Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tea Party, media circus, celeb politics and egomania

Believing in something might be an inspiration. But if, when you look at it, it gets all its juice from needing to oppose or hate, then hey ho! - it's more of the same old con that incites fear or hatred in order to then win allegiance or undermine the perceived 'enemy'.
But this increasingly becomes - not an issue of principle - but of a clash of illusions - each promoting their own brand of - the same old con.

One of the good things about insanity coming into the open is that beliefs that programmed society but have become degraded by mis use can be released of authority and the true values that they originally represented can be uncovered and the value lived out - shared - not as persuasion via manipulative intent - but in peace.

Peace is where sanity is.

'Masturbation' can also be used as a symbol of self regarding fantasy. Who, reading this will cast the first stone?

Rather than use some degraded idea of 'sin' as a mudslinging tactic - I'd just say that self regarding fantasy is something the mind can engage in - but it's a disconnect with actuality - being only an imaginative 'reality'. If enough people agree they can role play. If they then agree to disagree, they can also role play.

In an insane mind, anything can mean anything - though the ones who believe their enemy is here! - now there! - and them! - and also those others! Do believe it - and experience it as if it were real.

Communication cannot occur until there is some willingness to calm, regain a measure of trust and see the value in acting in new ways that do not escalate fear.

Hey! - is anyone listening?

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