Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Believing IS seeing

Illusion reveals that the brain fills in peripheral vision

Believing IS seeing

The brain renders a neurally networked electrical image of modelled 'reality'
The focus creates the periphery - ie; what is not focused upon becomes sidelined or background.
An exclusive focus sets up a polarised filtering distortion - somewhat like 'zooming in' by masking out.
Identification or habitual association in exclusive focus maps pathways of reaction that make an 'automaton' of conditioned reaction.
The negative  'fulfilment' of such looping conscious routine persists until the relaxing of the directive allegiance to a fresh reality reflection-experience.
Reality is always fresh, new or timeless, and yet persistence in exclusive focusing idea generates experience in continuity of object-space through time. With our experience the coercive sense of control blocks the receptive that responds to the guiding direction of support for conscious creating - which in general human terms is conscious choice or rather, recognition and acceptance of resonant information.
Resting the mind and the focus operates an open net through which information is both received and extended. Everything we 'see' is an extension of idea. The framing of reality is a working model definition - not Reality itself.
If defining, predicting and controlling are accepted to be power or strength, then participance in and AS the richness of the Creative is ignored or denied and defined weak.
Power for its own sake is destructive to relational awareness and yet that Recognition opens the awakening to the true foundational movement of being - that the construct of consciousness operates as the denial of and secret or hidden dependence on.

Imaging-ation of Reality is Idea experience. The apparent split into fear and control, guilt and punishment, is resolved when control is recognized as fear-inducing, when effect is recognized as containing and masking its own cause.
The wish-insistence for an external and solid abiding 'reality' can translate to a grounded and tangibly felt support in a realm in which to learn by demonstration, and to wake to that learning as a more coherent reality participation.

The use of the eyes to scan a 'dead' world for data is deadening. Unless you extend a blessing - you will feel the denial or lack of blessing as your world and your reality. This is so readily demonstrable and yet so overlooked by the focus in the psychologically usurped idea of survival or persistence of a narrative identity.

Illusions or imagery envisioned can reflect true being - given and received as one, but focus within perception can redefine in terms of identity in image - and there's the conflicted incoherence. No image, symbol, concept or model of reality can ever Be anything else than 'of' reality - but the mind can respond as if Real - and give it reality at cost of true perspective.
Once perspective is lost - a fragmented focus operates as a separate 'whole' - in fragmented world it seeks to define, predict and control... in narrative identities that 'fill in' or mask out, as continuity manager for a private 'reality' of negative reinforcement.

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