Friday, 3 September 2010

God did not create Stephen Hawking's Universe

The proof is in the pudding. There is no place for God in Stephen Hawking's universe. This is a place for hostile aliens.
Now to be fair to Stephen, the god to which he refers is a believed or conjectured power, intelligence or Mind that acts upon the universe from outside it. This is the projection of our own wish to be a power in and of ourself - and act upon life to suit our own private goals and meanings.
A science based on science is a justification of the mind of control in which certain presumptions and associated definitions are taken as apriori facts. The most fundamental of which is the presumption of separation from the Direct Awareness that Life Is - in order to experience and act out a separate identity. In religious terms, such a separation is the Refusal or denial of God - not as a belief denied - but as Life Itself denied.

In the symbol of the Garden of Eden - which represents pre-separation Innocence or Sanctity of Life, there is the role of tempter and the claiming of the power of judgement of good and evil as a desire to make our judgement real and create as God. Such a practice of intent and attention IS the desire to step outside of Life's Meaning - and experience All That Is - through one's own thought.

A private thought based reality is a derivative structure based ultimately on nothing - for never has a mind seperated from the Mind in which it's thought arises - and nor have thoughts ever left the mind that thinks them. It is fantasy.

It is true that the Isness or Mind - (that I may point to with the term "God" - is It-self a process of Awareness and the objects of awareness - but not as a duality - for all that God Is Is in All that God Extends or "Creates" as Living Thought.

Wholeness is forgotten in the embrace of partiality - and the experience that arises from the division and exclusion that judgement always enacts - is one of being excluded, abandoned, limited, and rendered identityless.

The attempt to surmout or compensate for such experience compounds it and makes it 'real'. The exploration and description and manipulation of such a 'reality' is merely the recycling of the mind that made it. A mentality that enacts a loveless attempt to 'understand' and therefore control Life.

In simplest terms, the mind has left the heart and has no direction - and so it seeks and makes for itself a sense of meaning within the terms that it dictates. Such is the blindness that filters out God from our current experience.

To listen to the heart - still the mind. You have not left the Mind of God - nor the Garden of sanctity. But you have introduced a way of using thought that is running counter to your true appreciation of Everything as It Is - and are experiencing as your thinking would have it be.

When science proves that love does not exist it denies and overlooks the Eternal Fact.
To discover the Living Universe - seek not outside yourself or you will become defined by your own definitions.

Love defines you as Its own - and not in terms that support or validate your fantasy of yourself. To rest the mind that thinks it thinks alone - is to discern the Living Oneness of which our words cannot speak - but it is of your truth and not of your making.

All abilities can be brought into alignment with awakened purpose - with serving the restoration to our awareness of the Love, Light and Truth that is its Inherent Nature. But to allow this shift - we have to release our command and control mind - and embody the faith and trust that only the awakened heart can shine.

All of us together create Stephen Hawkin's universe. But it is not a Living universe - but is Adam's sleep. A covering over of the Immediate Fact with fluctuating oppositional densities of apparent dualities. To take the bait is to become entranced and lost to a fascination with one's self-thinking.

At some point the structural integrity of the attempt to live out self-will as real - falls apart. Not from any act within the illusion but from the recognition of meaninglessness or illegitimacy of our own self-thought.

Conflicts of belief are played out - and experiences change according to what one believes. Yet truth is utterly beyond belief. It simply Is - as It Is - and is unedited and unchanged by any belief or experience arising from our belief.

Experience itself is not the proof of truth - unless it is the indivisible and undivided Wholeness of which nothing is added to - nothing taken away - and nothing interposed between.

In Peace



  1. A few nights ago when my mother's friend was on her way home on the tube (underground train), she fell asleep. Apparently, she was the only one in the carriage as it was very late. When she woke up she noticed several young guys running down the platform. It was only then that she realised they'd stolen her handbag, which had her keys, contact numbers and bank cards.

    The next morning my mother had a thought to contact her friend. When she did, her friend said she'd been thinking about her and wondering how she was going to get in contact with her. "God is good!" she said and mum agreed. When mum told me about the situation I said to her: "If God is so "good" how come God didn't look after her handbag while she was asleep? Was God asleep on the train?" Mum didn't say anything.

    When people have built a capricious image of a God that saves and sometimes doesn't, it's not surprising that people can believe one moment and not in another. After all, there doesn't seem to be much evidence of God's existence. Put another way, there appears to be a lot of evidence of God-s non-existence, as in my mother's friend's example. Unless, of course, evidence of God's existence is learning by trial and error.

    I believe it's not enough to have abstract ideas of Truth and of God's perfection, I want to see evidence of God's perfection i.e. tangible experience here and now, otherwise we might as well be living in a science lab. So I can see perfectly understand where Stephen Hawkins is coming from.

    Peace and love to you, Brian.

    EJ xoxo

  2. Enocia! What a delightful surprise. Don't You still have tangible evidence every day? A miracle a day is the way.

    Are You ever coming back to tgp?


  3. Very good Brian. I find enough in each paragraph to be satisfied I've learned something from You.

    One cavil: None of Genesis is pre-separation innocence (from Guidance).


  4. Sun~Rose, I do have tangible experiences every day for myself which are based on my belief of God. That's why it makes no difference to me what others believe or don't believe. In fact, because I'm not bothered either way, I am able to see people's point of view without feeling the need to impose my way on them. I believe in the One in each individual and I believe the One is guiding each individual perfectly.

    I do still read Brian's blogs from time to time and yours too. I read Hawkins' "Brief History of Time" years ago. I still like Hawkins regardless of his U-turn.

    And the answer to your question is no, there's no need for me to.

    Lots of love,

  5. Brian,

    Just to give you an update about my mother's friend.

    When she woke up and didn't see her handbag and saw those guys running, she thought they'd stolen her bag. Turns out, she actually left her bag at the tube station before she got on the train.

    Someone found her handbag and handed it into the office and they got in contact with her. There was nothing missing in her bag. Unfortunately, because she believed her handbag had been stolen, she'd already cancelled all her credit cards and changed her locks.