Thursday, 18 August 2016

Hate as poison bait into false currency

I wrote the following in response to an example of hate-speech within the various comments under this article on media bias or lack of journalistic integrity. In itself it would not warrant reply but in a forum where a willingness of communication occurs - I felt to address it:

The venting of hate may give a sense of personal satisfaction - but at what cost?
Apart from feeding rage of a blind destructive denial of life - it poisons the possibility of communication - for hate does not enter into or open to communication - as it 'already knows' what its grievance dictates as wholly justified and therefore asserted as 'true'.

If offguardian comments becomes a hate-fest then anyone coming in will be coloured by the sense of its readership - and as such hate posting is a kind of trolling that amplifies noise to obfuscate the signal - whether by design or by personal reaction.

Any communication about the nature of a perceived deceitful or hateful influence on corporate, political and other key social institutions cannot be discussed without eliciting hate-reaction that then blocks further communication while feeding the very thing it purports to be 'against'. For hateful intent of 'enemy' is needed to maintain a collective identity under threat. But more than this it also triggers guilt and aversion in those who find themselves associating in it as part of questioning or discovering a clearer sense of the situation - for while those engaged in vendetta feel justified in hate - those who desire to uncover truth tend to hate encountering hatred and feel invalidated by any seeming association with it.

Hate, fear and guilt operate a shadow 'power' of a wolf in disguise or a 'hidden agenda' beneath seeming to care. Political 'identities' are no different from any other identity construct and operate the same patterns of psychological defence as are vilified or considered pathological in extremis - but socially invisible in their more general tacit agreements.

The presentation of persona that The Guardian and others demonstrate is a targeted appeal to an 'identity' - where that identity is no longer associated with its original formative movement - such as speaking truth to power and social justice - not least because the penalty for openly doing so is feared.

When someone DOES come out in a simple but steadfast willingness for true accounting - such as Jeremy Corbyn - their own revealed self-hatred will be aimed at him - because he is illuminating something true by which a lie is revealed a lie - and this is fearful and threatening to a sense of surviving, managing or controlling their lives. They may believe the lie is a necessary evil in terms of a larger 'good' - such as their political 'identity' getting into 'power' on some terms of token gains or lesser evil, rather than being persecuted and powerless in an open honest communication.

I note that I cannot make another's choice for them - and that nor really can I judge another from a place of perfection - excepting perhaps in the sense that my life offers a perfect 'education' of self-knowledge and so therefore can I accept that others also learn by the outcomes of their choices as I do - if not always immediately or without significant suffering.

Perhaps I have chosen to respond to you in error - as your proclivity to deny the humanity of others is so persistently voiced - but I feel a sense of betrayal is beneath 'giving like for like' - and is then also harnessed and directed by manipulators who get others to do their dirty work while retaining plausible deniability.

But who manipulates but that they get a sense of power or identity-reinforcement from the lie? And what can this mean except they have fear of loss of power or identity? Hating others will validate and 'prove' their identity in denial and defence. Joining in hate will make a lie of joining without any genuine trust or intimacy occurring - and that lie will provide 'identity' in lie as long as the hate can be maintained through the willing sacrifice of joy in life to appeasement of self-denial or vendetta of self-righteous hate as 'power'.

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