Monday, 12 July 2010

Internet for all? (Martha's manifesto)

 The technological environment is changing to bring a simplified internet interactivity with the incoming tablet computers. These will start out relatively expensive - like an ipad, or smart phone device, but become cheaper as those (who may not otherwise have or want a computer), discover their ease of use and adopt them.

The arena in which the Government may be able to assist, encourage or facilitate, is related to the connectivity services and charges.

But there should be no compulsion employed in pushing Internet access onto those who do not want it.
And there are very significant reevaluation - including and beyond a true accounting - that needs to be made regarding the true cost of using computers.

To be a pusher of something that makes us overly dependent on external things that are outside our control is yet another step of losing the Soul in order to gain slavery to fear. That said - the things of this world can be used in service and cooperatively in ways that are life positive. So what is required - as always - is discernment and wisdom.

There are and will be contests to control and gain power in this as in any aspect of the world - at various levels from the corporate market place to governments and their intelligence agencies. 

We all know the mind of manipulation and the attempt to control yet because we still believe it is the way to get what we want, we remain essentially gullible and manipulatable.

The Internet has aspects that lends itself to shared resources of information as never before. 
The Internet has aspects that lends itself to surveillance and control as never before.
The development of the Internet offers a potted history of the human mind as never before.
The technology of the Internet offers a subtler language for the understanding of the mechanical aspects of our minds than we have ever had before.

Until we understand our own mind in its programmed nature - we will replicate the same essential conflicted outcomes in everything we endeavour.

I realize I am writing beyond the scope of the article - yet the presumptions of the mind will not be exposed to a true evaluation while they run unquestioned - as if they are self evident truths.

As human beings, we are tending to attempt to replicate life - to make life in OUR image. To map and construct a  world accountable to our will and understanding. As if our will and understanding must be forced onto life - as on the natural world, as onto other cultural perspectives and onto each other and upon our selves- for “its own good”!

There is a deep violence implicit in this approach - for we do not first listen and find communion with life. The endeavours and choices we take from such a starting point serve a different purpose than those we take from a self concept derived  - and essentially fear based - consciousness.

Is the inevitable outcome of I.T consumers - that we become computer chipped 'dreamers' plugged into a neural net - not unlike the humans in the pods in the first Matrix film? Fed with pseudo experiences that substitute for our Soul responsibility? Or is that - one way or another - already the case - but becoming more explicitly manifested?

What would we do if a tyrannous intent - was exposed at work in the network at a level we couldn't escape without unplugging? And which provided or enabled enough goods and services to maintain a sense of personal security. Perhaps this fear will prove groundless - but the inclusion of dissent as healthy is less and less noticeable in a collective media that makes entertainment and dumbed down propaganda out of the News of the day.

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