the mind of each. It has never been static and is not in any way solid - yet it offers a framework within which certain life experiences can be accessed and explored.

We perhaps recognize that our consciousness changes - and perhaps presume to see that as being the pinnacle of a rational evolution over the childish and foolish past. But it is simply the ideas in reflection that are held as our core beliefs and definitions or what we are and what life is for.

Very few are obliged or allow themselves to stand naked in their own thought in life... until their death. Without mutual reinforcements and reflections, the true nature of one's consciousness is revealed undisguised. NOT to judgement - but to a truly revealing awareness.


It is true that if one is to speak of what cant be spoken, one still only has words to attempt it.

Everything is simultaneous and within that is the opportunity to experience sequentially - as a 'lifetime'.

The theory is just a theory. But if your consciousness expands, you too will be unable to articulate it in linear conceptual terms.

If you experience anything directly you can immediately see that you cannot actually define or articulate it either.

But you can also observe how what you define and believe colours your experience - indeed creates the context in which you experience.

I'm not familiar with Lanza or attached to his ideas - but consciousness is not actually objectifiable. Yet is inherent to any and every experience no matter how dumb-assed or how highly disciplined its thought.

I appreciate that one can only 'explore' or uncover the nature of consciousness by yielding to the movement in consciousness that is self-revealing. When the self-assertive consciousness relaxes or is still, inspiration occurs as a natural revelation - that is as a gift.

Anyone involved in creative endeavour has noticed this. Much of such gift is usurped by the persona level. It is true that we may struggle long and hard to come to a point of letting go - and then 'break through' - but that is simply because we define ourselves such as to not be able to accept a gift openly, freely and without struggle.
For how could we put our 'name' to it if we all knew it was gifted to share?