Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Propaganda scripts your movie?

An article on i100.independent.co.uk headlines:

My Comment:
'We' are not bombing anyone. 'We' are being baited into identifying with a scenario in which desperate and predatory fears get to prey upon humanity, while feeding us various kinds of scripted movie roles.
While 'we' give attention, energy of identification and acceptance to such scripting, 'we' operate within a framework of a negatively or fearfully defined consciousness… which is thinking and thus 'seeing' only as fear demands and compels.

The blind thus lead the blind. The moneylenders in the template supply all sides of every conflict - for that is their hidden victory rising from the destruction and subjugation of 'others'. But the 'other' - no matter how different in form - is Lived and breathed and known in the Same Life that lives and breathes and knows you, now.

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