Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The face of politics?

Puppet regimes may be given a certain amount of leeway - as long as in every important respect they act according to their master's mandate.

Politicians do not exist or act in a vacuum - but attract and express support for the interests that they serve. The clever way to enslave people is to do so with the belief that they are free - and to hook them into dependance and indebtedness after asset stripping anything that can be turned into cash.

'Democracy' is no longer an appeal to reasoned participation and communication - but is more about 'mind-control'. So to put a 'frontman or woman' as the public face is no longer about appealing to reason - for reason is not the friend to wishful thinking.

Exceptionalism is a sense of being special, different and superior to others. It can arise from an inspirational source - but it blocks further inspiration and works against genuine communication and cooperation.

Opinions are fluff. Yet the world can 'trade' in fluff and assume postures of meaningful gravitas.

For my part, I feel the American Dream is over. Past it sell by date. hanging onto it is a way to become increasingly dissociated. The Western dream is over. The ideas that formed it are no longer currency.

What arises when the old order crumbles? Well that depends on the willingness to find out - and on active faith in Life beyond our human folly. The old thinking doesn't find or hold the new wine.

It merely polarises into a set that excludes any real enquiry or communication. Because it expresses a fear of and unwillingness to ... change.

The times they have a changed - but what grows here in this new mind we've uncovered - that really works/ Not 'works to keep the facades up a bit longer' - but really works.
It all comes down the the underlying purpose that we hold dear.
'self interest' runs amok and undermines everything - when taken out of its living context.
Perhaps we will rediscover that context out of dire necessity.

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