Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Heart Dis-ease

An article on Natural News on 'heart disease - a different perspective' brought my informational response but then a deeper reflection of 'what lies beneath'.
I felt to put the whole response here and link from the article

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I expected information from Knut Sroka
I feel this is worthy information. I discovered via Dr Thomas Cowan - who has an interview with Dr Mercola.

NOTE also Vit K2 removes calcium from arteries and soft tissue to bones etc - so VK2 deficiency is something to remedy as part of the false food fallout.

My own 'take' is that terror, rage and heartbreak are lidded or covered over by a system of suppression we call consciousness - but which in a sense is an anti-consciousness of 'mind' as control over the true spontaneity of being. A spontaneity that is not control, but is Creation Itself.

While humanity may be seen as a fragmentation of dissociated trauma-reaction operating an attempt to force 'reality' into shape - and doing so in the same patterning that forced or induced fragmentation as the 'split of(f) mind' - we may also be seen as the growing willingness for acceptance and unfoldment of true appreciation rather than persist the patterns of reactive identity.

You don't need a doctor to see that un-held and unhealed psychic-emotional stress can kill you, as well as patterning our biology and relational identity to exactly replicate war on Self in false flagged disguise. Fear-defined self can only result in fearful outcomes - regardless the attraction to forms of war that seem to offer power and protection of status, privilege and lording it over others.

The war on Self is defence of a wish in place of true willing. An image of self in place of truly felt relation. A concept of truth in substitution for wholeness of being - that attacks the 'other' for what itself (blindly) does - AS the basis for operating a private agenda under a sense of sanctified or justified grievance.

The healing or re-wakening of the wholeness of being cant really be taken out of our relational context of reactive triggered conditioning. Living the willingness for healing meets the 'territory' that otherwise is associated with a negative and abhorrent sense of self/other. The movement of being is an Innate Innocence of being - and yet is framed with associations that effectively demonize with projected and denied hate and fear. So when our life Speaks or Stirs within us - we may not have the preparedness and willingness to accept and flow with or yield to our truth - which is nothing to do with the assertion of 'mind', but is the welcome to true hearted being rather than its control or suppression.

Opening to self-honesty is both to joy in being - and to the conditioned reactive hate and fear that are by design, 'unconscious' or dissociated in their re-enacting a false and forced sense of self power and protection. But the latter become the basis of a deeper or more integrated recognition and hence a greater joy in being.

Seeking to resolve psychic-emotional conflict out in the 'physicalized' world is the persistence of a displacement and dissociation that defines physical reflection as an Otherness of threat, treachery, abandonment and disappointment. And while this belief is itself too fearful to bring to curiosity, we have to accommodate to its 'reality'. It isn't just that fear hidden in guilt kills - but that it can be so painful as to seek death as escape or so enraging as to yield to hateful defiance of refusal to feel or own or know - anything hate rules out. But hate is a hurt love however it presents, and love is true freedom of being; given and received - so hurt is a covering over the heart that refuses the embrace of that which heals it when it directs blame in guilt.

True self-forgiveness opens to Presence now - that no image or concept can define, predict, or control. Nor within the movement of being the true of You - is there such a call to separate from Experience as if to lord it or hide in fear and subjection. But none can release that which they know not they do - so owning the mistake as mistake is the moment of its release as if true. Truth 'enters' freely to welcome as insight of expanded perspective in which re-integration of a shifted sense of self and reality acts in greater alignment or congruency of being.

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