Saturday, 11 September 2010

Richard Dawkins and David Attenborough and the problemof consciousness

That anything at all exists - and that awareness of anything IS - is mind stoppingly awesome. See reality without the lens of concept or definition and you let reality see through you. What is the mechanism that tends to automatically deny, limit or interrupt this directness of be ing? I don't ask for words - I ask you to explore for yourselves and know.

The problem of human consciousness is that it is itself predicated on an impossible and insoluble assertion or presumption.

"I think therefore I am" - is true enough as the intuition of awareness - but totally false if it is taken to mean that you are as your own thought suggests, infers or defines. This deception is far more deep seated and all pervasive than would ever be imagined or believed - yet it comes about through the ignorant or careless use of imagination and belief. This mechanism of identification, differentiation and desire is the underlying program by which the mind seems to split itself into a multiplicity of apparently conflicting and yet unconsciously cooperating entities or survival drives associated with a symbolic substitution of form and imagined meaning for a direct and indivisible 'knowing'.

Everything discovered about the mechanism has a use in the reawakening of awareness to its true source and nature - when it is realised to be reflective of the mind or wish that calls it forth.

To use the mind as mechanism is to experience and see a mechanical 'world'.
Everything about such an investigation is mechanical and complexity of patterning or fitting together is not a true beauty or meaning just because it can be fascinating.

To release the mechanical bias - and let mind rest into and be purely expressive of its true nature is to "Be still and know that I am God". There is no belief or thought involved in what this points to. It is simply letting truth be as it is and guiding or revealing itself - Instead of indulging an imaginative self sense that determines and seeks to manipulate reality to suit its own self image.

In science and in spiritual enquiry - there is a not altogether unconscious self-seeking - that always works against the true desire of the heart because it is founded on a false sense of self. You are living the experience and feedback to the experiment of activity of thought, judgement, and belief - that is as far from the surface of human awareness as is the Earth's core from a game of cricket.

Yet to observe this, and allow realignment and integration with the truth of what you are, must you release your own thoughts of the meaning you have given them. Don't worry, the truth is never at risk - and illusions are not really here and so cannot be attacked by truth. Confusion is not the original or actual nature of mind - so do not use it as if it speaks fro you.

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