Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Galactic Intimacy - unrecognized and rejected

Elon Musk: "If there are super intelligent aliens, they're probably already observing us"

To the article and commenting: (Not into the framing of 'alien intelligence but to the estrangement from our own):

Consider, the world you perceive is the the world you believe. The mind of fragmentation, conflict and dissociated attempts to redefine reality in narrative domination - is itself fragmented, conflicted dissociation from Coherence of being. This is the 'Fall' or the Separation.

Within the belief that such conflict can be won and that such victory is meaningful... is no remembrance of unified purpose. A state of Forgetting.

The labelling of evil as 'psychopathic' is another term for projected excommunication.

All relations and communications embody vibrational correspondences of thought at some level that may not be conscious, for the surface consciousness limits by design - so as to operate above the dark of unwatched and unowned unconscious.

The world you meet - the qualities you meet or draw forth in others - and they in you are not fixed, external physical entities - but so has the mind trained itself to perceive and believe.

Victim-hood is part of the tool-set for tricking the mind to believe itself split off and escaped from unwanted consciousness. It projects the cause externally (away) and WANTS it there with all the force of its intent to escape, amidst the reflection of such force as trauma of conflict - regardless of shifting roles - that becomes a self-perpetuating negative loop.

Beliefs that are professed to -  that are not free of need for validation - are seeking reinforcement. Which is the belief in lack, frailty and weakness - for wholeness is not self-conflicted doubt, seeking ascendency.

Realities ARE beliefs unrecognized. Operating at a level the surface mind was made to hide - because it is the unfolding of the belief in act.
Negative - and I mean divisive, segregative and conflicting self-definition - may cast itself in an apparently positive spin. Hence the wish of a 'positive' is a hidden or unfaced and un-owned negative. To will - that is to truly desire - a positive - or integrative, expanding and embracing perspective -  embraces the negative experience as part of uncovering its own correspondence or 'entanglement' within it. Releasing false self, releasing judgement of another - these are the same but seem not in a world of believing they are different. You cannot follow or recognize this thought this in the wish and belief you are 'different' - you can only receive the recognition in a 'sameness'. Attempts to fit or force the Living into the framework of conflicted thinking persists the sacrifice of Life to dead concept, image and symbol - for you are none of these - and never could be.

Re-integrating a conflicted consciousness is through a willingness - yet from the point of view of an attempt to conquer or possess and control Life, it may seem a violation, insult and ultimate defeat - AS IF at the hand of another. You can align in true will now, or defer to delay - but a false will cannot but make dissonant. This dissonance has been made the call to guilt. But it is simply a Call to wake - and realign in joy - for such is a unified wholeness of being.

The Plane you resonate and focus in - in any given moment of acceptance - is your 'chosen' reality experience. This 'choice' is not truly choice so much as freedom of being you. But the choice to be something else has made 'freedom' of slavery that fears true freedom as if it were slavery. So what you want, what you desire and prefer, is operating either from a heartfelt honesty - or a routine of sub-conscious responses of attempt to escape a self - and world - defined in conflict and fear of loss.

Insofar as 'evils' mark the way you say you DO NOT want - use them as waymarkers for thinking you now choose not to give allegiance and support to. Remember Jesus said 'resist ye not evil' - and know that what you resist, persists. If an evil persists in your reality-experience, then it is serving some meaning or function for you. Let this stir curiosity instead of blame.

Your worthiness for love's awareness and embrace requires no one else to be damned or demonized to be all that you are. What then of blind, hate, malice, envy, vengeance then? Attend the cause to let  the causeless be revealed.

In the nature of mind or consciousness - truly - giving and receiving are one; As you give so shall you receive - for nothing can prevail against your will. In giving false witness - you receive it, and in treating life as slave or lab-rat, so do you find yourself subjected regardless the mind-spin of being the right to power. True relationship has to yield assertion, to truly receive. Are you in any degree willing for an intimacy of being the mind cannot interject, much less control? If so - then you are such an awareness unfolding - and if not yet - then you insist on seeing and interpreting Life in terms OF an interjecting control, in conflict, fear, struggle and destruction. THAT is where we came IN. But now are you in some willingness of new eyes to see?

If you could go back in time to where it 'all went haywire' and make a different choice... well here you are - and the choice is already made FOR your acceptance. Self hate or rejection makes non Sense. But making is not true Creation so much as an anti-Creation in wish, given allegiant identity.

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