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Denial, disintegrity and incoherence

Gaslighting: An insidious form of emotional abuse
Julie Naftulin

I commented into the above page:

Denial is deep rooted as a predicate of a sense of independent autonomy - as if Life being is merely something to manipulate and exploit as a someone separate from it.
Wishful thinking given extreme emotional reinforcement operates in place of true willing - indeed it seems to usurp your true desire to such a degree you might not be able to feel and know the true of anything.
Mutually agreed definitions operate tacitly to defend and support the identity rising from or constructed over denial.
Denial depends on the true to even SEEM to be a power of opposition or refusal - for the true of you is the extension of attention and value extending in act to what you accept as yourself.

Wishful thinking identified and believed operates a false sense of self-reality and makes falsely founded relationships for getting. Beneath the presentations of self are the fears that the persona mask was constructed to get away from.

If you are in a relationship and find your integrity undermined - you need to re-establish the integrity of the relating - and see if there IS a genuine willingness for relationship. If the other is too afraid to allow communication, the fear itself may be able to be acknowledged. This may open up further avenues of exploration and uncovering of relationship in place of denied consciousness operating in the dark.

Whatever words or terms are employed, blame is always destructive but a core integrity of being is always worthy of standing in and is an act of love - regardless the form it takes or the 'meanings' applied.

Abuse can be used as an insidious weapon of 'assigning evil' as the ruse of righteousness. But abuse does not belong in a real relationship - and so the honesty of the relationship needs to be brought forth - in the open - in whatever way works - or there is no current willingness for relationship - only abuse.

Using each other is not relationship - but society normalizes by currency of acceptance and manipulative thought and  behaviour become the 'culture' of masked hate.

Healing or undoing hate and fear will never occur while guilt projecting blame is identified in as god, self and saviour. We might deny such is our mind - but the cock crows and the light is nigh in which to recognize and release what had seemed a self-protective gesture, but locked ou out of our heart's knowing.

Attending to 'evils' whilst still masking our own is a sure way to being manipulated by denied fear and guilt. When it comes to the surface - there is opportunity for healing ourselves - and a natural witness or sharing to others. If all our attention is on the sickness in others - even when sickness is demonstrated in their behaviour - then our own vibrational correspondences are kept hidden or 'denied' light by the emotionally backed wish it be exclusively them who are wrong.

It's easy to show the pathetic nature of those who are exposed - less so when it is you who are defending what to you seems your survival - not because of any presence of intelligent assessment - but out of ancient fear scripts that HAVE no consciousness in them.

The attempt to engineer or manipulate society so as not to suffer abuse is simply a denial of Consciousness masked in a collective idea of sacrifice. But agian - the ancient fear scrip without consciousness dictates "THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!" - and I remind you that wishing - no matter how intensely backed with emotional sacrifice - IS NOT and can not be true willing.
Awakened responsibility is the uncovering of your holy will. It will not seem so - because it has been demonized by the projections of a wish to override and oppose Communication - as if to become a will of power.
But we cannot oppose communication - any more than thought can trap the mind in which thought arises. But clearly we are able to believe we have and want it so - and then suffer in like measure by our own 'word'. And clearly we react so as to generate 'rules' by which to map out and mask and redistribute the conflicted pain of an incoherent self sense as a self defended over and against a conflicted and incoherent world. This 'power struggle' is the denial of Communication in forms of self-justification.  But where do we go to receive our sense of self? No matter the habit  freedom is a consciously accepted choice - rather than a falsely framed reaction.

From awakened freedom one can and should deny anything that would re-frame you in terms of a trapped and trapping mind. Growing this discernment is loving yourself enough to keep watch - and forgiving yourself when you notice you forget - which is a point of honouring the noticing - not a call for blame.

Also commenting on denial into
The Copenhagen Syndrome

Denial is usually masked with presentation of justifiability or plausible deniability – because a direct attack attracts counter attack – unless in overwhelming power position – in which delay awaits opportunity.
Operating from a blind-sided sense of personal investment has to internally or privately deny honesty to persist in what seems like justifiable defence – for everyone expects their own private or even denied intent to come back at them – or be the ‘mind of others’.

In a society of some willingness for trust and communication – which is necessary to even survive at all – there have been conditions for cultural discovery and expression of life that is not operating attack, exploitation or getting, but a sense of worth and the extension of that worth to others as an act of recognition and opening to communication. However, all forms of socially accepted validity become used as masking for those who want to pass off as valid in order to get something or get away form something.

When all forms of thought and behaviour become corrupted to one-eyed opportunistic gratification – or hollow manipulated emotionalism passing off as living, the foundational insanity can no longer be masked, denied and projected out onto others and so the blind is revealed in light.

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