Monday, 6 December 2010

Wikileaks - the mind of the mask undone?

Is it possible to be consistent in thought and deed? To not be false or hypocritical?

Is it possible that the left hand knows what the right hand doeth but chooses not to know so as to operate in secrecy and stealth with guile - and then automatically presume, experience and act as if everyone else is operating on the same basis - and act in such a way as to promote and justify fear in the other?

Is it possible for fears to be acknowledged and true communication - reached between parties who have historical enmity or rivalry - such that a heartfelt trust is felt as a pervasive presence?

I feel it is possible - and ultimately necessary - but runs counter to an existing identity and mindset of control, manipulation and mind control. Such a strategy is understandable - but blind. For by it the history of confusion, conflict and their related sufferings - is perpetuated.

The language and models that we entertain in our thought and language tend to express and promote private or local mythologies of a phoney sense of self. A special sense of self. Acting out a fantasy life at the expense of a shared or true life. This is now what we are offered for our consumption by our media at large, but we are not consumers - we are in relationship with, and participant in - Life.

Stealing life from life and from each other may be business as usual - but it undermines all that is truly beautiful and good - even if it works under the guise of worthy endeavour or temporary alliances against enemies in common.

The mark of slavery is fear - and is written on the brows of those who do not look within and find peace, nor look out with a blessing from such peace.

I do not expect any nation to put its house in order but that the culture of its people calls it to order. In this sense I use 'a house un-divided' as a house that can stand. To find a shared will amidst the differences that we all have needs an ever greater willingness to uncover communication - within ourselves - and with each other.

We need each other because by and of ourselves alone - we are blind amidst our own thought.

The reactive and superficial urge is to force outcomes in favour of oneself - or to use guile to maintain a secret agenda to achieve outcomes by stealth.

When superiority or dominance is imposed or coerced upon others it serves short term private ends at the expense of all. It kills it host and looks for the next opportunity to exploit - because it equates exploiting as living.

May your own personal wikileaks awaken you not to humiliation and despair or tragi-comic attempts of bluff and bluster - but to a reappraisal of the way the mind works and its blindness - when taken out of the heart that truly engages, listens and accepts involvement.

Dishonesty may mimic the forms of civility to mask its true intent, but exposure to the light of an unjudgemental awareness rewakens sanity as an entirely fresh basis from which to act.

We equate freedom with slavery and run from freedom as it it were slavery.

But to be and appreciate the very being that you are, remains your true freedom - and from that perspective, one can directly discern truly.

When truth outs us - don't reach to throw the first stone. Listen more deeply and abide with what is found in the heart in silence.

The tricksy voice that speaks as if for you does not know you, love.

Until you leave it unused, you accept it as your own.

Yes - I am leaking within your own mind that which you are programmed to reject.

As within - so without.

In gratitude for your attention - even if it seemed to render nothing of any consequence to your appetite!

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