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Conspiracy to keep a mind in darkness

Conspiracy Theory in America
by Lance deHaven-Smith
My comment to the above article:

Deceit based power operates a power to corrupt, adulterate, infiltrate, subvert, and usurp truth. As such it operates a parasitic dependency on the host that is induced to feed it with sacrificial offerings of its own Life - in belief it thereby gains power, privilege or protection. But all operates to make sick and lay waste, while assigning such effects to falsely flagged symptoms intended to divert from true cause.

Using up Life to feed a separate self sense is a conspiracy to maintain darkness into which truth cannot enter - but is usurped by a mind-controlling narrative. The extreme examples of this on the world stage are fed and protected by the everyday ordinary practice of resorting to mind as control. The zombie state of humanity can in fact be likened symbolically to Earth being farmed by an alien or inhuman intent that feeds off our Life-energy via deception. The 'reptillian brain' is the fight-flight response of a subconscious survival mechanism. This has become fixated within a terrorized and split identity as the persistent war mind that is accepted as our true nature - of a predatory power struggle amidst a world of death - that is then covered over with 'civilisation' while running undercurrent because a stark awareness of such hate-rage is too 'pure' a power for any but the 'elect' to  accept - and so there are degrees of sacrifice to such a 'god' of Life-denial in rage of feeling denied. Denial of self-hate operates by immediately projecting itself onto others and denying them as a way of seeming to take their power from an induced or terrorized sense of powerlessness. It is 'mind-control' where the sense of mind is cut off, divided in itself and calling for power to save it. In other words the 'alien will' answers the call and interjects itself as your mind. As the power to force order upon a sense of overwhelming conflict - because the mind is cut off in its own spin and not challenging or verifying its own premise or foundation.

Rather it protects its foundation in darkness or unconscious evasion and escape as if its very survival depends upon doing so - and everything and everyone else is collateral damage to this urge - until of course it is exposed to the light that it had caused you to forget is You - and then its lack of foundation or meaninglessness as a foundation is simply and directly recognized.

The key to a true balancing of mind within a greater consciousness and participation within Life - as a Life more abundant and on purpose - is regaining trust in which to grow willingness for honesty - as a true congruency of being and not as a narrative of self-validation unto others.

The vibrational quality of our consciousness tunes us to the experience of interpretation that we attract and in a sense unconsciously demand. Those who know not what they do can achieve their plausible deniability through any and every kind of device - along with the belief that their power and survival necessitate the form of lying to avoid an evil outcome or to attain a new world order in which evil will be vanquished... Feeding hate with hate or fear with fear is paying tribute to a false god - and yet feeling such feelings is part of recognizing the call for healing that hate was made to leave unanswered by seeming to be a malevolence outside and apart - alien from Life and against it - when an unconscious or denied self is pushed down and denied acceptance by a surface elitism that asserts the form of reality without the true presence. That gains a world at cost of Soul-felt knowing.

What if the only thing keeping us in hell is the mind that seeks to escape, evade, overcome, fix or redefine it - so as to obtain temporary mitigation of its symptoms? The very act being the reinforcer of the belief it MUST be overcome and thus persisting the focus in the fear, blame, hate, rage and heartbreak that then goes forth and multiplies its own version of abundant LACK?

What is the alternative to denial and eradication or 'war on symptoms?' but an honest willingness to uncover healing in place of conflicted self. In place of a mind-con troll that uses the carrot and stick to replace your true will - now there's a phrase - your true will. Is this not the very thing that must be sacrificed and denied in order to appease a tacit but felt conspiracy of hiding or masking the true because it will attract denial? To thus be granted a stay of execution - a delay of the persecution and rejection that is associated with revealing and living the true presence of You?

Because Life or awareness of Existence is a gift not of our own making - that comes with all that we are, within itself. Is the 'choice' of evil the condition in which a willingness can awaken to refuse it in accepting the true? Speaking truth to power has to speak to the true and not to the mask of power and this means recognizing the true beneath appearances of deceit - so as not to be baited, triggered into reaction of division. This may seem a tough call - but the means is in acceptance of true rather than the evolution, refinement or developing of the false  and the fruits are a capacity for joy in being - as a re-integrative movement within consciousness that operates through active willingness and does not wait on answering the past in the future while denying presence.

The call to joy is within our presence and so it is not found in the mind of denial or fake reality. For we meet our reflection - not as personality - but as a split minded refusal to recognize our own definitions and core beliefs given embodiment and reinforcement - for the world or indeed the body - is not the distorting factor - but rather the mind that is covering the projector. Is our participation in our own pain a call for more blame? Or for rebalancing? Do we look to the mind of coercive control or opening a willingness of trust and discernment, one step at a time, in whatever way we can imagine, or recognize as a worthy step to take. True worth has to be uncovered to be extended. This is the 'direction of Life'; giving and receiving in like kind. Watch your thought and see the linkage. It is not so hidden to an honesty of being - which makes way for a truth of a different order than peer-agreements or beliefs - but it is the heart's knowing or recognition - from which to live anew - for each moment is anew an'you know that somewhere, despite investment in grievance as power of delay and denial of love's awareness now.

In reply to Boo Radley's comment on exposed Soviet spies in US :

Opposing and seemingly conflicting or competing 'identities' invite - and are used as a scam where a hidden agenda operates unnoticed. The 'corporate-financial' element of power in the world operates cartels of power via narratives in which identities are set up to be diverted and directed so as to give power to the hidden agenda. Thus we are deceived in aligning with false promise or entrapped in entanglement of falsity open to exposure and etc and etc.
The 'faces' or identifications of power over others are various - but is there any division in the power agenda as the consolidation of power in eradication of rival or threat to its persistence?
Globalism will use any and every 'identity' for identity is the attempt to validate self - which is itself a 'power-struggle' - excepting of course where one's identity is received through the act of extending a true sense of worth - which the lack or loss of integrity cannot see - and so must seek its 'self', its power and its sense of worth, in external terms. One of which is to dedicate one's life to the fight against evil - by which a sense of righteousness offsets or diverts from the feedback of symptoms that are now assigned to evil so as to harden resolve and fight the good fight. Of course there are many ways that loyalties split off and divide - but when Jesus said "Resist ye not evil" - I feel he meant something very profound - for what we resist persists as our framing focus and operates hidden agenda through self asserting identity.
Thankyou for your post

In Reply to:
DavidKNZ  on 9/11

I see 9/11 as having different levels - one of which being a terrorism of the mind. A declaration of power that intends to dictate the narrative without more than pretence to masking in 'truth'. Perhaps indeed a declaration of the 'post-truth' politics - where the power to control the narrative no longer needs or is no longer able - to mask itself in justifications of appeal to a free allegiance.

If you want your 'reality' or mind to not break - you have to deny what you know and what you are - to allow that  - for example building 7 free fell as a result of no collision, nor significant event. The fact of terror as a fragmenting of mind is an ancient hate - and its malevolence operates a 'divide and rule' effect of a hidden or shadow power. One can seek power to eradicate such evils - perhaps becoming the reseeding of it in one's own 'revolution'. Hatred is a result of NOT getting what one wants and believes one's right and self-righteous hate is blind to that it is hate - where hate is merely temporarily blind in act. Who in some way does not feel denied? However there are checks and limits to the unrestrained act of power.
There is also the intent to break free of any such checks or limits to a notion of 'freedom' to pursue power without rival or hindrance - and in my sense of resonance and communication, birds of a feather flock together. The elitist self-excepting and self-supremacist presumption to power does not seek truth - it makes truth. It is not subject to law - it makes law - serving no one but itself - or rather the image and concept of self that identifies in seeking power over all that is seen to deny, weaken, rival or threaten.

Steal a kingdom and they call you king... ends the saying. But steal a mind and they will bow to a god. For the manipulation and control of mind is the lie to which denial of and hiding from terror calls upon for power and protection amidst a sense of overwhelm and unsupported isolation.

Psychological defences operate human society - and within them we live a virtual existence - overlaid upon our true being. The fearful 'see' threat and enmity everywhere and the more consciously identified in power via deceit see it is absolutely necessary to propagate and nurture threat and division so as to persist in their 'security' of privilege and influence.

Taking any part of a whole out of its context makes it impossible to wholly understand and although 9/11 operated a coup where the USA became the US - (globalist instrument - not a nation as such) - and ironically at war with IS whilst in fact using such proxies for a globalist or geopolitical stratagem - it remains that 9/11 is - or can be seen in very different perspective. If - as I hold - humanity is not a mind robot of some alien or hateful (inhuman) intent - then it has higher capacities by which to open perspective - as a result of releasing faulty thinking or dead-end futility that does not in fact resolve or bring fulfilment in the terms set.

What we (each and together) use anything FOR - will be the primary determiner of what it is - for ourself and our cultural appreciation.
It is also observable that deceit and violence have operated power in the world to a very great degree for a very long time - and that renewal of culture generally seeks to identify and address this in hope of a better way. In the scientific era - I see a greater tendency and technological capacity - to manually override or usurp Life processes 'for the greater good'. One of these is to breakdown the structure of mind - or indeed society - in order to remake a new world order - excepting of course that the mind that operates such a hate is the inheritor of the power to dictate terms - and so merely represents a unipolar globalist government of technocratically enacted denials of humanity in the forms of a manipulated currency of thought.

Structural integrity is not altogether apt for a structure of lies - but at a given point the system becomes unstable in its own capacity to hide and find reinforcement of support - and so there is a breakdown of what had seemed and been asserted true - through which the recognition of dis-integrity of its foundation can allow a genuine integrity to be uncovers as a true foundation - from which to grow a culture of true witness.

My point will always be pointing to a deeper participation in self-deceit than the effects or symptoms themselves illuminate - and while I do support a due process of law for criminal acts - I don't feel to be diverted into the personae of a drama of reactive hatreds that operate a jamming signal over the underlying cause being illuminated.

The old idea of a deceiver became degraded and useless when it was given power - so as to be in fact the Terrorist 'side' of God - although of course in the imprint of terror we can see Life as cruel or even sadistic in its inflicting of pain. But the idea of a deceiver - also called the lie and the father of the lie, is a mistaken identity - and not an external power. The capacity to recognize dis-integrity is the residual quality OF integrity - and if we have any eyes to see - we make choices that align with a true recognition - and test the fruits.
Being deceived is or has been part of the human conditioning since the year dot. The very nature of a self includes and embodies aspects of a focus of awareness through a particular template of definitions - or we could not function within the world that humanity models and 'lives in'. I have a sense that originally this template necessitated a 'forgetting' of the wholeness or non-local Field of awareness - as part of a resulting experience in which to explore and grow abilities. Science and true spiritual enquiry can serve the removal of blinkers or blocks to the awareness of what is already true - and not otherwise hidden or withheld - but for the use of a mind that sees through a glass darkly. As if awakening from a spell or a dream in which everything seemed rendered in terms of a fragmented 'narrative' identity to which all the kings horses and men are compelled to attend in vain - or in vanity of power to usurp Life's reintegrative movement.

Exposure of the denial and dictate of a hateful 'power' that seems at war with its own and itself - is an opportunity to recognize a need and a call for healing - in place of the call to war. Not going out to heal 'others' as if that is our function - but truly opening to the healing of our own mind - in which all these reflections of deceit will stir resonant participation. In this way our experience is our breadcrumb trail home - but in any recognition of a true integrity - we live FROM Home and grow it without reference to a hated or feared outcome. That there is a true integrity to be uncovered is my witness - regardless the habit-choices of human conditioning that interject as if to pass off as true.

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