Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Can you trick your body into feeling younger?

"If elderly people dress, live and talk as they did in their heyday, does this help them feel younger and fitter? Michael Mosley explains how he tested this theory on six faces from the past." See above link for article.


This simple but profound shift in perspective opens up a simple truth - always true. For humanly, we tend to 'live' in our thoughts and accept what they define us to be - both in our pride - and our fall.
"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is", is not relating to the thinking of the head - and the emotional and physical states that that induces.

If there is one thing I would like to see come through into human awareness - it is the (Copernican) realization that we truly exist or abide in Thought - and through Thought - and I am not here referring to the superficiality of self regarding imaginations and spin that are programmed to present ourselves as we are not - (to ourselves and to others). Curiously, this realization is unlikely to occur while we are thinking that we are thinking - for this is the result of accepting a mind as our own that is in fact a strategic attempt to cope with dilemma into which we become 'locked'.

It is not that we need to think positively or differently - but that we need to regain a perspective on our thinking itself. For when there is a  fresh perspective arising in the heart - we are truly renewed and healed of some hindrance from past experience and thought that we had allowed to shut us down.
My point is not to try to improve our lot as masked minds amidst a seemingly hostile or unsupporting universe - but to wake up to the nature of the blindfold and release what no longer serves us as we find a better way.

The advent of computing gives us a clear model where we can see that software can emulate hardware - and run a different kind of software on the emulated hardware. It is time to see the world with new eyes.

The key is the willingness to have faith beyond the experience that defines you as less than, or other than, the love that you truly are.

It isn't a matter of self-will or belief - but of trust, willingness and acceptance.

Temporary conditions can allow a truth to be realized - but then it is time to be willing to live from that truth and not from any self-made thought based understanding that substitutes and tries to replicate it manually.

If you've read this far you'll see that self-deception is the same old story. But don't think you understand - unless your heart feels great peace - or your thought will seem to carry you away from your peace and tempt you to struggle again.

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