Tuesday, 26 August 2014

But Who Wants Peace?

crakinshot"Boris Johnson has called for the presumption of innocence to be reversed"

Quite possibly the scariest policy I've ever heard a politician (with power) come up with.

LondonsEye crakinshot 26 August 2014 12:44pmHe was referring to the Jihadists returning back to Britain. Not your normal everyday joe living in the UK, don't take it out of context!

My reply to LondonsEye

You are aware that 'anti' terrorist laws and procedures have become simply part of a mindset that is NOT confined to a specific context?

That the definition of 'terrorist' is expanded and in effect redefined to mean whatever the existing or established 'power of the day' determines it to mean?

If anything or anyone for any reason is determined to be a threat of any kind and for any reason deemed in the notional interest - then they can become the recipient of dehumanising actions and intent.

I declare that we are not defined by what others have 'done' unto us or unto our loved ones, but by what we choose to give. It is by what proceeds 'out from our own mouth' (mind) that we are corrupted.

Is 'your normal everyday joe living in the UK', a conditioned and manipulatable part of a 'bot-net' whereby the very few act upon the very many as if to represent the authority of the whole?

The 'holy war against jihadists' operates an example of using the hated scapegoat to invoke and acquire the power that is willingly given to the scapegoat by those who have been baited and triggered into fear.

A cunning device that is used over and over and over without anyone noticing, because the fearful WANT to direct their hatred and fear AWAY from themselves. In order to take it out of true context and act it out upon a world of judged against 'others'.

Cast ye the first stone who is without sin!

Even as ye do unto the least of my brethren, ye do unto Me.

To truly enter into a process of communication must be willing to be uncovered in our OWN dissonance and misalignment of self.

The extension of a clear and true presence does not require or employ coercion, nor evoke in others the reactions to a sense of being coerced.

But who wants peace?

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