Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wikileaking truth into the mind that thinks it thinks alone

Amidst the drama of our engaged attention and the outpicturing of fundamental aspects of the human mind. I pause to let leak into awareness, something of the nature of mind itself. To intuit upstream. To be released of the hack that runs as if who and what it thinks it is - IS what it is.

Truth is truth by being truth and not as as informational support or means for personal or private enhancement or gain. That truth is the first casualty of war should be a practical alarm for any who notice the engagement in war in their own heart and mind.

The conspiracy of fearful mind is one of shared purpose amidst a private darkness that gives preference to a private self interest above truth itself. It doesn't mind what political nature runs 'the country' as long as it owns the bank that controls the 'currency'. In this sense the currency of our love of truth is liable to be subverted by the false currency of derivative 'truths' - that appeal to our unquestioned, fear driven 'needs'.

When desires of a self-seeking nature are indulged, they bias or distort the appreciation of truth, all things will then automatically be used to support and validate the false perspective - and therefore justify an interpretation of reality that is presumed or believed to be true against alternate assertions that are automatically seen as adversary - and fought against.

We become the thing that we hate - because we feed it with our attention and identify it as real to us.

The truly personal dimension of truth is the intimacy of freedom to love.
But the personification of truth is a psychological or mythological overlay of story that seeks to create a personal sense - separate from truth. To - as it were - 'tell the truth' and acquire validity and authority from the telling, rather than share in the appreciation of and natural guidance within - a presently connected sense of reality.

When blame substitutes for responsibility, truth has been put aside for the game of denying and excluding the fear of guilt from our mind.

In self signed certificate of our moral righteousness we are phished by a blind and unloving intent to fight our shadows upon our unrecognized kindred.

Love of truth must remain rooted in the truth of love - or its simply a war game. War games are addictive to those who maintain their identity or sense of self from opposition, from the thrill of the sport and the drama of becoming.

The exposure of that which was hidden can serve a greater good than grabbing advantage or feeding a habit.

Our times are calling forth fundamental change - and require a true accounting of what we are and do - so that we can be in truth renewed.

The desire to know truth is the release of the desire to hide or subvert it. But it is not a witchhunt.

The resources that become available when fear loses it grip on the human heart - are unimaginably rich. Truth is not scarce - but witness for truth is the great need of our true heart.

May we discern our good amidst the noise of the world - and discover a world less dense, less lightless and more integrated; more sane.

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