Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cablegate - exposure and opportunity

In a world predicated on gaining or maintaining oneupmanship we are in a sense always at war and always seeking strategic alliance for self serving ends that we justify to our particular self or business or nation - as survival - as well as calling on our particular mythology of specialness.

I feel there is another way of communicating than with a two faced approach and that we cannot imaging what such an approach can bring in terms of benefit - because we are so deeply programmed to fearful and exploitative ways of 'relating' to ourselves - each other, and our world.

The Golden Rule is to do as you would be done by - and there is simply SO MUCH that is currently accepted currency of exchange that is less than that - that there will be considerable fear and reaction to the loss of privacy in terms of exposing a manipulative intent.

However, let them who are pure in heart and mind throw the first stone. The blame game is itself just another mechanism of manipulation. My point is that we are invited by circumstance to find ways to communicate that are really effective communication - rather than playing the game of deception.

I don't believe this is imaginable as a practice until some kind or heart awakening honesty pulls the lawless self-will into alignment with a Greater Purpose. But then again, the increasingly unstable scenario of our times begs the reevaluation of who and what we are and what life is - as well as our true function as participant expressions of life.

The contagion and disease of fear is not only poison to the spirit - but sets the scene whereby we are easily manipulated and controlled so as not to awaken and be expressive of our spirit. Yet the enemy is never really 'out there' but is a mentality that we think we can use and 'get away with it'. But it is a hollow path that brings loneliness, poverty and suffering.

Yes there are other aspects to the wikileaks - but the reevaluation of the basis of our relationships and communication is the aspect I feel most fruitful of engaging

I am sure to sound hopelessly naive. But the reality of love is not a matter of belief- but the context in which everything meaningful aligns truly.


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