Wednesday, 2 November 2011

After a dictator falls ...

The symptoms of a sickness may exacerbate the condition and seem to be a cause, but the real cause of a fearful tyranny must lie in our hearts. The mentality that overrides an honesty and integrity of being is ever deceptive, but uncovering such a deception in ourselves is the opposite of our programming.

The heart's desire for a true and better way, must maintained as an ongoing spiritual renewal, for if the heart is allowed to be covered over, a spirit of willingness and real communication is lost to the warring of perceived self interest.

It is common sense to structure society so as to limit the excesses and corruptions of private self interest, but such does not inspire and unify.

The true heart may discern, despite complexities or deceptive presentations, and it is this faculty that is needed in us all. Such a cultural shift must arise from a refusal to use the old mind of manipulation.

It is easy to give up responsibility to others, to leaders or to external conditions and hope on them and then hate them, but there is a basis from which we can live that shares a present willingness to listen rather than think - and act our from a felt wisdom rather than a triggered reaction.

Tyranny runs deeper than we may realize, but depends on darkness to operate. Therefore cherish and protect our capacity to bring fears and difficulties into a shared awareness, by living from a guided and connected sense of the presence and wonder of being alive.

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