Monday, 26 September 2016

Denied fear operates a self-fulfilling prophecy

This article on government weather modification contained the following sentence

"The sad but unfortunate truth is that the United States government has become the very thing this nation was founded to prevent."

This is the way of a negative focus or identification. Trying NOT to become 'evil' is a way of denial in which the very denials operate as a 'shadow power' that sabotages and subverts one's apparently positive intent. I say apparently, because a positive that takes its meaning from a negative is a negative still - but masking of attempt to mitigate or cancel out an unowned fear.

Denials are NOT self acceptance in love. That we feel hate or fear is not the issue. The issue is that we do not immediately recognize such feelings as a need or call for healing of a love we obviously cannot give ourselves, and instead focus on them to validate them in terms of self-righteous and hateful judge - as the power to deny in ourself and hate in the other.
This also becomes the sense of power that must be hidden or masked for an open or direct communication is only possible between the worthy and the worthy - and the father of 'judgement' is the lie of self-unworthiness - and corresponding sense of separate or hidden mind - operating as true.

In the midst of toxic environments, toxic thinking needs to be addressed - that is - the thinking of a loveless and joyless or conflicted nature that asserts holes in a wholeness of being and witnesses to denials of trust in the capacity of healing - as a result of repeated conditioning over millennia - has to be recognized for what it is instead of given acceptance and permission to 'run (as) our mind'.

When the false is seen as false - or indeed when the joyless or dead thinking is seen as it is - there is no longer a desire to use it or give it belonging - except if it is woven into a narrative belief in which it gives you something you believe you want or need. Honesty then asks "Is this true?". How willing you are to bring fears and hates to an honest acceptance of occurrence so as to have them translated or undone to terms of love - that is the movement of your being and not a verb that a separated one 'does' to get validation from another.

Uncovering the true of You is not a continuation of the narrative self so much as a questioning of everything one believes and uncovers as beliefs that were hidden - in the intuition or stirring of a sense of truth that supports and directs and grows within us by acceptance and acting there-from.

Crisis are ultimately self-generated reflections of inner conflicts that can be simplified to a choice or acceptance of who you truly are. You can elect to persist in giving acceptance to who you are not - in attempt to enforce a narrative control in which the evil of the other generates a sense of good or at least lesser evil from which to operate as a segregated sense of self - but with all the manifesting conflict, pain and destruction to then 'manage'.

Waking Times.

 Dimitri Ledkovsky:

What's your point? Is it that we're not living up to our potential?

    Ah - but my point is that we ARE living up the the negative potentials of a masked consciousness - and blaming it on 'Them!'.
    In this case 'we' is not the surface assertions of this or that presentation - its the actual thinking that is operating above and BELOW a conscious transparency.

    A negative fulfilment is when fear operates as a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Which it does when not brought into the light of acceptance and understanding. The spin of the personality that markets and manipulates on fear leverage IS fear thinking - but its forms may be candy. If you tune in on that 'channel' that is what you get and live out from as true.

    If any of what I offer resonates then you have a basis to question the 'mind' that you operate from as you - and that perspective offers waking up from being framed.

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