Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Beware the don't know brigade

The thing that strikes me about the BBC article linked from the title is that it demonstrates a trick or liability of the mind. First presume you know something - then ask questions based on those presumptions. This runs like a filter - as only answers that fit the preconditioned framework are allowed. These answers in turn are seen to validate the presumptions of the question framer - with a sense that is a legitimate question.

Knowing what question to ask is perhaps the beginning of wisdom - and it can only arise from a mind that isn't merely programmed into a personal or cultural bias - but is truly willing to listen, to not react from self certainties , but to listen rather than think. Thoughts, feelings or images may well then arise of themselves that are inspirational, helpful, practical - and which also communicate a sense of shared purpose rather than private gain or security.

A lack of meaningful relations is leading us into the ditch together - with the blind leading the blind. The first point of right relations is with oneself truly. To live on the basis of false presumptions is not to directly participate or connect with the presence of life  itself - but merely to have one's life usurped by thinking.
To ask and receive in any truly meaningful way requires firstly a relational trust. Relationship is involvement, not a model or rehearsal - and simply does not fit into formulaic intellectual frameworks.

The phrase 'thinking out of the box' comes to mind.
Life is forever beyond or out of the box - but humanity still tries to use the thoughts that speak from beyond the box - to prolong and perfect the impossible and tragic attempt to live inside the box.

I sense that much of what is being lived or acted out - is from a false or life denying basis. To wake up to life is to awaken at the heart and live from it . The alternative is to live out of the terms that the past dictates - out of a database.

The computing age is part of the form filling, data analysing mentality - and garbage in makes for garbage out.

Rather than listening to 'others' in such a limited and non relational way - listen to the heart and don't act without some movement of inspired purpose that can be lived out wholeheartedly.

What the world is lacking in is the vision and presence of inspiration. It will never come from analyzing data - though basic logistics are a suitable field for such tools.

The primary resources for fulfilment of our needs are ignored, un nurtured and if anything, suppressed and defended against. Not by the powers that be - but by the recycling in our mind of confusion - packaged as if it made some sort of sense - and defended against allowing sense to enter.

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