Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shooting down reality

MH17 alt news

(This comment is addressed to the compulsive alt-news junkie amidst a world in which governments and media and purveyed and presumed realities are increasing disintegrating from any semblance of integrity).

Seeking answers 'in the world' seeks where fear persists in protecting itself from exposure, where confusion persists in propagating endless 'new' problems from the 'world's answers'.

Disarming propaganda is not using one's insight as a weapon. The weaponisation of communication is a false mask pretending to communicate. One cannot have a relationship or communication with the persona of a merely coercive intent, and to attempt to do so not only casts your treasure before that which cannot and will not receive, listen or honour it - or you, it degrades, adulterates and corrupts your own knowing of yourself with the baitings and snares of confusion by which you are tempted to abandon discernment for the lure of judgement.

When evil steps out to be undone, do not call on it, employ it, use it or trade in it.
When Jesus said 'resist ye not evil' he meant give your whole attention and desire to that which truly moves you as one with all that lives. This is not passivism, but discernment and active choice COMMUNICATED.

One may use the confusions of evil deceptions to more directly identify what you are NOT - and thus release, repent of, turn from and put behind you.
Only thus will what you ARE replace the mind of judgement and division - and its play of power in the 'world', with a Unified and Unifying Movement of Being.

Look within while apparently looking out and acting in the world and grow the willingness of self-honesty. Guilt and fear and their progeny are in our mind and active in hidden ways until we cease to feed and employ them. Looking directly on what is in our minds NEVER condemns us, but actually frees us to choose instead of being coerced.
The 'world' is many things to many people, but when our own minds are healed of their own mis-beliefs and misperceptions, it can reflect back to you - to us - the glory of the innocence of beholding. Where you choose to look to find yourself (your joy) is up to you. If you entangle yourself in a confusion, rest the mind and do not act out from it until it is reintegrated by Life you do not coerce, manufacture or control. It only takes a moment now - but resistence may manifest any and every kind of distraction so as to prolong a sense of independent power - that you think you need whilst identifying in a disconnected isolated and manually overriding sense of existence.

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