Monday, 26 September 2016

Teen Mental Health Crisis

Teen Mental Health Crisis

Look to the cause but attend the symptoms as necessary.
Relational breakdown is both intra and external to a sense of self.
Mental-emotional dis-ease or conflicted-ness leads to external searching for solutions that support the capacity to mask or cope and so 'adapt' to a generally insane or loveless society.
"Open dialogue" (youtube or websearch) is a very fruitful response to a need arising through mental-emotional difficulties. Please look there long enough to grasp the core principles embodied there.
The attempt to control symptoms is part of the mindset of denial which operates through mutually agreed definitions by which we all hide in or hide from the 'unconscious' as denied feelings and fears. Of course if fear of healing is greater than willingness to heal - a compromise approach is needed in which to grow willingness through awakening self-responsibility where there is willingness to recognize and utilize support for a better outcome.
Because we do not have a wisdom culture - we have to grow it within the baits and triggers of a denial culture.
When Life feels denied - it sickens in heartbreak, fear of pain, and rage in powerlessness - and etc. Coercion is no basis from which to live - but control can be shifted to limit hate and harm - which of course includes self-destructive lifestyle choices. A true sense of worth is not imposed but extended in recognition - in truly compassionate listening and acceptance for that you are as you are - without judgement of condescension in 'sympathy' by which to distance and dissociate.

Mental health is always part of social control - and in our time, state control. And in our time... narrative or reality control. The book of 'disorders' is a market capture for medical restraint and suppression. The corporate cartel captured its own regulators and feeds upon the lives of others as if it was a god receiving sacrifice - which many are conditioned to willingly offer as part of a protection racket.

Witnessing joy in life - really - and an honourable open willingness for resolving difficult issues - speaks directly to the young as NOT bullshitting - and something WORTH being part of. Now it generally happens that a fullness and willingness for Life does not align with eating crap, exposing ourselves to toxic influence and participating in worthlessness. And I applaud the movement for natural approaches to health - in terms of joy in life - or a truly felt presence of life in which to share - and not just in terms of a war on or fear of symptoms.
A negatively or fear and lack defined sense of self will draw negative outcomes - even from positive experiences. We cannot make another drink of Life's embrace - but we can cultivate conditions in which such a potential can be more readily recognized. Not least of these is relinquishment of the blame-hate culture - which is so pervasive in our mental-verbal currency as to be 'normal'.
Again imposed 'correctness' invites counter reaction and learning failure - so it is teaching by doing rather than teaching different from what we do - which is conflicted and dis-eased mind that then dumps upon the body, on others and upon our world.
The Dump of guilted hate fear rage powerlessness and heartbreak is the 'baggage' running undercurrent to our surface rationalisations - and is breaking out everywhere - so as to ramp up the control mentality to ever increasing destructive insanity.
While the evils of the day thereof require attention so as to be put behind us rather than held up as a lens through which to see darkly, the core resolution is the willingness to accept love - as we are. There is no other point than self-acceptance from which to grow a healing perspective.

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