Monday, 20 December 2010

Lovelessness and pornography

Lovelessness - asserts it freedoms to abuse, exploit and worship fantasies upon life, upon others upon ones own body - as a substitute for real relationship - which it knows nothing of - and fears. It knows not an honouring, trust-growing, undefended, and loving relationship and lives out a distorted fantasy life in secret.

Sexual loving is a beautiful language of being. Our bodies are wonderful communicators of loving presence - as we allow ourselves to let go of strategic self interest - getting something or getting away from something - and discover ourselves caring, playing, and holding each other. Oneness is not a climax - it is the very ground of our being - shared. There is so much more to life than what we think we know - and that is experienced a wonder, beauty and a glorious quality of being - of a communioned life.

Lovelessness is a disconnected sense of self-lack in isolation that restlessly seeks stimulating distraction in order to feel alive - and thus deadens itself and calls it 'satisfaction'. It then ups the stakes in order to get a hit or becomes addicted to reenacting empty rituals. Fantasy life that fucks up the capacity to look beyond outer forms and discover the truly wondrous nature of love - because a society that has become fearful has turned its back on love and instead seeks selfishly to grasp at whatever offers makes its pain subside - and hates to open to a light of a shared awareness. It hates to love - and loves to hate.

By being available outside a cultural context of relationship, pornography becomes culturally acceptable currency. Women have their labia cut to look like the girls in the porn. College kids emulating the porn scenarios that are purveyed as if women are dirty slut bitches and fit only to fist, fuck and cum all over as if that were a gift!

When does playing in - and exploring boundaries become the deception and abduction or coercion of sex slaves? Is it when we care more about maintaining our own fantasies than letting the truth of another - or of our self - interfere?

I am writing here because there is a much larger conversation about our sexuality, than socially induced consumerism, that extends a 'culture' of exploitation, manipulation, and usury - and calls it freedom. It is not talked openly - but referred to in comic tones - that let a sort of slapstick, gloss over and sanitize it as a 'bit o'fun'.

Now if a demeaning and malicious lie about you is propagated as if it were truth - you would not subscribe to it - nor would you nurture it - nor would you defend its right to be equal to the truth. Instead you would subscribe to that which promotes appreciation of truth, and invest your care and value in it. You might struggle long to come to your senses though as the cultural pressures suggest that its ok to fuck yourself up - or indeed anyone else - because we are free of outdated and phoney moral sensibilities - and "We are all individuals".

Distractions that serve to cover the dissonance of human life do not really give freedom - they bring hollow emptiness and addiction. However, with those whose full intent is to wilfully assert themselves as they are not - and declare themselves self-content - it is vain to argue. Life is a teaching - learning adventure - and we are free to learn through pain as well as joy. Forgiveness is a real release from guilt when one is willing to accept and share it. No one is damned but by their own refusal.

What we demonstrate in our lives - is the culture that we share - particularly to those who we welcome into the world and pass on the ways we know. All are free to learn according to their own heart's guidance - no matter what experiences we have - we ultimately choose the meaning it has for us.

But the Meaning that is uncovered that truly serves us all is not one of dressing up in the dark so as to play out our own psychodrama - but of a genuine kindness, care and attention.

I see the raising of the curtains of a false privacy as the disclosure to ourselves of ourselves - and this IS a real opportunity. Because amidst our self spun script of a life we act out as if it were real - and discover perhaps a lot later - that we chose against our own heart's desire.

There may be a lot of money in selling porn - but there is only an undermining of commonwealth. Is there a place for it? Of course there is - but if it is not kept in its place it usurps ... the capacity of Soul to feel and know life directly.

Thanks for your attention

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Freedom, trust and honesty - wikileaks

The personification of issues whether via the hero’s halo or the smear of shame is irrelevant and serves only to obscure a current movement in consciousness.

The way to enjoy and appreciate freedoms is to exercise them, wholeheartedly.

We are not free to make the truth be what we say it is and then act out from that as if we are acting legitimately - no matter what degree of coercive intent we may bring to bear. For when we do so we are suffering deception - and 'inviting' contagion. This is the loss of true freedom for ‘a lead role in a cage’.

Governments acting in secret assure their citizens in public that they are protecting and serving them. If through disclosure they are shown to be hypocrites - then let it be an opportunity to regain a sane and legitimate basis for communication and governance. Not tomorrow but henceforth.

The mind that fights against - is trapped in the very argument as defined by its 'believed' or chosen opponent.

Standing for or giving witness to truth - is worthy of trust when it is an expression of a peaceful intent - for taking 'sides' is a way of asserting one’s identity wilfully rather than discerning the real in receptive willingness to discover. Of course others will perceive according to their choice.

All are equally deserving of the awareness of truth - and the truth is not as we would make it or spin it to ourselves. Truth is not deception. Its tangibility is associated with the absence of fear and the presence of trust.

The illegitimacy of deception may give rise to a sense of an evil intent and therefore a justified enmity. But only truth reveals illegitimacy in terms of correction. The ‘deceiver’ can use everything including disclosure of truths to serve a hidden agenda. Therefore be free of a hidden agenda.

The mind that seeks to use guilt - blame and shame - against others and thereby feel self validated is yet playing out a deeper private agenda of misplaced self interest in which it sleeps. There are fears beneath the surface that work to KEEP secret - to keep hidden - from awareness. It is here that the real work is engaged that is also reflected in the world we share.

The complexity and sheer impossibility of maintaining a masked reality means that there are disclosures and leaks - and these are usually dealt with by distraction and denial so as to 'restore normal reality'. I'm not talking now about the U.S - but about all of US.

The kinds of cultural shift that are genuinely NEEDED - come through discerned opportunities that are TAKEN. Don't wait for your leaders.

Meanwhile Tweedledee and Tweedledum provide our sport - while we play brinkmanship with a Great Tar Barrel!

There are of course many layers of meaning through such events as are unfolding - but a true priority is more likely to arise from a calm and connected heart and mind.

That the human mind is given to tricksy deceit whereby it takes on and is thereby taken in - is not news - except to us who are waking up to that we've been party to it. Don't try to hide that from your awareness or invest it with guilt.

The story of Jesus gives example of how to 'deal' with hypocrites and trick questions - and yet to be patiently dedicated in educating and serving to the genuine willingness of others - regardless of their apparent status.

He did not do so by using guilt against them to unseat them - and thereby gain the upper hand. Quite the opposite - he Lived guiltlessness to those who suffered their own sin and freed them of the need to believe it as their truth.

He didn't 'do' this so much as be unwilling to 'do' otherwise - and then trusted the movement of being that expressed itself as helpfulness, wholeness and healing.

A true peace can come only from honesty - and for this - the internal divisions whereby we like to maintain private agendas secret even from ourselves must be freely - step by step - undone.

When the mind that spins in its own deceits seeks to broadcast - let it be discerned and disregarded - so that attention can be wholly given to listening for true guidance in the need of the current situation as it truly is.

This is a matter of practicing so as to bring forth the basis from which we live. For what we demonstrate - or ‘teach’ - teaches us.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cablegate - exposure and opportunity

In a world predicated on gaining or maintaining oneupmanship we are in a sense always at war and always seeking strategic alliance for self serving ends that we justify to our particular self or business or nation - as survival - as well as calling on our particular mythology of specialness.

I feel there is another way of communicating than with a two faced approach and that we cannot imaging what such an approach can bring in terms of benefit - because we are so deeply programmed to fearful and exploitative ways of 'relating' to ourselves - each other, and our world.

The Golden Rule is to do as you would be done by - and there is simply SO MUCH that is currently accepted currency of exchange that is less than that - that there will be considerable fear and reaction to the loss of privacy in terms of exposing a manipulative intent.

However, let them who are pure in heart and mind throw the first stone. The blame game is itself just another mechanism of manipulation. My point is that we are invited by circumstance to find ways to communicate that are really effective communication - rather than playing the game of deception.

I don't believe this is imaginable as a practice until some kind or heart awakening honesty pulls the lawless self-will into alignment with a Greater Purpose. But then again, the increasingly unstable scenario of our times begs the reevaluation of who and what we are and what life is - as well as our true function as participant expressions of life.

The contagion and disease of fear is not only poison to the spirit - but sets the scene whereby we are easily manipulated and controlled so as not to awaken and be expressive of our spirit. Yet the enemy is never really 'out there' but is a mentality that we think we can use and 'get away with it'. But it is a hollow path that brings loneliness, poverty and suffering.

Yes there are other aspects to the wikileaks - but the reevaluation of the basis of our relationships and communication is the aspect I feel most fruitful of engaging

I am sure to sound hopelessly naive. But the reality of love is not a matter of belief- but the context in which everything meaningful aligns truly.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wikileaking truth into the mind that thinks it thinks alone

Amidst the drama of our engaged attention and the outpicturing of fundamental aspects of the human mind. I pause to let leak into awareness, something of the nature of mind itself. To intuit upstream. To be released of the hack that runs as if who and what it thinks it is - IS what it is.

Truth is truth by being truth and not as as informational support or means for personal or private enhancement or gain. That truth is the first casualty of war should be a practical alarm for any who notice the engagement in war in their own heart and mind.

The conspiracy of fearful mind is one of shared purpose amidst a private darkness that gives preference to a private self interest above truth itself. It doesn't mind what political nature runs 'the country' as long as it owns the bank that controls the 'currency'. In this sense the currency of our love of truth is liable to be subverted by the false currency of derivative 'truths' - that appeal to our unquestioned, fear driven 'needs'.

When desires of a self-seeking nature are indulged, they bias or distort the appreciation of truth, all things will then automatically be used to support and validate the false perspective - and therefore justify an interpretation of reality that is presumed or believed to be true against alternate assertions that are automatically seen as adversary - and fought against.

We become the thing that we hate - because we feed it with our attention and identify it as real to us.

The truly personal dimension of truth is the intimacy of freedom to love.
But the personification of truth is a psychological or mythological overlay of story that seeks to create a personal sense - separate from truth. To - as it were - 'tell the truth' and acquire validity and authority from the telling, rather than share in the appreciation of and natural guidance within - a presently connected sense of reality.

When blame substitutes for responsibility, truth has been put aside for the game of denying and excluding the fear of guilt from our mind.

In self signed certificate of our moral righteousness we are phished by a blind and unloving intent to fight our shadows upon our unrecognized kindred.

Love of truth must remain rooted in the truth of love - or its simply a war game. War games are addictive to those who maintain their identity or sense of self from opposition, from the thrill of the sport and the drama of becoming.

The exposure of that which was hidden can serve a greater good than grabbing advantage or feeding a habit.

Our times are calling forth fundamental change - and require a true accounting of what we are and do - so that we can be in truth renewed.

The desire to know truth is the release of the desire to hide or subvert it. But it is not a witchhunt.

The resources that become available when fear loses it grip on the human heart - are unimaginably rich. Truth is not scarce - but witness for truth is the great need of our true heart.

May we discern our good amidst the noise of the world - and discover a world less dense, less lightless and more integrated; more sane.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Moving to culture of rehabilitation?

 Rehabilitation cannot be applied like band aid - nor can it effectively coexist with a culture of vengeance and punishment.

To wake up to - and find alignment with - our true home - our true environment and our 'true family' or culture of relationship, cannot be mere continuance of the mind of a passively aggressive but generally sublimated reaction, that inevitably arises from lack of any genuinely consciously shared sense of life or identity.

Our most fundamental metaphysical or philosophical self and world beliefs are involved and expressed in all that we do  - but are generally invisible unless we compare and contrast cultures and epochs.

We have 'wanted' to explore the belief and indulge the experience of being 'self determining authoritative powers in our own right - and have an unconsciously communicated societal bedrock of presumption of a 'God given' free will which has then become 'self and other destructive' and has disqualified us of true love-worthiness.

We have then attempted to live in fear and to attempt to become successful - yet without a real basis of shared worthiness - all our self-becomings are vain illusion.

Such lack of any real substance is accompanied by more and more concern with image and presentation and coercive pressures to conform to increasingly meaningless criteria.

That this breaks down is a sign of a deeper sanity - But the symptoms are alarms to wake up to having strayed and thus accept a process of 'adjustment' to become currently connected anew..

Unless we live and grow such a culture, we continue in a madness of ever shifting and conflicting 'self-interests' - that serve apparent short term interests of the mood or power of the day without ever engaging or addressing reality.

I write into such a forum in the faith that a deeper awakening of heart is called for - and not a continuance of tricky thinking and self serving opinion.

We have become prisoners of our own mind. The mechanism of 'the scapegoat - the dumping of our personal hate and sin onto others so as to then exclude them - is a childish magic that not only doesn't heal - but perpetuates guilt, fear and distrust and division.

Economic catastrophe brings with it the intelligence of energy use - of what in truth we can afford. Not as a financial consideration - but at a much deeper level of alignment with true priority.

If we want something that truly works - we can not afford to indulge in and manipulate the mythology and mechanism of guilt for personal gain.
This means we have to become willing again to honestly feel again - yet NOT react out of the interpretations that first arise, but instead grow a culture of support to move through pain, fear and hate, in order to regain a greater sanity.

Practical outcomes will never arise from imposed or applied thinking - no matter how ingenious the thinking - or indeed how inspired it is - unless the context of its working out is a cooperative willingness.

If our behaviour is truly undermining of and threatening to ourselves or each other - it is altogether appropriate that we meet with proportionate restraint and a process of education appropriate to the nature of the situation.

True citizenship is being usurped by a mindless manipulative madness that is its own sin and punishment both. Life lived truly arises from the law of love - and it is this that must be our compass: love.

It is seemingly impossible to reach those who are prisoners of their own thought - for they create an exclusion zone and will not listen. Yet it is impossible to suffer such exclusion of one's own heart and know peace, joy or true fulfilment.

We are all in this - life - together - but not in the way our thinking sets up. A change of heart is a change of the basis of all our thought.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Wikileaks - the mind of the mask undone?

Is it possible to be consistent in thought and deed? To not be false or hypocritical?

Is it possible that the left hand knows what the right hand doeth but chooses not to know so as to operate in secrecy and stealth with guile - and then automatically presume, experience and act as if everyone else is operating on the same basis - and act in such a way as to promote and justify fear in the other?

Is it possible for fears to be acknowledged and true communication - reached between parties who have historical enmity or rivalry - such that a heartfelt trust is felt as a pervasive presence?

I feel it is possible - and ultimately necessary - but runs counter to an existing identity and mindset of control, manipulation and mind control. Such a strategy is understandable - but blind. For by it the history of confusion, conflict and their related sufferings - is perpetuated.

The language and models that we entertain in our thought and language tend to express and promote private or local mythologies of a phoney sense of self. A special sense of self. Acting out a fantasy life at the expense of a shared or true life. This is now what we are offered for our consumption by our media at large, but we are not consumers - we are in relationship with, and participant in - Life.

Stealing life from life and from each other may be business as usual - but it undermines all that is truly beautiful and good - even if it works under the guise of worthy endeavour or temporary alliances against enemies in common.

The mark of slavery is fear - and is written on the brows of those who do not look within and find peace, nor look out with a blessing from such peace.

I do not expect any nation to put its house in order but that the culture of its people calls it to order. In this sense I use 'a house un-divided' as a house that can stand. To find a shared will amidst the differences that we all have needs an ever greater willingness to uncover communication - within ourselves - and with each other.

We need each other because by and of ourselves alone - we are blind amidst our own thought.

The reactive and superficial urge is to force outcomes in favour of oneself - or to use guile to maintain a secret agenda to achieve outcomes by stealth.

When superiority or dominance is imposed or coerced upon others it serves short term private ends at the expense of all. It kills it host and looks for the next opportunity to exploit - because it equates exploiting as living.

May your own personal wikileaks awaken you not to humiliation and despair or tragi-comic attempts of bluff and bluster - but to a reappraisal of the way the mind works and its blindness - when taken out of the heart that truly engages, listens and accepts involvement.

Dishonesty may mimic the forms of civility to mask its true intent, but exposure to the light of an unjudgemental awareness rewakens sanity as an entirely fresh basis from which to act.

We equate freedom with slavery and run from freedom as it it were slavery.

But to be and appreciate the very being that you are, remains your true freedom - and from that perspective, one can directly discern truly.

When truth outs us - don't reach to throw the first stone. Listen more deeply and abide with what is found in the heart in silence.

The tricksy voice that speaks as if for you does not know you, love.

Until you leave it unused, you accept it as your own.

Yes - I am leaking within your own mind that which you are programmed to reject.

As within - so without.

In gratitude for your attention - even if it seemed to render nothing of any consequence to your appetite!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

What's Love Got to Do With It?

The article linked above looks at violent abuse of wives - by their husbands.
In which the minds of the women tend to denial and justification of the an unlove as if it were an expression of love. How can my heart not go out to those in confusion who suffer hurting and being hurt? But it reaches out in willingness for life. In this call, I learn a better way.

The basis of loving relationships is an integrity or wholeness of being, but our society and education rarely uncovers such to ourselves - and if anything - tends to a subtle reinforcement of self-lack, inadequacy and powerlessness - and a consequent drive to an imaginitive reparation in terms of a private ego.; to become in some way respected, powerful, significant, validated.

From such a distorted sense of oneself, hurt, shame and hatred arise, and the mind in such pain seeks to offset or mitigate its dis-ease upon scapegoats; the use of others as supporting roles in anunrecognized and therefore unhealed insanity.

The nature of the mind is that what it extends or expresses, it validates to itself - and when it finds a mutual agreement with other minds it trades such a sense of validation as if it were real. Yet using others to get a private sense of self-validation is not love and no real realationship is present.

Awakening to our essential integrity is not about winning justice and validating our victimhood, but is opening to a deep honesty of being in which we no longer impose our story upon events and demand life support our story - but we see our story and we feel our feelings without shame or judgement - so as to let ourselves into the presence of 'being': - the silence of willingness to listen and learn anew for direction and the unwillingness to act out from, nurture, protect or grow - the life undermining scripts that never bring fulfillment or joy but always poison or deny us.

The fears in our hearts are fundamental - not to our being - but to our sense of ourselves in the world. So much so, that our sense of the world is a shifting insecurity, weak, undependable, hostile. We forget that what we give out is what we share - and we see enemies everywhere.

Love says “No!” from an awakened faith in wholeness. The way in which that is expressed will find its appropriate expression - but the what of it is an integrity of being that truly serves the whole world - and establishes conditions of restraint, unavaillability and true education.

A true education is healing or wholing - and yet it is the demonstration of such integrity that teaches - and not the ideas alone.

The mind that acts as if outside the heart is lawlessness. If it is put out on others it cannot be recognised - for there is a false love in seeing the wrongdoer and feeling right that deceives us. Still the mind and listen in the true heart . Such an Intimacy of Being is With us all. Yet the abuse and violence in our world out-pictures a scenario within our minds in which we hold to a willfulness of thought and intent that cuts off, denies and distorts our own heart .

This is not a call to be sinful - but a call for immediate healing. Do not love the voice that tells you that you are unworthy of love’s presence.

Give it your disregard.

Attend to the living.

Share life.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The disintegration of the (Anglican) Church

The desire to be right usurps the desire to let truth reveal itself.

In all things - we may listen in the stillness within - where the movement of Spirit is known. And then - remain listening - so as to be guided in the expression of that communion.

To focus upon the wrong in our brother or sister is simply a device of distraction - and self deception.
The human mind has become associated with distraction - and deception. It uses selected truths to support its purposes but has no heartfelt connectedness - nor recognises love as truly lovely.

It is appropriate that structures disintegrate when they no longer serve the life that inspired them. Not so that man can make new structures or become clever at creating structures that do not, in fact, serve. But so that we waken from a sleepwalking dream to an ever present Reality - that is not of our making or interpretation - yet Is both guide and inspiration to all our thought and endeavour.

Jesus example was appropriate to those he met and lived with - and the times he lived in. But it was an exemplary willingness to manifest the discerned Will of the Spirit of awakened love. he was willing to engage in loving with all kinds of people because he was firstly his Father's son. Don't deify Jesus and render your being ‘unholy’ by your own judgement - but live from the same Spirit and be shown the light in others that you have denied yourself.

In such a touch of shared recognition is the foundation upon which the living Church is built. It is utterly not of this world - yet is the Indwelling Christ that redeems the world. How so? By seeing only as love sees - all that love is.

The only people Jesus gave no time to were hypocrites - whose presentation was a deception - or manipulation. He didn't excommunicate or damn them - but let them not ensnare his mind - his time and his care.

For those who discern meaning beyond forms - even archaic expressions can serve perfectly. But our times call for a fresh expression of eternal truth - because the old terms have been so misused and rendered meaningless for so many.

I feel that we can rediscover ways to join - to experience a heartfelt communion in life, with each other as ourselves - without the mind that trades and deals in words, definitions, symbols and judgements - as if these were in themselves Truth.

And as if we then self assign ourselves as 'Christ-ian' - or any other identity or role imposed upon our true being to mask a mind unloving.

Darwin shows us the evidence: One life! But such mechanism as is seen - even with extended senses, is seen by looking mechanically. The Spirit of God is One. Let Life show Its Own, how to see without judgement of good and evil.

Then the true shall rise as the false falls away.

Humanly, it will all feel rather messy and unsettling to open to a greater love than self serving ends amidst the conflicts and deceptions that have seemed to justify our withholding until now. But true poverty is a heart that has forgotten to give. Not - I add - to give 'things' - but to give itself. This might have things attached - but can not have strings attached.

To share in the willingness for and the presence of ... love - is our most fundamental nature - regardless of the coverings of sin that suggest we are loveless. Regardless of any kind of religious or scientific theory that explains and justifies our lovelessness as our reality.

in Love's blessing

The face of politics?

Puppet regimes may be given a certain amount of leeway - as long as in every important respect they act according to their master's mandate.

Politicians do not exist or act in a vacuum - but attract and express support for the interests that they serve. The clever way to enslave people is to do so with the belief that they are free - and to hook them into dependance and indebtedness after asset stripping anything that can be turned into cash.

'Democracy' is no longer an appeal to reasoned participation and communication - but is more about 'mind-control'. So to put a 'frontman or woman' as the public face is no longer about appealing to reason - for reason is not the friend to wishful thinking.

Exceptionalism is a sense of being special, different and superior to others. It can arise from an inspirational source - but it blocks further inspiration and works against genuine communication and cooperation.

Opinions are fluff. Yet the world can 'trade' in fluff and assume postures of meaningful gravitas.

For my part, I feel the American Dream is over. Past it sell by date. hanging onto it is a way to become increasingly dissociated. The Western dream is over. The ideas that formed it are no longer currency.

What arises when the old order crumbles? Well that depends on the willingness to find out - and on active faith in Life beyond our human folly. The old thinking doesn't find or hold the new wine.

It merely polarises into a set that excludes any real enquiry or communication. Because it expresses a fear of and unwillingness to ... change.

The times they have a changed - but what grows here in this new mind we've uncovered - that really works/ Not 'works to keep the facades up a bit longer' - but really works.
It all comes down the the underlying purpose that we hold dear.
'self interest' runs amok and undermines everything - when taken out of its living context.
Perhaps we will rediscover that context out of dire necessity.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Unwinnable wars and the mentality of self illusion

The infectious mentality is on all sides of a conflict - when that conflict is engaged in terms of war against an unholy or un-sane enemy. War against terror/Jihad = the same blind call to eradicate an unowned shadow.
Practical wisdom has to look within with deep honesty amidst urgent need - whilst also bringing step by step practical response to the ACTUAL need or call  - and not becoming a mindless mechanism of perceptual 'needs'.
Our opportunity as a western culture is to engage in 'readjustment' with reality - because the world at large - incl some Islamic nations and individuals - are not fitting into OUR way of life nor our economically driven political charade.
In this sense the WAKE UP CALL for renewing and extending the REAL values within our own culture is an unrecognized gift.
The mindset or modality of thought that needs reexamining is not merely in 'leaders' or 'others' - but is in our own minds. Communication Works when truly engaged rather than using war to EXcommunicate.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cultural and historical dominance and development

History can be seen as  a current of ideas that are fleshed out in human experience. Some 'thrive' become 'dominant' and develop until they lose their initial vitality and become stagnant identifications rather than active aspiration. A constantly shifting environment of ideas that themselves spawn all sorts of further ideas. All of which is outpictured and reflects back to our mind.
The idea of dominance is a very deeply held idea and is associated with an individual person or group wielding power and maintaining privileged conditions.

There are all sorts of factors that can be seen as a confluence of nature and nurture, in the unfolding development of human events.

I would like to suggest - that the ideas use whatever channels are optimal and that the human ego - whether personal or national - is part of the programme and not the mind of the programming.

Genetic inheritance means that ideas which are fundamentally separative from and undermining of - Our Life as a Communing Intelligence - pass on their foundation no matter what form they take.

The notion of control and dominance is central to such a mind - yet it actually creates discord and scarcity and meets apparent breakdown and failure.

The global society is brought about via corporate activity and intent that is in many ways the 'dominant and controlling power' regardless of the apparent dominance of host nations.

However, the consequences of instability are increasingly dire and cannot be hidden, or disguised amidst propaganda and distraction.

So I expect a fundamental awakening - at a deeper level than our history could suggest - albeit via great stimulus to find a truly sane basis for living.

Curiously, mere thinking blinds us to the current of Living Thought that could be called inspiration, guidance and a truly heartfelt  intelligence.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Robin Hood Tax

When there is STRONG feeling of wrong or injustice, there is every liability of such emotional charge being manipulated for private agendas that are  disguised in the apparent good intention.

Initially it seems that only a fool or someone high in the financial sector or supported by it directly, would not sign up to the campaign premise. However, what is needed - I feel - is a deeper reevaluation of the basis on which we live. Because otherwise the same 'power' politics of hidden intent and manipulative self interest will continue to be exercised on a personal and collective basis.

There is a need to limit and hold to account, the lawlessness of the Global Corporate activity - which works within and is  dominated by the International financial sector. Governments do not have the power to do this outside of a global shift of consciousness - for they only operate within the mandate that the consciousness of their peoples give them.

For such a shift in consciousness, there needs to be a willingness to demonstrate a self honesty and unanonymity  founded in a conviction or faith of life rather than a consumer or herd like identity in a mass movement. Because the latter is always an unconscious manipulation and the former is always a living self responsibility.

The one who desires to change the world must first understand the deeper mechanism of consciousness that predicates the world as it is humanly experienced. Or it merely reenacts the same loveless and exploititive insanity in the name of a self deceiving agenda.

For deception is the art of using complexity, confusion and and distraction in order to achieve a desired outcome of appearance - whether in financial, political or personal activities.

Taxes have a part to play - but the real issue is not adjusting the mechanism but of pulling the curtains on the 'Wizard of Oz' in our own Mind.

This is my heartfelt contribution at this time. It is offered to be considered - as you have willingness and as you can discern relevance. True Justice involves a restoration to the wholeness of your being as a basis of discerning and experiencing truth. This is unconditionally available and yet will also serve to guide the healing and restoration of right relations amidst the conditions of the world as we know it.

Hate is never creative and cannot create a just world. Yet in our grasping for a validation of ourselves and our opinions, we can so easily love to hate the scapegoats that seem to carry the sins we hate - in our own mind.

Tax the loveless thinking such that it has to serve a re awakening Purpose - instead of running on unnoticed - in the dark - as if it represented our heart's desire.

I am an individual member of the human family and have no organisational affiliations. I declare an interest in desiring sanity as a shared condition in which we learn to share and therefore enjoy and appreciate a commonwealth of abundance instead of creating artificial scarcities in a fearful and lonely state of possession.

I call not so much for new thinking - but for a surrender of thinking to a shift in purpose - a shift in the Heart. This inevitably brings a change in thought - but thinking itself will not be the foundation. As if meaning itself can really be encapsulated in thoughts or as if value itself could really be encapsulated in money.

Thank you for your attention.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

'Haitch' or 'aitch'? How do you pronounce 'H'?

Reflections on language and its usage.

Our ego identity or self image is expressed and in part maintained by adopting particular and peculiar terms and modes of expression.
In other words we are not only expressing a class or regional instance - but are expressing a  - lets say - generational or current consciousness.
This is so obvious when looking and listening to archive tv.

in all our expression and presentation we can fulfil  the desire to self-differentiate as individual or as a group member - as well as to blend in for acceptability or mask oneself so as not to suffer exclusion or unwanted attention.

I tend to discern between consciously intended language and cloned template delivery - in the latter I see a mask that can ‘lock one in’ as well as seeming to keep risk - or life - out.

So I do not so much care for the form in itself as for the purpose in consciousness that the form serves. I enjoy language that has a sense of care in it - as well as a richness of expression. Much of human 'communication' is a facade designed to avoid communicating? (That’s not a real question - but a reference to the intonation often brought to the close of a statement - a la Neighbours-speak)

That there are deeper strata of causative influence at work behind all change - a kind of development and evolution, (or perhaps mere kaleidoskope), of collective idea - is perhaps evidence that our so called independent identity - with all its proofs of presentation - is itself just an expression of an idea and not real in and of itself. A collective mind that plays at being a free market competition?

So I have a sense that differentiation is an algorithm built into the human mindset/genome that introduces random mutations or changes  so as to maintain a capacity to play the game (of an independent thinking organism) and believe it.

But - so what for me and my verbiage!

Communication is at root a miracle!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Speaking out in Courage

The shining of spirit through those who do not succumb to fear is inspirational if we recognize the same discernment and willingness in our selves.
But if we make others too 'special' then 'we are not like them' and are relieved of responsibility.

Fear and guilt are deeply embedded at a fundamental level of human consciousness, and manifest as conflicted identity. In civilised society, behaviors are managed or regulated to inhibit the acting out of the fear, anger and hatred that is the expression of guilt - (used to refer to a self-justified sense of unworthiness for love. But it does break out in actions in seemingly small ways - and in ways and places that become self-fuelling conflicts.
For hate breeds hate - unless something other than reacting from judgement awakens and acts.
Heartlessness is not always visibly barbaric but expresses a mentality that is quite disconnected from reality. A mentality all too normal in our world and which we tend to use as our guide and protector amidst the very conflicts that it itself creates. As long as we put our own hate on others - by whatever form of spin - then we give power to a disconnected 'reality' - and true value is masked and forgot.

Friday, 8 October 2010

On Top of the World: Why the West’s present dominance is both recent and temporary

An Economist article on a new book:
Why the West Rules—For Now: The Patterns of History and What They Reveal About the Future. By Ian Morris. Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 750 pages; $35. To be published in Britain by Profile in November; £25.

This isn't my attempt to convince or assert - but an essay of response from the way I have come to see human experience and history.

Human consciousness has many facets that are yet of one mind - acted out as is they are separate.
Where are they acted out? In the world.
Where are they one mind - in the non-local or universal consciousness.
How does this relate to the topic?
Because the mentality of dominance and control is itself a play of action and reaction in which force, and reaction make density in which identities are forged, that then play out as if they themselves are the real or true active principle; the agent of change; the free will.
This is so at a collective level as on an individual level.

The notion of dominance is supported by a set of values that must be shared by all players. It is so that core values such as equating true Identity exclusively with the physical - and its presentation - are almost completely unquestioned in the world - because the focus of attention and identification of human consciousness is almost totally engaged and active within 'the world'.

But the 'war' of man upon his brother is the same 'war' he wages on Reality. Upon his Greater Environment. These 'Horsemen of the Apocalypse' are the inevitable result of a misidentification and willfulness that seeks to triumph over, rather than dance or flow or cooperate with.

The Prodigal Son's Inheritance was wasted in a world that ground him down and left him homeless and destitute - but Its Source is an unseparated Consciousness.

The play of a seemingly independent will, in a reality seemingly different or other to it's mind - and largely threatening or hostile to it, sets up a patterns of self-protection and self-serving that can be observed as an identity - that then expresses as a culture. Observed not via the partiality of thinking that merely expresses such a presumption - but observed directly in oneself - for the nature of our awareness itself is a local experience of a Universal Mind - of which we in truth can not separate ourselves - but only forget - and experience as if separated.

So I seek to sketch here some ideas that posit the Greater Mind - if you will - as the primary or native Environment of all human experience and endeavor. History is a working out of idea and experience - but the level on which such a self-educative process actualizes itself is upstream of man's thinking - though when belief and experience change, new insight arises with it.

The idea of dominance - of triumph, is destructive in that it separates from and uses 'the other' as a testimony to the validity of one's own self-made identity or self-will. Written globally, this is out-picturing an insanity.

The opportunity of such times is an awakening to the true nature of our experience - as the effect of the values, thoughts, beliefs and intentions that are currently accepted true - in the greater mind that we all share, knowingly or unknowingly.

Whatever 'life' is - we are in it together. As I give to you - I set up the value that I will myself be done by. Having tried to dominate - I find myself subjected to. Eventually it becomes obvious; I hurt but myself and teach hurt to others who would learn it. What kind of culture arises from the realisation that this is not my will - and allowing a fresh appreciation to rise and become active instead?
Thanks for your attention.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Your Country needs you!

It is so that politicians refer to truths.
Your society - your larger culture - your country DOES need you.
Because without your sense of value manifested among your fellowman - there is a vacuum that is filled by whatever happens to take its place.
This remains true always - because a society where everyone drifts into automatic tramlines of habitual reaction is not creative, nor inspirational or even wisely practical.
Crisis are opportunities to wake up and rededicate or realign ourselves with a current sense of value.
Even though there is a long history of difference, distrust and even enmity between many strands of society, there is a need or a call to not indulge ouselves of our personal reactions and pause and look for willingness to find ways together.
Regaining trust is not about placing trust in others - so much as finding it in our own hearts and extending it to others in a way that is an ongoing communication.

If this coalition fails to answer the need of our times then it will fail altogether - but the need remains to be addressed. It is much deeper and bigger than the slavery that the deficit debt MUST entail.
The ideas of the last century belong there. The new ideas are not going to arise from the old mind. What is a new mind? One that comes from a shift or change of heart.
There are seeds of truth in all sorts of things we reject because we are so attached to being right - and then 'loving to hate' that which we see as enemy or use as scapegoat.
Blame is the shit everyone tries to put on someone else - but only when they stand in the same shit. We ALL were party to the near bankruptcy of our culture in some measure. Rather than try to deal in blame - which always recycles itself when given attention - lets shift to response - ability.
What if no one else does? - Then so what!  A world in which your presence is felt and known is one in which we can meet and share appreciation for who and what we are.
But my sense of becoming active is not from an ideological mask - but from the heart. Take walks in nature. Get out of the routine headspace. Let stillness and wonder into your life. Find new eyes to meet the moment. Its a wake up call.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tea Party, media circus, celeb politics and egomania

Believing in something might be an inspiration. But if, when you look at it, it gets all its juice from needing to oppose or hate, then hey ho! - it's more of the same old con that incites fear or hatred in order to then win allegiance or undermine the perceived 'enemy'.
But this increasingly becomes - not an issue of principle - but of a clash of illusions - each promoting their own brand of - the same old con.

One of the good things about insanity coming into the open is that beliefs that programmed society but have become degraded by mis use can be released of authority and the true values that they originally represented can be uncovered and the value lived out - shared - not as persuasion via manipulative intent - but in peace.

Peace is where sanity is.

'Masturbation' can also be used as a symbol of self regarding fantasy. Who, reading this will cast the first stone?

Rather than use some degraded idea of 'sin' as a mudslinging tactic - I'd just say that self regarding fantasy is something the mind can engage in - but it's a disconnect with actuality - being only an imaginative 'reality'. If enough people agree they can role play. If they then agree to disagree, they can also role play.

In an insane mind, anything can mean anything - though the ones who believe their enemy is here! - now there! - and them! - and also those others! Do believe it - and experience it as if it were real.

Communication cannot occur until there is some willingness to calm, regain a measure of trust and see the value in acting in new ways that do not escalate fear.

Hey! - is anyone listening?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Can you trick your body into feeling younger?

"If elderly people dress, live and talk as they did in their heyday, does this help them feel younger and fitter? Michael Mosley explains how he tested this theory on six faces from the past." See above link for article.


This simple but profound shift in perspective opens up a simple truth - always true. For humanly, we tend to 'live' in our thoughts and accept what they define us to be - both in our pride - and our fall.
"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is", is not relating to the thinking of the head - and the emotional and physical states that that induces.

If there is one thing I would like to see come through into human awareness - it is the (Copernican) realization that we truly exist or abide in Thought - and through Thought - and I am not here referring to the superficiality of self regarding imaginations and spin that are programmed to present ourselves as we are not - (to ourselves and to others). Curiously, this realization is unlikely to occur while we are thinking that we are thinking - for this is the result of accepting a mind as our own that is in fact a strategic attempt to cope with dilemma into which we become 'locked'.

It is not that we need to think positively or differently - but that we need to regain a perspective on our thinking itself. For when there is a  fresh perspective arising in the heart - we are truly renewed and healed of some hindrance from past experience and thought that we had allowed to shut us down.
My point is not to try to improve our lot as masked minds amidst a seemingly hostile or unsupporting universe - but to wake up to the nature of the blindfold and release what no longer serves us as we find a better way.

The advent of computing gives us a clear model where we can see that software can emulate hardware - and run a different kind of software on the emulated hardware. It is time to see the world with new eyes.

The key is the willingness to have faith beyond the experience that defines you as less than, or other than, the love that you truly are.

It isn't a matter of self-will or belief - but of trust, willingness and acceptance.

Temporary conditions can allow a truth to be realized - but then it is time to be willing to live from that truth and not from any self-made thought based understanding that substitutes and tries to replicate it manually.

If you've read this far you'll see that self-deception is the same old story. But don't think you understand - unless your heart feels great peace - or your thought will seem to carry you away from your peace and tempt you to struggle again.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Religion, Science and Truth II

"No evidence will convince you of the truth you do not want" ~ A Course in Miracles.

Wishful thinking is not the basis of a true appreciation of existence. But the truth of desire is desire for truth - in which theoretical constructs expressing and supporting a fanciful self-sense are transcended in direct participation in life.

In thoughtless awareness is a different order of communication discerned, that can be symbolically rendered in conceptual terms but not definitively or without liability of misinterpretation - for such 'communication' of the Living Universe is not dualistic but Holistic - but concepts are dualistic. Duality of mind is not the de facto nature of mind - but is itself the result of wishful thinking, fascination, attachment, identification and the experience arising from self conviction, passionately asserted, defended and maintained. All of this occurs within mind, not unlike software emulating hardware - upon which a different order of software is running.

The spiritual dimension of the religious sense is concerned with meaning and not with mechanism. It does not operate as a scientific investigation of objectively measurable and verifiable constants - which is surely a reductio ad absudum in relation to Meaning because Meaning will forever be lost to a mentality that dissects, qualifies, judges and defines.
Such a mentality might say, "Prove to me that love exists and I will believe it!". Meanwhile it can ONLY perceive at the level of forms which it classifies according to its own hierarchy of ascribed meanings. It therefore essentially ignores the evidences that do not fit its imposed meaning structure.

But the spirit of science is that of uncovering truth - and this is a matter of allowing a perspective that is not self-seeking bias or merely validating a current ignorance. The mind of objectivity limits us to the crude aspects of mechanism - in which relationships have to be guessed at and then 'proven' only for ever more subtle patterning to be discovered that reframes everything in yet more and more obscure and unintelligible theory - whether proven or a current hypothesis that seems to mostly 'fit'.

All of which is a distraction from love and false basis for acting out from. Distraction from what is already known - not at the level of intellect - but in the event that is a true receptivity or communication; love.

Love is beyond belief and also beyond the experience or recognition of a loveless intent. Yet it can be perfectly shared - and known through the sharing. Love in this sense is not the ritual forms of affection or the emotional attachments of a separate self-sense - for  purposes of survival or dominance of the separate self-sense. It is transcendence of that sense in a prior communion with - and as agency of - all that is. It isn't only organic carbon life forms that express a singularity of life in diversity. The Living Universe is - for want of better words - a Unified Field where the Flow of Event is not defined or limited by space or time - but is a nonlocal timeless Singularity - a state of perfect Communication of the Whole to itself through all its aspects. The tangibility and visibility of the world is not independent 'stuff' perceived by independent organic packages - but is a spontaneous mechanism of delivery that serves the function; "know thy Self".

The construct of a personal self ego - is not the Self - so in this sense I will suggest that by the current of its thought, does awareness know its existence. To the ego sense - this is the chatter of self referencing commentary, judgement and definitions. To the Mind in which All that Is - is as it is, such living thought is the reflection and extension of the nature of the law of Mind Itself.

To expect a partiality to 'understand' perfect Inclusion is to accept an invitation to the Mad Hatter's tea party. However, "off with his head" may metaphorically be the best advice to an addictive thinker.
A shift to from head to heart is the honesty of the discernment of what does not and cannot work, and the willingness to be open to what does work - from a fresh perspective; Listening in the trust that the Life principle that is the light of awareness itself - and the intelligence of life itself - can and is communicating to you along the channel of its expression as you.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Papal visit: Cardinal Newman's 'miracle cure'

The attribution of miracles to an act of God or intercession by another so as to bring about an act of God is an attempt to describe the experience of being healed from within.

"Suddenly I felt an intense heat, like an oven blast, and a strong tingling sensation throughout my whole body," he said. "I felt an indescribable sense of joy and peace, and was totally transfixed by what I believed to be God's presence. When I became aware of what was happening around me I was standing upright and I exclaimed to the nurse that I felt no more pain." ~ Jack Sullivan

Significant to such experience is the indescribable joy and peace. Though ineffable, it is an experience of certainty - but not at the level of intellect. That certainty might later be expressed as belief in God - for it is clearly not one’s own or another’s achievement - and witnesses to a level or directness of Being that has no counterpart in the realm of the world or self as we otherwise judge it to be.

If it can be understood that a prior distorting adustment operates within the mind at a fundamental level and results in an experience that overlays and obscures truth, then it follows that to cease applying such an adjustment allows the original to shine through.

However this adjustment itself leads to a false sense of self and world, that does not know itself one with indescribable joy and peace - but is a state of conflicted identification, thought and desire. The experience of a dissonant sense of reality becomes a struggle of opposition and limitation that is reflected in such experience as dysfunction, sickness, conflict and death.

Just as machines now can be programmed and then adjust their own programming according to conditions met, so does the mind 'lock itself' into experience by interpretation based on beliefs applied from a past mis-take; from a faulty or incomplete apprehension of reality.

Prayer does not reach a God made in our image - who may or may not - (or can or can not)  - then act. Prayer is the true communication in the heart that allows communion to be restored to awareness. Within a restored ‘channel’ of communication, guidance and teaching occurs that serves to heal or whole the mind that has identified with limitation - as willingness is given to accept Universal Will in release of a personal or private will.

Reality is indescribable, and its unified wholeness is lost to any mind that prefers to engage the act of definition. The operation of private will is a freedom within the mind - but it is a way of using fantasy to perceive reality differently than as it is. It is important to remember that reality as it is - is never affected by fantasy and never can be. This is a fundemental principle underlying the miracle - which merely undoes a distortion that - though experienced as real - was never true.

The complexity and ingenuity of the confusion whereby we are deceived as to what is true and what is false should not be underestimated, but it has been established within the mind in its experience of fragmentation and division, upon a false premise over a very long period of time. Likewise, the acceptance of its undoing is a guided step by step process of understanding, willingness and acceptance.

The witness of healing is for the minds that are open to it - not as a spectacle to induce belief - but as a living and communicating testament to the faith that questions or challenges experience and opens the heart to enquire directly of its truth. The outer forms that may or may not be associated with this are not the active principle.

The mystery of our heart’s truth is not a challenge to be explained or to conquer - but is the wonder and unspeakable grace of love. Such love is not the domain of another world or a god elsewhere - but is the always present truth of being itself - of which we cannot in truth separate from - no matter how hellish any experience we might suffer in confusion.

The willingness to serve the awakening is a willingness to live from the basis of a revealed love - but not merely to mimic truths or teachings. Nothing is revealed to a mind that already believes in its own thoughts except that which validates itself. In this sense beliefs themselves are to be re-evaluated such that those which serve as stepping stones are used and perhaps later outgrown - while those that merely block, are rendered useless or of no value.

It is altogether understandable and appropriate that in great need, we turn out from our own self-certainties and ask or open to a greater dimension of being than that to which to which we are identified and accustomed to. But is it not a careless indulgence that waits on dire crisis to value connection with and renewal in - the joy, peace and integrity of Being Itself?

Confusion is in our mind when we take our self image and act out from that in attempt to become good, wise or well. When the mind becomes open enough to become aware of and responsible for its own liability to limit itself - it turns to the heart by becoming quiet and listening - and then trusting the guidance and direction that is discerned or felt as a result of bringing attention presently to rest.

The story of Jesus is a living Symbol in the mind for the way of discovering “the Father’s Will” within. It is not for or from any kingdom in 'this world’ of 'competing wills'. It is for the Light in you to awaken from what you thought you were and what you think everything is. This is not a process of destruction or judgement - but of discovering friend or brother where enemy or fool seemed to be. Of suddenly seeing from an inclusive perspective in which all that was helpful in your thought is retained and consolidated - while that which was erroneous has simply fallen away. When this shift occurs, it may be accompanied by tangible and demonstrable events or healing - for the world experience is ultimately a reflection of thought though not merely of the surface chatter that is humanly taken to be thought.

Man is not the center of the Universe. But ‘within’ man - or prior to the consciousness that identifies itself separated or orphaned - is Awareness - that is both Universal and local and yet is Indivisible.
In this sense Mind Is the active Principle, Law, Nature and Substance of All - including the tangibility of the Universe. But beware - for what we habitually refer to as 'mind' is twice removed from the direct Process or Movement of Be ing that Awareness is one with.

Yet mind is and can never itself be limited or fixed by the thought that is its expression - and through which it knows itself existing. Thoughts of exclusion, division, limitation and blame are not truly creative but only serve to perpetuate an experience of guilt, exclusion, isolation, opposition, scarcity and fear. To such a mindset, everything is misinterpreted. The discovery that one was wrong, helpless, in need, or un-sane - is the moment where the veil is thinnest - and a little willingness can grow to reveal itself as the prayer of the heart.

It is always possible to discern the difference between the call of love for love, and the demands of self-illusion for a ‘special’ love. But only as we ourselves are willing to value truth above the self-image that uses the forms, images or symbols of truth to make its own meanings.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Richard Dawkins and David Attenborough and the problemof consciousness

That anything at all exists - and that awareness of anything IS - is mind stoppingly awesome. See reality without the lens of concept or definition and you let reality see through you. What is the mechanism that tends to automatically deny, limit or interrupt this directness of be ing? I don't ask for words - I ask you to explore for yourselves and know.

The problem of human consciousness is that it is itself predicated on an impossible and insoluble assertion or presumption.

"I think therefore I am" - is true enough as the intuition of awareness - but totally false if it is taken to mean that you are as your own thought suggests, infers or defines. This deception is far more deep seated and all pervasive than would ever be imagined or believed - yet it comes about through the ignorant or careless use of imagination and belief. This mechanism of identification, differentiation and desire is the underlying program by which the mind seems to split itself into a multiplicity of apparently conflicting and yet unconsciously cooperating entities or survival drives associated with a symbolic substitution of form and imagined meaning for a direct and indivisible 'knowing'.

Everything discovered about the mechanism has a use in the reawakening of awareness to its true source and nature - when it is realised to be reflective of the mind or wish that calls it forth.

To use the mind as mechanism is to experience and see a mechanical 'world'.
Everything about such an investigation is mechanical and complexity of patterning or fitting together is not a true beauty or meaning just because it can be fascinating.

To release the mechanical bias - and let mind rest into and be purely expressive of its true nature is to "Be still and know that I am God". There is no belief or thought involved in what this points to. It is simply letting truth be as it is and guiding or revealing itself - Instead of indulging an imaginative self sense that determines and seeks to manipulate reality to suit its own self image.

In science and in spiritual enquiry - there is a not altogether unconscious self-seeking - that always works against the true desire of the heart because it is founded on a false sense of self. You are living the experience and feedback to the experiment of activity of thought, judgement, and belief - that is as far from the surface of human awareness as is the Earth's core from a game of cricket.

Yet to observe this, and allow realignment and integration with the truth of what you are, must you release your own thoughts of the meaning you have given them. Don't worry, the truth is never at risk - and illusions are not really here and so cannot be attacked by truth. Confusion is not the original or actual nature of mind - so do not use it as if it speaks fro you.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Beware the don't know brigade

The thing that strikes me about the BBC article linked from the title is that it demonstrates a trick or liability of the mind. First presume you know something - then ask questions based on those presumptions. This runs like a filter - as only answers that fit the preconditioned framework are allowed. These answers in turn are seen to validate the presumptions of the question framer - with a sense that is a legitimate question.

Knowing what question to ask is perhaps the beginning of wisdom - and it can only arise from a mind that isn't merely programmed into a personal or cultural bias - but is truly willing to listen, to not react from self certainties , but to listen rather than think. Thoughts, feelings or images may well then arise of themselves that are inspirational, helpful, practical - and which also communicate a sense of shared purpose rather than private gain or security.

A lack of meaningful relations is leading us into the ditch together - with the blind leading the blind. The first point of right relations is with oneself truly. To live on the basis of false presumptions is not to directly participate or connect with the presence of life  itself - but merely to have one's life usurped by thinking.
To ask and receive in any truly meaningful way requires firstly a relational trust. Relationship is involvement, not a model or rehearsal - and simply does not fit into formulaic intellectual frameworks.

The phrase 'thinking out of the box' comes to mind.
Life is forever beyond or out of the box - but humanity still tries to use the thoughts that speak from beyond the box - to prolong and perfect the impossible and tragic attempt to live inside the box.

I sense that much of what is being lived or acted out - is from a false or life denying basis. To wake up to life is to awaken at the heart and live from it . The alternative is to live out of the terms that the past dictates - out of a database.

The computing age is part of the form filling, data analysing mentality - and garbage in makes for garbage out.

Rather than listening to 'others' in such a limited and non relational way - listen to the heart and don't act without some movement of inspired purpose that can be lived out wholeheartedly.

What the world is lacking in is the vision and presence of inspiration. It will never come from analyzing data - though basic logistics are a suitable field for such tools.

The primary resources for fulfilment of our needs are ignored, un nurtured and if anything, suppressed and defended against. Not by the powers that be - but by the recycling in our mind of confusion - packaged as if it made some sort of sense - and defended against allowing sense to enter.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The value of nothing

If anyone desires sanity - and the peace that comes only from honesty - then they will have to reevaluate much more than financial and economic systems.
Everything that we presume real is brought into question - not in an irrational reaction or hysteria - but simply in a willingness to be honest.

Honesty allows the undoing of deception. Our so called human nature is like a program running that we pretend is in the other, in the banker, in the scoundrel. The qualities that we hate in ourselves are difficult to recognise and accept as within our mind. I don't say this to incite more of the blame mentality - but simply to look within and see - rather than to presume our own thoughts to be true and perceive only as these thoughts allow.

The curious thing that you would not expect - is that when you truly see the mechanism of a split mind 'working' as if against itself and yet dramatising a multiplicity of fantasy roles that provide a sense of oppositional existence and identity - you no longer identify it as your self.

You can say we all share in a deception that goes much deeper than hardly anyone will look - because we equate it with our life - our self - our protection and survival. But deception is destructive in that it uses all that is good, beautiful and true - to serve private ends.

The 'ego' or deceptive mind - is an immaculate defence system that thrives on being opposed - for that is its very nature: an oppositional will in a game of winners and losers.

We are living in a time of disintegration - where some of the subtler nature of our mind's activity is exposed and reflected in Our Face.

Thinking does not itself have a basis upon which to determine or ascertain either the nature of the problem - nor its solution. But true discernment and inspiration can use thought to communicate.

Nash was mistaken in assuming that a balance of our own and everybody else's interests leads to the best outcome - because his thoughts remained the property, and under the direction, of a self deception - a divorce of heart and mind - where mental derivatives substitute for true meaning.

Whatever we use as a derived meaning - becomes to its users a substitute for direct relationship with meaning itself - even though it may be full of the promise of what it represents and may initially be linked to real value.

What then is the meaning, the value, the purpose or function - of life?
As a lad I thought that if the answer were found it would make news.

Better to turn the world on its head that the truth be known.
There is no coin or currency of symbol or concept in this world that has not been degraded or adulterated by misuse. But let me say - if you are still here - that the meaning of life is already yours - but discarded. You are already all that life is - yet act out from a profound and desperate conviction that you are somehow life-orphaned - alien to love and must needs hide fear and shame with presentations of self-made identity. An identity born of confusion, struggle and loss.

We never were kicked out of eden - 'tis a will of our own thought asserted that kicks out love's direction.

Asking the blind to lead the blind results in falling in the ditch together. To regain an integrated wholeness or integrity of identity and experience, be willing to act out of the true heart - in which no self is asserted at the expense of another. How can you tell? The answer is proportionate to how honest you are willing to be with yourself.

This much I know - that we do not measure value with the world - but in the freedom and capacity to be unwithheld. For the withdrawal of value from relationship results in loss of the condition in which value is known and shared.

When the map blinds one from the actual terrain and binds one unto yet more devious mapping - put it down. Take a rest - let a true perspective rise in stillness.

Friday, 3 September 2010

God did not create Stephen Hawking's Universe

The proof is in the pudding. There is no place for God in Stephen Hawking's universe. This is a place for hostile aliens.
Now to be fair to Stephen, the god to which he refers is a believed or conjectured power, intelligence or Mind that acts upon the universe from outside it. This is the projection of our own wish to be a power in and of ourself - and act upon life to suit our own private goals and meanings.
A science based on science is a justification of the mind of control in which certain presumptions and associated definitions are taken as apriori facts. The most fundamental of which is the presumption of separation from the Direct Awareness that Life Is - in order to experience and act out a separate identity. In religious terms, such a separation is the Refusal or denial of God - not as a belief denied - but as Life Itself denied.

In the symbol of the Garden of Eden - which represents pre-separation Innocence or Sanctity of Life, there is the role of tempter and the claiming of the power of judgement of good and evil as a desire to make our judgement real and create as God. Such a practice of intent and attention IS the desire to step outside of Life's Meaning - and experience All That Is - through one's own thought.

A private thought based reality is a derivative structure based ultimately on nothing - for never has a mind seperated from the Mind in which it's thought arises - and nor have thoughts ever left the mind that thinks them. It is fantasy.

It is true that the Isness or Mind - (that I may point to with the term "God" - is It-self a process of Awareness and the objects of awareness - but not as a duality - for all that God Is Is in All that God Extends or "Creates" as Living Thought.

Wholeness is forgotten in the embrace of partiality - and the experience that arises from the division and exclusion that judgement always enacts - is one of being excluded, abandoned, limited, and rendered identityless.

The attempt to surmout or compensate for such experience compounds it and makes it 'real'. The exploration and description and manipulation of such a 'reality' is merely the recycling of the mind that made it. A mentality that enacts a loveless attempt to 'understand' and therefore control Life.

In simplest terms, the mind has left the heart and has no direction - and so it seeks and makes for itself a sense of meaning within the terms that it dictates. Such is the blindness that filters out God from our current experience.

To listen to the heart - still the mind. You have not left the Mind of God - nor the Garden of sanctity. But you have introduced a way of using thought that is running counter to your true appreciation of Everything as It Is - and are experiencing as your thinking would have it be.

When science proves that love does not exist it denies and overlooks the Eternal Fact.
To discover the Living Universe - seek not outside yourself or you will become defined by your own definitions.

Love defines you as Its own - and not in terms that support or validate your fantasy of yourself. To rest the mind that thinks it thinks alone - is to discern the Living Oneness of which our words cannot speak - but it is of your truth and not of your making.

All abilities can be brought into alignment with awakened purpose - with serving the restoration to our awareness of the Love, Light and Truth that is its Inherent Nature. But to allow this shift - we have to release our command and control mind - and embody the faith and trust that only the awakened heart can shine.

All of us together create Stephen Hawkin's universe. But it is not a Living universe - but is Adam's sleep. A covering over of the Immediate Fact with fluctuating oppositional densities of apparent dualities. To take the bait is to become entranced and lost to a fascination with one's self-thinking.

At some point the structural integrity of the attempt to live out self-will as real - falls apart. Not from any act within the illusion but from the recognition of meaninglessness or illegitimacy of our own self-thought.

Conflicts of belief are played out - and experiences change according to what one believes. Yet truth is utterly beyond belief. It simply Is - as It Is - and is unedited and unchanged by any belief or experience arising from our belief.

Experience itself is not the proof of truth - unless it is the indivisible and undivided Wholeness of which nothing is added to - nothing taken away - and nothing interposed between.

In Peace


Thursday, 5 August 2010

We dont have to get sick as we get older (Guardian article)

I suggest that a rigidity of mind creates a pattern or form of limitation that becomes an identification held against the actual open and universal nature of Mind or awareness Itself.
We get set. We get stuck in the mask of our own personna. We humanly create all too easily, a stubborn lonely secret life behind a veil of unwillingness to love or relate directly. Instead we 'relate' through ritual forms of association. We become driven by externalised demands that we believe and fear we must obey to maintain a sense of validity and acceptability in the eyes of (significant to us) others. We are pervasively insecure and sense life as a fragility amidst hostility.
Death is built into the program at the outset of a separating identity - for how can we live out a private mind but that God (or the Lght of our being) is shut out?
But there is another purpose through a born existance than exploitation and mere survival. To prolong such error is hardly an extension of Life - but is a stretching out the avoidance of the inevitable - and that is not living - but a desperation of a will set against life - "I want it thus!".
We can easily see that there is a journey of self awareness in a human life - but it is cut way short of its fulfilment by being stuck in postures of irresponsibility. In a childish getting for oneself or in getting a sense of independant identity by reacting against the perceived or projected ‘parent’ or authority.
The real Life that you really and truly are - is squelched or obscured by this whole process - by which you starve yourself to death in self depriving patterns that reinforce a false or private sense of self-lack. But life is not 'given to you' alone to keep and direct for your mere private gain - (even if that is to achieve merit for selfless action). Life is a Gift - and that Gift is eternally Given - in other words Life Is. Because we humanly subscribe to a sense of life in terms of our self made definitions - we are locked into form - but to release these definitions is to regain an innocent perception. Forgiveness. From such an awakened perspective we rest in the Identity of Being and discover an innate recognition and oneness with life that is truly Inclusive - even though we also walk and talk and work and play in form based relationship.
Health in its true appreciation, has a radiant and giving sense, of freedom to be all that you truly are - and allow its expression. This is ‘spiritual’ life and has nothing inherently to do with whatever belief system(s) served to awaken and free the spirit from a false life.
So to be willing to question the unquestionable may open the door to a greater discovery than we otherwise allow in. But to perpetuate the same sense of self as if _that_ is life is to invite the suppressed and excluded energies of a locked-down-life to break one’s peace in every kind of nightmarish scenario.
But that in turn causes us to reevaluate all that we thought we knew. A true responsibility for our own mind is inevitable - whether we seem to die once - or over and over and over again in attempts to avoid the Intimacy of Being in which we fear the very judgement or exclusion by which we have ourselves 'lived'.
Our use of the mind is largely spent in ways that do not see and share and appreciate the joy and beauty and wonder of life. This is a threshhold of discovery and not an opportunity to further exploit life.
I include myself in a sense of human liability - just as I include you in a sense of Divinity - of a heart-felt awareness welling up ever anew - regardless of the dramas played out on the surface.
Eternal is not the same as everlasting time - it is before - beyond and yet pervading time. I invite you to eternal life - not as a act of will - but as an act of willingness to step off of the map of control - and serve under the direction of the Heart.
This is not about a presumed destination - but of a truly connected appreciation of 'starting place'. Thought itself has to be reevaluated - for it creates our experience whether we realize it or not. Recognising this comes only of the willingness to receive, in silence, the Movement of Life or Spirit.
All are called; few choose to listen. As yet.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Is it ever ok to call someone else a Nazi?

Incitement to hatred in a public domain might be something that can be investigated as to its intent - but to criminalise - and therefore to invite public vilification of people whose attempt to enforce their version of truth upon another-  reveals itself -  in a symbolic and frustrated attack - that has no intent other than to dump on the other and break communication in an appearance of triumph of being right - is to LOSE the opportunity to bring this very behaviour - and its associated mentality - into the light of awareness. Raising awareness may involve calling a stop to institutionalized or previously accepted  'cultures' of abuse - and law may have a place, but only if it is simply the backstop beneath a true culture of communication.

We feed and even become the thing we hate in our self righteousness - and unfortunately, the psychological insights that could have set us on a road to enlightenment are used for the same old mentality of god and devil, right and wrong, It is this mentality that deprives our mind of its wholeness and makes a blinkered and fearful fragmented approach to life that is not inherently necessary. There is a better way - and it is worthy of being discovered.
To attempt to use law - with the backing of the force of the State - to force people to be 'good' - or prevent them being 'bad' is just the same sort of mentality as that under the Nazi or any other tyrannical ideology - in that they who are sure they are right (because who they are fighting against are definitely wrong!) - feel fully justified in forcing their will upon others.
War is a breakdown of communication, but so is the use of communication as a mere manipulative device; a mask; a strategy of self interest at the other's expense.
As we do to our fellow man, we do to our very self. This may not seem true to a mind that uses truth to spin its own story - but it is inescapable. We know what judgement and blame brings forth. How about seeing what a true willingness to listen and learn brings forth?

Monday, 12 July 2010

Internet for all? (Martha's manifesto)

 The technological environment is changing to bring a simplified internet interactivity with the incoming tablet computers. These will start out relatively expensive - like an ipad, or smart phone device, but become cheaper as those (who may not otherwise have or want a computer), discover their ease of use and adopt them.

The arena in which the Government may be able to assist, encourage or facilitate, is related to the connectivity services and charges.

But there should be no compulsion employed in pushing Internet access onto those who do not want it.
And there are very significant reevaluation - including and beyond a true accounting - that needs to be made regarding the true cost of using computers.

To be a pusher of something that makes us overly dependent on external things that are outside our control is yet another step of losing the Soul in order to gain slavery to fear. That said - the things of this world can be used in service and cooperatively in ways that are life positive. So what is required - as always - is discernment and wisdom.

There are and will be contests to control and gain power in this as in any aspect of the world - at various levels from the corporate market place to governments and their intelligence agencies. 

We all know the mind of manipulation and the attempt to control yet because we still believe it is the way to get what we want, we remain essentially gullible and manipulatable.

The Internet has aspects that lends itself to shared resources of information as never before. 
The Internet has aspects that lends itself to surveillance and control as never before.
The development of the Internet offers a potted history of the human mind as never before.
The technology of the Internet offers a subtler language for the understanding of the mechanical aspects of our minds than we have ever had before.

Until we understand our own mind in its programmed nature - we will replicate the same essential conflicted outcomes in everything we endeavour.

I realize I am writing beyond the scope of the article - yet the presumptions of the mind will not be exposed to a true evaluation while they run unquestioned - as if they are self evident truths.

As human beings, we are tending to attempt to replicate life - to make life in OUR image. To map and construct a  world accountable to our will and understanding. As if our will and understanding must be forced onto life - as on the natural world, as onto other cultural perspectives and onto each other and upon our selves- for “its own good”!

There is a deep violence implicit in this approach - for we do not first listen and find communion with life. The endeavours and choices we take from such a starting point serve a different purpose than those we take from a self concept derived  - and essentially fear based - consciousness.

Is the inevitable outcome of I.T consumers - that we become computer chipped 'dreamers' plugged into a neural net - not unlike the humans in the pods in the first Matrix film? Fed with pseudo experiences that substitute for our Soul responsibility? Or is that - one way or another - already the case - but becoming more explicitly manifested?

What would we do if a tyrannous intent - was exposed at work in the network at a level we couldn't escape without unplugging? And which provided or enabled enough goods and services to maintain a sense of personal security. Perhaps this fear will prove groundless - but the inclusion of dissent as healthy is less and less noticeable in a collective media that makes entertainment and dumbed down propaganda out of the News of the day.

Friday, 2 July 2010


Human beings maintain their sense of identity or 'live' by illusions. So clever manipulators provide them and seek to control the market. Except that it teaches an entirely false set of values that works against our health, wealth and happiness.
Real arms control would not be a matter of cold war type thaw - but a realisation and application of wisdom.
Weapons make shields and counter weapons - communication breakdown; it's always the same.
Distraction, disinformation and effective mindcontrol can take socially acceptable or illegal forms - yet the underlying motives are the same; to get for yourself - (or your group) - the specialness or self validation that feeds your privately held desire.

The information age will be our most short lived epoch - yet significant as the transition from a private mental intent presented as to be more or less acceptable or more or less demanding, (depending on the current power balances), to an awakening desire for truth - and therefore a heart-centric approach that releases the blinkers, filters and blocks which actively undermine the experience and appreciation of communion, trust and creative endeavour.

Why would I suggest this? Because the abuse of our channels of communication for manipulative ends makes sickness - and that sickness will in time fruit an utter distrust and incapacity to participate in soul-less illusions that are without fulfillment.

So though the intensity level can be increased for a short term effect - it only exposes the program further.

Interrelatedness and interdependency are the way of life. The ego spin of being a power in our own right is a self illusion that costs the Earth.

The internet can be used to manipulate, control or get advantage over others - but to do so sets up the very scenario that cripples it of its innate capacity to share information.

When the mind that poisons everything it touches is found to be a mentality we engage by subscription, then not feeding it will emerge as the active wisdom. Those who choose and learn the way of 'not feeding the troll' bring forth recognisable traits of helpfulness that share selflessly as an expression of a culture held in common; a spirit of selflessness that works across a range of apparent differences.

A self hurtful mentality draws to it the experience of constraint, limitation and deprivation - the very conditions that must in time force a fundamental re-evaluation - and a change of heart.
To see the value in limiting and constraining the mentality of deception - wherever it expresses - is to begin to starve the war-mind of value and attention.

The position of strength to bring to negotiations - is an honest willingness to receive the worth and value of those you meet. A hidden agenda makes impotent - such that guile and charm and incentive have to be forcefully applied. In a word - war.

How does humanity deescalate insanity?
By taking one step at a time as an expression of sanity.
What is sanity?
Relating to the present as it is.

We need each other for competition, control or domination - but only as proxies for private agendas.
We need each other for sanity - for war kills truth in which the power of the sanctity of life is active.
The wars in the world are reflected symptoms of the war in our self.
It is time for individuals to actively disarm of a hurtful and loveless intent and accept conscious responsibility for life.
I don't mean become defenceless to the hacker or scammer - but defenceless to our own heart.

A trojan is an executable instruction that appears to be something else. Such is the nature of the deception to which we subscribe to in ignorance. It runs as a loop, but is alert to threat such that it creates distraction conflicts or even crashes the system rather than have its true source exposed. It would phish as your own thoughts and use your life for its hosting service.

Discernment, wisdom and trust extended.