Monday, 25 August 2014

Guilty until proven innocent - reversed consciousness

Johnson calls for 'guilty until proven innocent' for suspected terrorists

Mayor of London says ‘minor’ law change should reverse presumption of innocence for those who travel to Iraq and Syria

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There is a way of looking at Everything that presumes it guilty first and then decides whether it can be used to promote one's private agenda or not.
This mentality runs somewhat secretly in most of us - unless so blinded by self-righteous hatred that we openly display it as if fully justified.
From it's perspective, everything that threatens or is not useful to its agenda is an adversary or adversity to be overcome. It uses whatever means are available to achieve its goals by persuasion, stealth and guile, or coercion.
It is incapable of communication - for communication is redefined by such a mentality as a means to get something or get someone to do or not do something and 'listens' only so far as to determine threat levels, and neutralise them - along with turning any form of the communication into ammunition for its own agenda.

I am describing a mentality that we can all recognize in ourselves - but which is in most of us recognised to be deceptive and mean-spirited or fearful. There is a growing embodiment of such mentality in our world - and while we consent to be fear-driven, it seems to shepherd us as if to protect us from our fears.

recognising a fearful and deceptive mentality becomes the basis of choosing NOT to use it - and pausing so as to discern a better way.
There is always a better way that acting out from a negatively defined sense of one's self - and that is from the willingness for a reintegrated sense of self.

That which we hate in others is that which we hate in our self. In the shadow of our own fear we hurt ourselves over, and over, and over again.

Therefore own our fears honestly and be willing to learn from them. This does not mean the lack of a firm and clear capacity to say NO! to unacceptable behaviour.

Are we to become the thing we hate... a terror state…?

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Johnson said most Britons wanted “someone to come along with a bunker buster” and kill the man, reported to be British, “as fast as possible”.

But is not THAT precisely the aim and purpose of the video… to provoke such self-righteous hatred along with a blank cheque as to how it is used?
I am not an expert on Psy-ops but until a full investigation reveals the full facts, I see propaganda being propagated regardless of what those facts turn out to be - if they are ever discovered and published.

Those who WANT a war-mind are those who see it as furthering their own private agenda. If a majority of the population WANTS to be cathartically manipulated as if to scapegoat and kill their 'hates and fears', then they will choose to be so deceived to serve their own private agenda of remaining 'unconscious' and not responsible FOR that consciousness.

Wanting someone or something ELSE to make the bad feelings go away is the device by which evil seems to come into our world as a PROTECTION from a deeper fear. This is inherently a mentality of deception… "the lie and the father of the lie". If we personalise evil, we do so in order in order to separate from a mistaken sense of our SELF.

Radicalise is another name for polarise. There is nothing accidental about the concerted drive to bait populations into polarised and conflicted sense of themselves and their world.
Divide and rule has another polarity - and that is unify and communicate.
Denying the humanity in others is very likely to eventually make them cancerous to the whole - that is to seek out their own needs from under a sense of being denied by the whole.

Many 'in power' are seeking to act AS IF they represent and control in the name of the Whole - but they do not - or they would not need to use deception and force to achieve their/our aims. This kind of 'power' is also known as corruption, because a sense of wholeness of self is consumed and replaced by a hollowness of fearful disguise - that may promise all kinds of rewards, yet delivers only evaporations of indebtedness.

#4 - in reply to:
BigFrankSFCan anyone imagine this buffoon running this country? the stuff nightmares are made of.

The US had 'Dubya' for a two terms, (before flipping to a seeming opposite polarity), so in that sense yes I can. An actor merely has to be able to play their part. Do you honestly believe 'leaders' are running their countries?

Nightmares are when what once seemed solid and rational suddenly shifts into a deceptive quagmire from which one cannot escape - not least because a dream never was what it seemed, and the persona that operates within it never was the one that makes the script.

Nightmares are (made of) unfaced fear. The personae often represent those aspects of ourself we have not yet recognised and reintegrated and focusing on personae operates as a way of protecting the fear from exposure.

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