Friday, 2 July 2010


Human beings maintain their sense of identity or 'live' by illusions. So clever manipulators provide them and seek to control the market. Except that it teaches an entirely false set of values that works against our health, wealth and happiness.
Real arms control would not be a matter of cold war type thaw - but a realisation and application of wisdom.
Weapons make shields and counter weapons - communication breakdown; it's always the same.
Distraction, disinformation and effective mindcontrol can take socially acceptable or illegal forms - yet the underlying motives are the same; to get for yourself - (or your group) - the specialness or self validation that feeds your privately held desire.

The information age will be our most short lived epoch - yet significant as the transition from a private mental intent presented as to be more or less acceptable or more or less demanding, (depending on the current power balances), to an awakening desire for truth - and therefore a heart-centric approach that releases the blinkers, filters and blocks which actively undermine the experience and appreciation of communion, trust and creative endeavour.

Why would I suggest this? Because the abuse of our channels of communication for manipulative ends makes sickness - and that sickness will in time fruit an utter distrust and incapacity to participate in soul-less illusions that are without fulfillment.

So though the intensity level can be increased for a short term effect - it only exposes the program further.

Interrelatedness and interdependency are the way of life. The ego spin of being a power in our own right is a self illusion that costs the Earth.

The internet can be used to manipulate, control or get advantage over others - but to do so sets up the very scenario that cripples it of its innate capacity to share information.

When the mind that poisons everything it touches is found to be a mentality we engage by subscription, then not feeding it will emerge as the active wisdom. Those who choose and learn the way of 'not feeding the troll' bring forth recognisable traits of helpfulness that share selflessly as an expression of a culture held in common; a spirit of selflessness that works across a range of apparent differences.

A self hurtful mentality draws to it the experience of constraint, limitation and deprivation - the very conditions that must in time force a fundamental re-evaluation - and a change of heart.
To see the value in limiting and constraining the mentality of deception - wherever it expresses - is to begin to starve the war-mind of value and attention.

The position of strength to bring to negotiations - is an honest willingness to receive the worth and value of those you meet. A hidden agenda makes impotent - such that guile and charm and incentive have to be forcefully applied. In a word - war.

How does humanity deescalate insanity?
By taking one step at a time as an expression of sanity.
What is sanity?
Relating to the present as it is.

We need each other for competition, control or domination - but only as proxies for private agendas.
We need each other for sanity - for war kills truth in which the power of the sanctity of life is active.
The wars in the world are reflected symptoms of the war in our self.
It is time for individuals to actively disarm of a hurtful and loveless intent and accept conscious responsibility for life.
I don't mean become defenceless to the hacker or scammer - but defenceless to our own heart.

A trojan is an executable instruction that appears to be something else. Such is the nature of the deception to which we subscribe to in ignorance. It runs as a loop, but is alert to threat such that it creates distraction conflicts or even crashes the system rather than have its true source exposed. It would phish as your own thoughts and use your life for its hosting service.

Discernment, wisdom and trust extended.

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