Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Negatively defined EU and waking to and from an insanity

An article about the ongoing EU crisis

Without the post WW2 shock and guilt tactic there would not be an EU in the current sense of a negatively defined entity. For its foundational raison d'ĂȘtre is not economic or cultural exchange and abundance, but the ensuring NEVER AGAIN of such horror as has been imprinted and embedded and continues to be imprinted and embedded into a negatively defined society.

Negatively defined self operates as a deception in which fear runs a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Perhaps history repeats itself simply because the story is believed. Story is so fundamental to human consciousness as to be its 'operating system' as a virtual layer within which to identify and assert meme-bership of such story.

The convoluted efforts to protect and maintain a lie or false story against the Intimate Movement of Reality Unfolding become an ever more complex 'defence system' that becomes so fractured and conflicted within itself as to disintegrate.

In the revealed truth that shines obvious in absence of asserted coercion, is the true role of our self-definition and its story-children illuminated. Go forth and multiply - but if you seek to hide the Gift of Life so as not to lose it, you will multiply lack and nothingness, no matter how finely it is dressed up and presented.

What you appreciate (give focus and value to) appreciates or magnifies to your awareness. Go for what you truly want and beware of the invalidating stories that would pull you into the crab-bucket of mutual self-scrificial obeisance to a false 'god'.

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On the same page a commenter posted: (amidst a longer rant):

...until we AGAIN individually and collectively wake up and INSIST that corrupt "rule of predatory man" be replaced by "rule of law", the only KNOWN solution for "keeping the peace", for all of known history:
To which I reply:

The predation of the part upon the whole and thus of all parts upon each other is an insanity or self-deception to awaken to that it runs and thus awaken FROM. 
One insists or stands firm within one's own consciousness in the conviction that a fearfully defined self is NOT an acceptable or legitimate basis from which to then justify coercive (predatory) will upon oneself or on Life.
To go 'part way' with awakening is to stop at seeing the script running IN OTHERS as if it is NOT therefore running in oneself.
You are the casting director to your own experience. You CANNOT give roles that are not within your own consciousness experience. However FEAR can usurp this level of consciousness and thus redefine all things to protect ITSELF - especially from exposure to a light in which its lack of foundation stands obvious.
Each of us have our own unique perspective. Anything that fear can distort can be seen clearly when the desire to employ and identify fear is released. Love does change everything (undoes the reversing distortions of fear) and truth does set you (in the realisation that you are) free. And in the 'meanwhile' a sense of self-dissonance asserted and given allegiance to does bring an experience of disconnected, struggling, lack and depletion of power and sustenance that cannot BE rebranded into "victory' no matter how much one sacrifices one's joy to the god of vengeance for promises that ever recede and evapourate.

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