Sunday, 5 September 2010

The value of nothing

If anyone desires sanity - and the peace that comes only from honesty - then they will have to reevaluate much more than financial and economic systems.
Everything that we presume real is brought into question - not in an irrational reaction or hysteria - but simply in a willingness to be honest.

Honesty allows the undoing of deception. Our so called human nature is like a program running that we pretend is in the other, in the banker, in the scoundrel. The qualities that we hate in ourselves are difficult to recognise and accept as within our mind. I don't say this to incite more of the blame mentality - but simply to look within and see - rather than to presume our own thoughts to be true and perceive only as these thoughts allow.

The curious thing that you would not expect - is that when you truly see the mechanism of a split mind 'working' as if against itself and yet dramatising a multiplicity of fantasy roles that provide a sense of oppositional existence and identity - you no longer identify it as your self.

You can say we all share in a deception that goes much deeper than hardly anyone will look - because we equate it with our life - our self - our protection and survival. But deception is destructive in that it uses all that is good, beautiful and true - to serve private ends.

The 'ego' or deceptive mind - is an immaculate defence system that thrives on being opposed - for that is its very nature: an oppositional will in a game of winners and losers.

We are living in a time of disintegration - where some of the subtler nature of our mind's activity is exposed and reflected in Our Face.

Thinking does not itself have a basis upon which to determine or ascertain either the nature of the problem - nor its solution. But true discernment and inspiration can use thought to communicate.

Nash was mistaken in assuming that a balance of our own and everybody else's interests leads to the best outcome - because his thoughts remained the property, and under the direction, of a self deception - a divorce of heart and mind - where mental derivatives substitute for true meaning.

Whatever we use as a derived meaning - becomes to its users a substitute for direct relationship with meaning itself - even though it may be full of the promise of what it represents and may initially be linked to real value.

What then is the meaning, the value, the purpose or function - of life?
As a lad I thought that if the answer were found it would make news.

Better to turn the world on its head that the truth be known.
There is no coin or currency of symbol or concept in this world that has not been degraded or adulterated by misuse. But let me say - if you are still here - that the meaning of life is already yours - but discarded. You are already all that life is - yet act out from a profound and desperate conviction that you are somehow life-orphaned - alien to love and must needs hide fear and shame with presentations of self-made identity. An identity born of confusion, struggle and loss.

We never were kicked out of eden - 'tis a will of our own thought asserted that kicks out love's direction.

Asking the blind to lead the blind results in falling in the ditch together. To regain an integrated wholeness or integrity of identity and experience, be willing to act out of the true heart - in which no self is asserted at the expense of another. How can you tell? The answer is proportionate to how honest you are willing to be with yourself.

This much I know - that we do not measure value with the world - but in the freedom and capacity to be unwithheld. For the withdrawal of value from relationship results in loss of the condition in which value is known and shared.

When the map blinds one from the actual terrain and binds one unto yet more devious mapping - put it down. Take a rest - let a true perspective rise in stillness.

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