Sunday, 2 October 2016

Why am I here what is motivating me?

Matt asked on Off-guardian;
"Why are you here, what is motivating you to provide your knowledge here and now?":

My response to Matt:

I feel willingness to witness into a public attention in that which I feel a resonance and movement to engage with or comment into. And an unwillingness to closet or withhold that which I grow in, by sharing it. So I simply stand in integrity as I feel and be it from in my own particular focus - in an articulation of perspective that anyone may resonate with - or even notice energetically but not consciously engage with now. It is by invitation to a free acceptance rather than a 'persuasive appeal' - excepting that a true resonance within the reader calls forth a deeper recognition of their OWN unfolding understanding and acceptance of themselves, our life and a world we either recognize and appreciate or fail to recognize and blindly and callously exploit - thus depleting and hollowing ourselves and our world.

The 'spell' is ingeniously defended against waking - for that was its original purpose of employment.  Part of the defence is the belief - in fear and hate - that such denial of life is entirely being done to us - and thus look out from a wounded self-certainty on 'alien others' whose intentions are deceitful and untrustworthy and upon whom we justify a mind of attack - but of course framed in self-justifications. A mind at war with its projections and reflections is fully engaged and has little free attention. Until some willingness to see the situation differently pauses to open some receptivity in desire. I don't 'target' this so much as honour it and in some sense invite it by faith operating from the knowing it IS there - no matter how actively covered over or for how long such coverings have layered defences against what has been redefined as weakness within the terms of a 'control mentality' over and against communication.

Motivation is simple - we move toward fulfilment (as we each define it) and we move away from pain of loss (as we each define it. Whereas a living cell will do the same in attraction to nutrient and repulsion from toxin - we have the 'mind' of self definition that generates a 'world' of conditioned perceptions and reaction. THERE is where I call attention to! There is where freedom is recognized in truth or usurped by spoof.

So why would I not be 'here'? and what more motivation do I need than to share in a fulfilment that is not 'waiting' for results - but living who I am - as I enjoy being - and addressing the 'evils of the day thereof' as they rise to awareness - to be seen for what they are or are NOT - and uncover 'where I am in relation to this' or 'what is this for me'? - so as to not be baited in repetitive futility and division. (No that  is a negative expression). Correction: so as to stay open to and within a truly felt quality of being. Joy is a good pointer - but no words can define who you are and know yourself to be, naturally extending such qualities of presence through whatever you happen to find yourself doing and wherever that may be. I don't mean this is 'easy' - but it is very different. The old measuring stick does not work here.

Whether any of that answers anything you asked about? I am not an organisation or a representative of any but willingness for the embrace of Life on Earth - and I don't limit what that embrace expands to become, to its current definitions - but I do feel to live from Life and not 'toward it' - which is a ruse by which to chase an ever receding (and depleting) carrot. I cannot make any one else's choices - nor in sanity would I want to. But that doesn't mean I am not involved, caring and compassionate to the issues being experienced in which of course I share or could not serve to articulate any perspective but their persistence in one form or another - or perhaps something completely unrelatable to a problem-defined sense of self

If Humanity has 'painted itself into a corner' as is my sense of these times. Then the options are insanity, degradation and death ... OR a shift of perspective - which in a sense is an evolutionary leap. For it is not a gradual refinement of what USED to work. So it can also be seen as an act of conscious Creation - to which true choice is an act of acceptance, recognition and understanding from a point unavailable to the current sense of self and world - but not apart or outside who we are.

All that prose might seem positive - and it is in the integrative sense of positive - but the sense I have for those who are willing is of a crash course in the art of being amidst the buckling of the mind to its own presumptions - amidst an inability to manage or cope with what to its perspective is an increasing disorder calling on more control that increases disorder. Fear mounts on fear, hate feeds on hate,  and etc. While I do not feel to be fear-defined - I do feel called to feel for and share in better ways of seeing as a result of questioning the narrative definitions we 'live out from'. For me choice is all about perspective. For conventional mind, choice is a way of , framing limiting and denying perspective. Those who illuminate this device in our world are also offering recognitions as to how such consciousness is set up. Whether they know this or not. The use we put anything to is our choice as we are awake and willing enough to recognize it and - if we want - change it.

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