Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The disintegration of the (Anglican) Church

The desire to be right usurps the desire to let truth reveal itself.

In all things - we may listen in the stillness within - where the movement of Spirit is known. And then - remain listening - so as to be guided in the expression of that communion.

To focus upon the wrong in our brother or sister is simply a device of distraction - and self deception.
The human mind has become associated with distraction - and deception. It uses selected truths to support its purposes but has no heartfelt connectedness - nor recognises love as truly lovely.

It is appropriate that structures disintegrate when they no longer serve the life that inspired them. Not so that man can make new structures or become clever at creating structures that do not, in fact, serve. But so that we waken from a sleepwalking dream to an ever present Reality - that is not of our making or interpretation - yet Is both guide and inspiration to all our thought and endeavour.

Jesus example was appropriate to those he met and lived with - and the times he lived in. But it was an exemplary willingness to manifest the discerned Will of the Spirit of awakened love. he was willing to engage in loving with all kinds of people because he was firstly his Father's son. Don't deify Jesus and render your being ‘unholy’ by your own judgement - but live from the same Spirit and be shown the light in others that you have denied yourself.

In such a touch of shared recognition is the foundation upon which the living Church is built. It is utterly not of this world - yet is the Indwelling Christ that redeems the world. How so? By seeing only as love sees - all that love is.

The only people Jesus gave no time to were hypocrites - whose presentation was a deception - or manipulation. He didn't excommunicate or damn them - but let them not ensnare his mind - his time and his care.

For those who discern meaning beyond forms - even archaic expressions can serve perfectly. But our times call for a fresh expression of eternal truth - because the old terms have been so misused and rendered meaningless for so many.

I feel that we can rediscover ways to join - to experience a heartfelt communion in life, with each other as ourselves - without the mind that trades and deals in words, definitions, symbols and judgements - as if these were in themselves Truth.

And as if we then self assign ourselves as 'Christ-ian' - or any other identity or role imposed upon our true being to mask a mind unloving.

Darwin shows us the evidence: One life! But such mechanism as is seen - even with extended senses, is seen by looking mechanically. The Spirit of God is One. Let Life show Its Own, how to see without judgement of good and evil.

Then the true shall rise as the false falls away.

Humanly, it will all feel rather messy and unsettling to open to a greater love than self serving ends amidst the conflicts and deceptions that have seemed to justify our withholding until now. But true poverty is a heart that has forgotten to give. Not - I add - to give 'things' - but to give itself. This might have things attached - but can not have strings attached.

To share in the willingness for and the presence of ... love - is our most fundamental nature - regardless of the coverings of sin that suggest we are loveless. Regardless of any kind of religious or scientific theory that explains and justifies our lovelessness as our reality.

in Love's blessing

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